Looking for where to go for a romantic holiday? This post will give you all the most romantic places in the world that you and your partner will enjoy.

Planning to whisk away your loved one on a romantic weekend getaway or you’re just looking for holiday destinations for couples.

This post details the most romantic places in the world – and with valentine’s day around the corner, you might want to look at some of the most romantic places before you make a choice.

Some fall under the category of cheap romantic getaways, best romantic holiday destinations in the world, romantic beach getaways, and others are romantic resorts that require you to save some good amount of money to experience a luxurious getaway.

Most romantic places in the world

1. Paris, France

By Kate at Our Escape Clause

As the City of Lights and the City of Love, there’s no more iconic city in the world for a romantic getaway than Paris.

Boasting delicious food, beautiful architecture, and some of the best museums in the world, Paris is bursting with things for couples to do, from the popular and nearly obligatory to the offbeat and bizarre. No wonder it is considered the most romantic city in the world.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

If you and your beloved escape to Paris on a couples getaway, be sure to watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero Gardens,  settle in for a romantic dinner,  cruise down the Seine,  admire the views over Paris from Notre Dame or the Arc de Triomphe, or explore some of Paris’ hidden gems and the many captivating neighborhoods.

Foodie couples may enjoy adding in a cooking class or a food tour, and the bookworms can make their way over to the iconic Shakespeare & Company or beloved Abbey Books.

Art lovers can lose themselves in the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and beyond, and those interested in glitzy and glamorous buildings should head straight to Versailles.

While Paris can never be considered the most budget-friendly destination in the world, it is absolutely possible to have a low-cost romantic getaway to Paris, especially if you bundle up and brave the offseason cold in the winter and stick to Paris’ (hundreds of) free things to do – after all, even walking the streets of Paris for a weekend can be endlessly romantic.

Want to enjoy endless activities in Paris, book your next tour with Getyourguide to have a first-class experience.

Traveling to Paris for the first time? Check out my first timer’s guide to Paris for best preparations and if you want to explore places outside Paris, here are some of the easy day trips that can be taken from Paris. However, if you find yourself in Paris for just one day, this Paris one day itinerary will guide you and what to do.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

2. Maldives

By Georgie at Journey with Georgie

The Maldives and romance go hand-in-hand (excuse the pun!) – as it is considered the most romantic country in the world.

If you’re looking for a remote tropical paradise with seemingly endless white, sandy beaches, then you’ll be totally dazzled by the islands that make up the Maldives.

There are almost 1,200 islands in total, and most are unspoiled, pristine and spectacular, with long sandbars to walk on and crystal-clear water to dive into.

Most resorts in the Maldives are spread over an entire island, so you can explore at your leisure.

Plus, they are almost all luxurious – with sprawling swimming pools, cocktail bars, tennis courts, and fine-dining restaurants.

It’s no wonder the Maldives is a honeymoon destination for many – although you can go there on a romantic break at any time!

It’s not all lazing on a glorious beach with a piña colada in-hand. However, if you’d prefer to be more active during your romantic stay, you won’t be bored in the Maldives.

There’s amazing diving to coral reefs and to look out for animals such as sea turtles and dolphins, as well as other water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing (bonus points if it’s at sunset!).

Unfortunately, luxury resorts in the Maldives don’t come cheap, especially if you want the quintessential over-water bungalow experience.

However, the Maldives recently loosened regulations and nowadays, locals are permitted to open guesthouses, meaning there is a burgeoning budget travel market.

Book your luxurious hotel resort in the Maldives here

Maldives is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

3. Mauritius

By Amelia Winter at A Winter Escape

The Indian Ocean is a haven for the most romantic destinations, and Mauritius is no different.

The remoteness of the location combined with fun romantic activities and absolute luxury accommodation makes Mauritius one of the best vacation spots for couples.

For such a tiny island, Mauritius is jam-packed with the incredible scenery from white sand beaches with crystal clear water stretching the entire coastline, to inland ancient craters which have become picture-perfect lakes.

Nature lovers will enjoy snorkeling, hiking through rainforest or quad biking around mountainous national parks.

You could be forgiven for not expecting too much culture-wise, but you’d be mistaken.

