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  1. Hi Esy,

    What a great article! I have been to all of these restaurants other than La Cabana and The Lawns (I’ve been trying to get to the latter for years but have never gotten around to it). I have to say: I agree with your selection of Kampala’s best restaurants! I had never heard of La Cabana until I read this post, but I will definitely look out for it the next time I am in Kampala!

    It’s amazing how many good restaurants have sprung up in Kampala in the past decade or so. That we even now have a well-attend restaurant week says it all!

    Thanks for writing this article. I came across it on Pinterest, and I will be sure to repin it.

    It’s a pleasure to discover another East African lifestyle blog. I like what I see!


    1. Hey Biche,

      Isn’t it so interesting to see how Kampala has upped its dining game to restaurants that we can be proud of and actually meet international standards!
      Oh, you should try La cabana when you come around and The Lawns by all means – its got delicious dishes.

      And I am so glad you landed on my post and actually liked it – it makes me happy.
      Yay to East African bloggers!!

  2. And for cafe Javas, they really have the best customer care services, good food and i cannot fail to recommend anyone the best juices. i liked the Blue lagoon drink and pizza.

    1. Yes, indeed! It is one of my favorite restaurants in Kampala. The Kiwi Lemonade is my favorite drink though the Blue Lagoon is equally great. Don’t even get me started about their food, simply delicious! I feel like I have their entire menu in my head lol

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