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  1. How comes Tanzania is missing ? When you mention Zanzibar, zanzibar is not a country Zanzibar is a part of Tanzania. Uganda shouldn’t be on the top but because it’s where you come from you right to put it on the top . But Tanzania should be the leading on the list and it’s becouse of the following fascinating facts

    1- Serengeti National park the best safari destination in Africa, according to, serengeti hosts the largest mammal migration on the planet making it to be one of the top ten natural wonders of the world.

    2- Tanzania is the home of Kilimanjaro mountain the highest free standing mountain on the planet and the most famous and highest mount in Africa 5895M the GOAT of Africa.

    3- Tanzania is the home of Ngorongoro Conservation Area the place where the skull of the first human being in the planet was discovered (Olduvai gorge) also the ngorongoro Crater the largest unbroken Caldera on on the planet. The place is simply know as the Garden of Eden

    4 – The word Tanzania is combination of Tanganyika and Zanzibar so Zanzibar is region in Tanzania, Tanzania is the home of Zanzibar the best paradise in Africa, a heaven on earth.

    5 – Tanzania is the home of three largest lakes in Africa lake Victoria , lake Tanganyika(the deepest in Africa) and Lake nyassa.

    6- did you know also Tanzania has the largest concentration of animals per square km than any other country on the planet ?

    7- Tanzania is the home of the largest game park in East Africa Ruaha National park, the hosts 10% of world’s lions.

    8- Tanzania hosts more 120 different tribes, simply the best for culture experience in East Africa. (Uganda 56 and kenya 43)

    9 – Tanzania is the home of the largest game reserve in Africa, Selous Game Reserve 54600km

    10 – This Should be the first one, Tanzania is the most peaceful country in Africa no blood sheds in Tanzania l, the culture of the Tanzanians is amazing, people are so friendly in Tanzania than any other country in Africa, the have inherited the ujamaa life one of the forms of socialism so the life Tanzania is quit different than any other Africa country.

    NOTE. There are more facts to make Tanzania the top on the list and it’s because of the media people don’t know about Tanzania, but it’s time to tell the world what Tanzania has to offer for them, Tanzania is the Honey and Milk country. I think it’s the Where the Garden of Eden was try to make a research on your own. And if you want more facts about Tanzania contact me. Thanks,
    “We are the Patriots of the world “

    1. Wow, this is really an in-depth insight about Tanzania and after reading your comment, I am actually convinced that Tanzania should definitely feature on the list of the best African countries to visit.

      Maybe to disagree with you a little, Uganda still deserves to be on this list and it’s not because that’s where I come from. There is so much beauty in Uganda, no wonder it is called the pearl of Africa.
      You can check out one of my previous post that showcases the best places to visit in Uganda ( and perhaps you will come to agree with me that Uganda is indeed one of the best countries in Africa to visit.

      But I am so happy you talked about Tanzania in detail, makes me want to visit your country again!

      Thank you so much, Raymond, for taking the time to write such a detailed and useful comment.
      Perhaps you can send me a quick email and see how we can make all those amazing facts about Tanzania known to the world.

  2. Respected Team

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  3. Wow these are amazing recommendations. I’ve already been to Uganda (really loved South western Uganda), Kenya (climbed Mt Kenya point Lenana and went to safari), Rwanda (genocide museums are sad places, but Kigali super modern city), Morocco (climbed Toubkal and visited some cities) and Egypt (pyramids are definitely impressive). I still have a lot of countries to visit in Africa and I hope that in 2019 I will cross at least one out from your list 🙂 Thanks again for great post!

    1. Wow Joseph, i am impressed!! You’ve been to almost half of the countries on the list. Here’s is to more African adventures in 2019!
      Yes, south western Uganda is amazing and Kigali is so modern and clean compared to other East African countries.

  4. Great stuff, I like travelling and i hope i get the finances in future to go to all these countries. For now, let me enjoy travelling around Uganda

    1. Oohh yes that is amazing. I hope you enjoy Ethiopia and if you decide to go to Kenya, i am sure you will have an amazing time there

  5. Well, Morocco, Kenya and Egypt are the ones, where I would like to go. First one is for streets and markets, Kenya for wildlife and startups, Egypt for history and some beaches. 🙂 I wonder if I can make one big African trip.

  6. I still didn’t visit any countries in Africa and I know I definitely need to change that after reading your post. Thank you for sharing

  7. Wowza! These destinations are all on my bucket list and they all looking amazing! Morocco and Egypt top my list though!

  8. I always love visiting Africa, it’s such an interesting place. This is a great list of places that I haven’t really considered, so thanks for the very comprehensive list.