With the biggest Hindu population outside of India, Mauritius has hundreds of ornate temples and sacred sites to explore. As a nation with distinct Indian, French and Creole influence, the local food is divine.

Is there a better way to enjoy an evening with your loved one than to watch the sunset while you enjoy a mind-blowing meal?

My husband and I honeymooned in Mauritius and most other couples we met were doing the same. It’s expensive, a fact that seems more justifiable as a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon option.

That said, there are definitely ways to reduce the costs, such as booking a four-star hotel (it will equally be gorgeous) and hiring your own car rather than a driver.

Just make sure you budget plenty of money for the activities because there is just so much to do.

Some of the activities to do as a couple in Mauritius include; taking a sailing trip out to Ile aux Cerfs for swimming and snorkeling, parasailing or enjoying a private trip out to Ile aux Benitiers- home of the famous crystal rock, LeMorne.

Whether you choose to go hard every day or just take it easy, a trip to Mauritius is bound to give you an amazing time to reconnect making it a perfect honeymoon destination and one of the most romantic places on earth for honeymoon.

Looking for honey moon destination or just a weekend getaway with your loved one? Here are the most romantic places on in the world to choose from. #romanticdestinations #valentinesgetaways #romanticplacestovisit #honeymoondestinations #bestvacationsforcouples #mostromanticgetaways

4. Sri Lanka

By Bradley and Cazzy at Dream Big, Travel Far

My boyfriend and I spent 4 weeks in Sri Lanka and I can safely say it’s one of the romantic places in the world.

With breathtaking sunsets and beautiful beaches, you have the perfect backdrop for romantic walks and lustful dinners under the stars.

The great thing about visiting Sri Lanka is that the country offers something to suit all different types of couples.

You can camp under the stars in a luxury safari whilst elephant spotting, or surround yourself with the beauty of the famous tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya; or even snorkel through stunning corals reefs surrounded by amazing fish and sea life.

Some of my top recommendations of romantic things to do in Sri Lanka include:

  • A hot air balloon ride over Sigiriya Rock, witnessing a stunning sunrise and luscious green fields
  • Strawberry picking in Nuwara Eliya
  • Swimming with baby turtles in Unawatuna
  • Couples massages on the beach in Arugam Bay
  • Relax at the beachside bar watching the sunset over the horizon.

Almost every night, you are greeted by gorgeous orange and red sunsets for couples to enjoy whilst taking long walks along the beach. You’ll also find a whole host of luxury villas and bungalows in which to relax during your stay.

These are just some of the countless romantic activities you can experience with your loved one on a Sri Lanka getaway

It’s luxurious without the expensive price-tag. So if you’re looking for the most romantic place in the world for couples on a budget, then Sri Lanka is the best vacation spot for you and also one of the cheap countries to visit in Asia for couples on a budget.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

5. The Lake District, UK

By Deeptha at The Globe Trotter

The Lake District (or The Lakes, as it is also referred to as by the locals) is certainly the UK’s most popular national park and one of the most romantic destinations for couples in the country.

And it is not only me who says so but also a survey conducted recently that voted the Lake District as the most romantic place in the UK.

Even without the vote, it still would retain the top spot as it can be evidenced by the fact that it was the main inspiration for many romantic poets like Wordsworth, and Keats.

So, if you are looking to whisk away your partner on a romantic getaway in the UK, you now know where to go.

There are so many things that you could do on a romantic break in the Lake District.

Enjoying some of the finest walks and scenery in the region, exploring one of the numerous lakes on a romantic cruise, hiking up one of the many summits, go on a scenic road drive or simply getting cosy and spending some quality romantic time with your partner in one of the several lovely cottages that you will find in the region.

And don’t worry about the accommodation, the Lake District options ranging from budget to the extra luxurious ones.

Whatever you end up doing, the romantic landscape of the Lake District is sure to prove an idyllic setting for a couples getaway making it one of the major romantic sites in the UK.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.


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6. Rarotonga, The Cook Islands.

By Angelica at Thing to do & Eat

With its secluded, white sand beaches, luxury resorts and villas, crystal clear blue water, and natural island beauty, Rarotonga in The Cook Islands is a perfect romantic destination for couples.

