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    1. I fell in love with Uganda now-now. First: Ugandan women are submissive, submissiveness is the first beauty of a woman,I wish to get one of their daughters, it’s not all about outer beauty. Second: You can get anything in every streets of Uganda, that’s amazing! It’s actually shows that they’re hard working people, I’m pretty sure,poverty is afraid of them. In all,I love Uganda,the Pearl of Africa.

  1. A lot of relatable things to Kenya. I love visiting Uganda, the Bujagali falls were really amazing when I was last there. I plan on coming back.

  2. Hello Esther,
    Thanks a lot for this post about a great country. I will be there sometimes in the near future. What is interesting of all is the “uganda time”. I will be well prepared for that! Great articles indeed.

    1. Aw, thank you, Emily! Exactly, that’s what makes Uganda so different and a fun place to live in.

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