  9. As African safaris are on my wish list since very long and it is great that you have shared a detailed post on them. Loved a list of best safaris in Africa and in that I would love to go for Rwanda and Kenya first. Thanks for sharing a great list with stunning photos.

  10. I love this post! Fun fact: What inspired me to travel when i was young was seeing the wild in Kenya. From then on it has been on my top places to visit. I will definitely visit Kenya and the other places mentioned here.

  11. I came back from Morocco recently and I enjoyed my trip in the Sahara. All the mentioned countries are great destinations but for safety reasons I would not go there again next year.

  12. Thanks for this guide, me and my husband are considering going to Africa next year. I would especially love to visit Victoria Falls in Zambia, and Madagascar

  13. This is very inspirational as we want to see more of Africa! So far, I have visited two of these ten countries – Uganda and Morocco. Both were incredible experiences in very different ways! For some reason Rwanda has a HUGE appeal to me and it’s the country I’d most like to visit next in Africa. Glad to see it on this excellent list!

  14. I was sure about the places I want to visit in Africa, but now I added more thanks to your blog.
    Morocco and Zanzibar are at the top of my list!

  15. Good to see Uganda at number one, that was my favourite country in Africa so far but you’ve listed nine others I really want to visit:)

  16. The continent of Africa is a bit overwhelming with so many countries to visit. Your list narrowed it down nicely, but has made me want to go to all of the locations. I hope to get there soon with my kids.

    1. Yes, Alison Africa has so many countries to choose from. I hope you and your kids get to see this amazing continent one time

  17. wow, you’ve been on all that places? I envy you. I wanted to see live animals in Africa, they are so awesome in pics. And wanted to go to Morocco too for camel ride. Next time 🙂

    1. If you want to see animals, Africa is the perfect place. With so many national parks in most countries, you will definitely be in to see a lot of them.

    1. wow, its good to know you’ve visited most of them. Which one was your favorite when you traveled to Africa?

  18. Africa is definitely on my bucket list! That’s pretty cool that Uganda people are considered some of the friendliest people in the world. Good to know tourists feel welcomed there.

    1. Yes (we) Ugandans are very friendly people. You can basically start out a conversation with anyone. And people will always smile at you which is really welcoming.

  19. Africa has always amazed me. Unfortunately because of our health I don’t think we’ll ever get to to- my sons and I can’t handle the vaccines we’d need. I hope someday we can because I would love to see Africa!

  20. Africa simply fascinates me but because of our heath, I don’t know if we’ll ever make it there. My sons and I can’t risk the extra vaccines we’d need. I hope someday we can handle them because I would LOVE to go!

  21. I could never think of going to Africa on my own as a woman but after hearing some good stories from other solo female travelers, my mind stopped worrying. How was your experience regarding safety?

    1. I am personally from Africa, Uganda. And it is definitely safe to travel to these countries but just like any country you’ve got to be cautious of your personal belongings. But Africa is definitely safe to travel to even as a solo female

  22. This is an amazing list of destinations in Africa and thank you so much for including them all in one single post Esther! We’ve only been to Egypt but we are sure to keep coming back to this excellent guide of yours for our future trips to Africa!

    1. You are welcome Maria, that is so nice of you. Yes iEgypt is amazing, i hope you enjoyed your trip there.

  23. I’ve never been to Africa, though it’s been on my list for a long time. But all your suggestions sound so great that I want to go EVERYWHERE! Do you have a favourite out of all of these? Or something you would recommend for a first-timer?

    1. Yes Zenja, all these countries are beautiful. Uganda is a great choice(oh maybe that’s where i come from.. lol) .
      Egypt is another fascinating country with so much history and culture. I’d recommend it for first time travellers to Africa.
      But if you are interested is relaxing and beach life, i say Zanzibar all the way

  24. Amazing post!!! Id love to go to those countries. Although I am also a travel blogger, I´ve never been to Africa. Thinking about going next year to Morocco and maybe to Seychelles and I would love to go to Kenya someday soon also!!!

    1. Oh yeah Morocco is an excellent choice. If you go to Kenya, you can incorporate Uganda in your travel itinerary since they are neighbors

    1. oh wow- i am sure you had an amazing time on your money. Mauritius and madagascar are perfect honeymoon destination.
      And yes please come to Uganda, i promise you will love it here

    1. Ooh that’s nice, i really hope you go to some of them in 2019, you will be amazed by the beauty of Africa

  25. I visited Kenya a few years ago, and have been itching to go back ever since! Rwanda is at the top of my list, I’ve been learning more about the country recently and it seems like it would be a wonderful place to experience.

    1. Yes i agree with you, Rwanda is such a beautiful place, i hope you like it when you go.
      I hope you enjoyed your stay in Kenya. did you get a chance to see the great migration in kenya the time you were there?

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