In fact, many Australians and New Zealanders who travel there always do for a honeymoon or weddings hence featuring as the most romantic place in the world.

What makes this place so romantic is the laid back, island feel. You’re always on your own time in a beautiful place with the person you love -there’s no rush to do anything, except spending time together, with a couple’s massage, romantic beach dinner, or just sipping on drinks by the water.

It’s not crowded or busy- at times, it can feel like the island is just there for you two!

And since WiFi is expensive and hard to find, you get plenty of time to just focus on each other, other than on the internet.

If you’re more of an active couple, there are so many things to do in Rarotonga from hiking through the jungle, scuba diving, to beer tastings to help you and your loved one unwind.

One note is that since it’s a remote island, expect prices to be similar to major cities like Seattle or San Francisco since most of the things are imported.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

Switzerland is known for its amazing scenery, beautiful towns, and cities but, while nature dominates the landscapes, it is also a great place for a romantic getaway.

Especially Lucerne and Montreux are very romantic places and perfect for lovebirds.

Why? Well, both are not your typical romantic destinations per se, but these two towns have both extremely beautiful promenades.

Walking along the pretty lakes (Lake Geneva in Montreux and Lake Lucerne in Lucerne) is the purest and most romantic activity you can imagine – especially in the evening.

Walking along the promenade is a free activity that is worth more than many paid romantic activities.

In both cities, you will find numerous cafes and restaurants along the promenade- perfect to sit down after a stroll along the prettiest promenade of Montreux – which is also known as the prettiest promenade in Switzerland and enjoy a drink with your loved one.

Also, in Montreux, add the romantic Chillon Castle to your itinerary which you can reach after a 30-minute walk from the town center. Given its location, surrounded by the Alps and Lake Geneva (or Lake Lucerne).

I also suggest that you book a boat tour and enjoy a romantic boat cruise and end your day watching the sunset from the boat.

Surely, so if you have never considered Switzerland for a romantic getaway or one of the romantic places to travel to, rethink it. While it’s not Paris, it is a different way of a romantic trip.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

8. Oludeniz, Turkey.

By Sam at Growing Up Two

Planning on a romantic weekend break? Why not spend a few cozy days away in the most romantic place on earth in Oludeniz, Turkey.
A pretty beach resort framed by mountains and famed for its blue lagoon- it’s a location where you can be as lazy or as crazy as you want.

Splash the cash and stay in a luxury boutique hotel with an ancient church as its centerpiece, hideaway in the hills and hire your own fancy villa, or opt for budget eco-cabins and the sounds of nature – there are lots of options on offer.

And, if you fancy getting out and about, take a leap of faith and fly side by side on tandem paragliding jumps, explore local bays on a romantic Blue Cruise, or simply enjoy a sundown drink and a top-notch meal in one of the many fantastic restaurants along the beachfront.

Oludeniz is one of Turkey’s coastal gems perfect for romantic escapes and one that appeals to most tastes and budgets.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

9.Lake Bled, Slovenia

By Claire at ZigZag On Earth

Lake Bled in Slovenia has earned the reputation of being one of the most romantic getaways in Europe as well as the world’s most romantic places to travel to.

This is due to its fairy-tale looking scenery: a lake filled with emerald water, mountains all around, a castle hanging on the side of a cliff,  and an island with a long tradition of grooms carrying their brides up the 99 steps to ring the bell and make a wish.

There are lots of activities to do around Lake Bled that are perfect for couples: cuddling in front of magnificent waterfalls, walking through gorges, rowing on a gondola, visiting the castle and many others.

But my favorite place to go is only for adventurous couples – I recommend hiking up to the Ojstrica viewpoint to enjoy a magnificent sunrise over the lake.

You will have to walk in the dark (making your couple’s skills to good use) and push a little on those calves to be there on time.

However, it is worth it to watch the sun appearing behind the mountains and the rays reflecting on the lake. Plus, it is a lot less crowded than all the other activities around.

This is not the most budget-friendly place for accommodations, but there are lots of walks and hikes, which are free in the area. The further you stay from the lake, the cheaper the options.

This is a comprehensive list of the best holiday destinations for couples.

10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

By Holly at Four Around the World.

