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  1. I’m a hardcore supporter of budget travelling and this post is very relatable. I think booking early and staying in an airbnb saves a considerable amount of money. Great points.

  2. Lovely tips and a great list of things to keep in mind while budget traveling. I also try to visit places where I have friends or extended families and spend a day or two over at their place. Does save a fair bit and also helps to meet those old friends 🙂

  3. Good article, except the travel agent part. I used to be a travel agent, and we worked only on commission from the companies we booked through. It was always the same price for the client and we would get a kick back. They aren’t all expensive!!

  4. Travelling light alsi helps to save $ in paying for baggage. When i visited Thailand, i only pack light and control my shopping habit!

  5. Some top tips here. We always try to travel in the off season and will book flights and accommodation separately. Travel agents are really unnecessary in this day and age unless you’re travelling somewhere that requires a tour or is really off the beaten track.

  6. You have some great tips for economical travel. I especially enjoyed the tip that you don’t have to do the touristy things that everyone else does. We have found wonderful experiences by doing things that are off the beaten track. Also, like the idea of eating like the locals in order to save money.

  7. Excellent tips! The one with the souvenirs is so true! Many travelers spend a fortune to get so expensive souvenirs back to their hometown.

  8. Great post, with lots of helpful and practical tips for the budget traveler.

    I agree, with few exceptions, you shouldn’t “hire travel agents”. Yes, you can research and book your own travel. The internet is a virtual cornucopia of information about travel. Deals and specials to every corner of the earth seem just a few keystrokes and a credit card charge away. But did you know that no matter where a trip is booked (online included), there’s a commission already built into the price? ​In fact, even if you book direct, the hotel, cruise or airline keeps the commission instead of passing the savings onto you.

    Smart, savvy travelers always use a travel agent – and not only because they save you, the consumer, time and money. I refer you to “10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent” by TripSavvy – one of the top-10 travel information websites in the world – for a more detailed explanation.

  9. I always travel on a budget and so far I love it! Although I love buying souvenirs! But all the other things I can do without a problem! If someone wants to travel he/she can always find a way! ?

  10. if only we could book in advance and keep our dates flexible, we would be able to save big on travel costs. That is a great advantage when one is free to travel as per convenience. All the other tips are very useful too.

  11. I’ve too given in on buying things for family and friends from trips. But i do send a postcard! I find most my money goes on food as I like to try new foods. Some great tips on how I can keep my budget down.

  12. Being flexible with the dates is quite a useful suggestion. I recently came to know that flights on certain dates are 10 times cheaper than other. Also loved your packing tips, I never thought of these things before. Thanks

  13. These are great tips. We love traveling and to keep our budget down, we eat local and stay with locals too via airbnb. We also make it a point to use public transportation to move around the city or town. Not only do our dollars stretch further, but we also get to understand the local culture better. Better for the budget and for the travel experience!!

  14. Thank you for the advice! I think my favorite when it comes to traveling on a budget is Engaging with the Locals. I did a home-stay in Costa Rica and absolutely loved it! It was definitely different and out of my comfort zone, but it was an amazing experience.

    1. That must have been a great experience for you. You get to learn a lot of things when you engage withe locals, it absolutely changes everything you thought about staying with people you didn’t know in the first place.

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