This year we took our first couples trip since becoming parents. We love our family travel, however, it was time for mum and dad’s escape and we could not have picked a better spot for it.

We spent 5 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and it was incredible.
Puerto Vallarta is a resort town along Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

The town is beautiful with cobblestone streets, lively bars, and restaurants and decorated with unique sculptures and artwork. It’s perfect for a romantic stroll by the water at sunset or find some unique handmade gifts at the markets.

There are resorts and dining options to suit every budget, however keeping with the romantic couple’s trip, we stayed at an all-inclusive adults-only resort – Secrets Vallarta Bay Resort, which had ocean and pool views from our balcony, and a spa bath in the middle of the room.

The resort was perfect for lazing by the pool on a deck chair in the afternoon or at the swim-up bar making it one of the best couples resort.

We also recommend a day trip to Las Caletas Hidden Beach. This was one of the most fun travel experiences we have ever had, with a boat trip to a private island loaded with entertainment, activities and, of course, food and drinks.

The best part is the entertainment the crew puts on during the boat trip!

Puerto Vallarta is a perfect romantic destination for couples if you are looking to relax by the beach, enjoy some sunshine and eat great food!

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

11. Hoi An, Vietnam

By Ben at Horizon Unknown

Even though Hoi An is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, finding quiet and romantic spots isn’t hard to do.

There are many activities and ways to spend some quality time with your significant other.

My personal favorite is to stroll along the riverside at night. Colorful lanterns shimmer on the smooth surface of the river.

The atmosphere is something like a scene from a romantic movie and it’s a great way to spend an entire night.

There are plenty of seats dotted along the banks and some peaceful viewpoints where you and your partner won’t be disturbed.

One of the most popular activities in Hoi An is taking a cooking class. When I visited Hoi An in 2017 with my partner, this was one of the best things we did together.

As part of the tour, we got to ride bikes through the rural farms as the sunset in the distance-It was beautiful.

Cooking classes are so popular due to Hoi An’s well known local dishes. Going out for a dinner has many options for great food and stunning views of this ancient port town, you can’t help but be romanced in Hoi An.

If you’re searching for great and affordable romantic holiday destinations in Vietnam to spend some unforgettable time with your partner, make sure to check out Hoi An as its one of the most beautifuls cities in Asia.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

12. Hamilton Island- The Heart of the Great Barrier Reef

By Julia at Julia Storm 

There is literally a stunning composition of coral in the shape of a love heart, called Heart Reef, just a short scenic helicopter flight from Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, Australia.

Could anything be more romantic than flying over the heart in the ocean and then landing on the award-winning Whitehaven Beach to share a bottle of champagne on pristine silica sand by calm, turquoise water?

Hamilton Island caters to every budget except the backpacker. You can enjoy world-class luxury and privacy at qualia like previous guests and celebrity couples, Oprah Winfrey & Stedman and Chris Hemsworth & his wife, Elsa.

The more budget-friendly and flexible options include self-contained units overlooking the gorgeous Catseye Beach.

The bonus is they come with their own golf-buggies, the primary mode of transport on the island, so you can easily enjoy sunset cocktails with stunning views of the whole Whitsunday passage at One Tree Hill.

For more active couples, the use of stand-up paddleboards, catamarans, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment is free for guests staying at the Beach Club, Reef View Hotel, Palm Bungalows and qualia. Couples can also hike to the highest point on the island- Passage Peak.

The island is situated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park so diving and snorkeling are incomparable.

You can even sleep out in the middle of the ocean, under the stars, on the permanently moored pontoon on one of the most spectacular stretches of Hardy Reef.

The combination of such a picturesque location, tropical relaxation with the option for active fun, and energy incomparable to anywhere on earth make Hamilton Island one of the best romantic places to visit.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

13. Dalat, Vietnam

By Emily Lush at Wander Lush

With stunning landscapes and a world-class food scene, Vietnam has no shortage of dreamy destinations for romantic getaways making it one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Dalat in the country’s Central Highlands region might just top the list. Known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, the year-round mild weather makes Dalat one of the few places in the south where you can escape the raging heat and snuggle up in a cozy cafe.

It is home to some fantastic Vietnamese and French restaurants that are perfect for couples.

Dalat’s close proximity to the wine and coffee region means that both beverages flow freely in the many sweet cafes and bars in town.

The area also has a thriving flower and fruit industry. Frolicking in lavender fields and picking strawberries are some of the most popular things to do in Dalat.

Most visitors to Dalat hire a motorbike for the day to explore the area’s lush hills, stopping off at monasteries and lakes along the way.

Back in town, Dalat is filled with colonial-style buildings and wide boulevards that hark back to its days as a French hill station.

Jaw-dropping villas, pretty pink churches and a heritage railways station all make the perfect backdrop for a couple’s photo.

Dalat is one of the most romantic holiday destinations in Vietnam – it has a well-established reputation for being the country’s most romantic place for couples locally, but many foreign tourists overlook it.

Depending on what time of year you go, you’ll likely find Dalat much more subdued than anywhere else in Vietnam.

There is a good range of accommodations available, ranging from cute boutique hotels to luxury colonial villas, and it’s easy to reach Dalat thanks to a domestic airport on the outskirts of town.

Like most of Vietnam, Dalat is one of the best vacation spots for couples on a budget.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

14. Viñales, Cuba

By Carly at Carly Matthew

Find your perfect couple’s countryside escape in Viñales, Cuba. This dreamy UNESCO World Heritage Site is best known for its beautiful limestone karst (rock) formations and use of old-fashioned farming methods.

Make sure you have at least two days to explore the area. During the day, there are all kinds of opportunities to explore—salsa lessons, horseback rides, hiking in the Parque Nacional, cocktail mixing classes, and more!

Tobacco tours are the most popular and can be booked online ahead of time or locally at the tourist’s office.

You’ll likely have the option to sample a hand-rolled cigar at the end… or skip it politely if you’d rather not—they totally understand!

After your tour, take a break by enjoying an amazing mojito at one of the many downtown bars and restaurants (or even one from a street cart if you’re on a budget).

Stay right downtown or, for an extra adventure, choose from Casas particulars in the countryside for an authentic, Airbnb-like experience. (You can book these ahead of time through Airbnb so you don’t have to pay in cash.)

Regardless of where you book your accommodations, be sure to wake up early and watch the sunrise over the Viñales Valley at least once.

The patches of red dirt, tobacco growing in the fields, cigar-smoking farmers, and oxen drawing ploughs provide an unforgettable view.

Looking for honey moon destination or just a weekend getaway with your loved one? Here are the most romantic places on in the world to choose from. #romanticdestinations #valentinesgetaways #romanticplacestovisit #honeymoondestinations #bestvacationsforcouples #mostromanticgetaways

15. Madrid, Spain

By Sam at Alternative Travelers

Madrid, Spain is a fantastic destination for couples looking for a romantic holiday getaway without breaking the bank.

The beautiful capital city is the perfect place to spend time together, roaming the city, admiring the colorful buildings, and listening to street musicians playing in the many plazas.

Once the sun goes down, Madrid comes alive, with Spaniards dressed up to go out for tapas or dancing, undoubtedly some of the most romantic things to do in Madrid.

Spaniards are very passionate people, and their energy is infectious.

Popular couples’ activities include picnicking and watching the sunset by the ancient Egyptian Temple of Debod, rowing around the pond in Retiro Park, seeing a small and intimate flamenco show, or going out for dinner in one of the many fantastic eateries.

Romantic day trips from Madrid are also possible with the well-connected train and bus system.

Visit a fairytale castle for a day in the Spanish town of Segovia or wander the tiny alleyways of Toledo, both just an hour outside of Madrid.

Best of all, Madrid is one of the romantic places to go to which is budget-friendly compared to many Western European cities like Paris or London.

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Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

16. New York City

By Anisa at Two Traveling Texans

New York City may be known for non-stop action but it is also a very romantic place to visit.

If you are planning a trip to NYC with that special someone, I have a few charming ideas to add to your itinerary.

While there are some budget-friendly things to do in New York, it is easy to spend a lot on a romantic weekend getaway.

During the day, plan on visiting Central Park, one of the most beautiful places in New York – you can stroll through the park hand in hand.

During the winter, you can go ice skating but if you are visiting in the summer, allow time for a picnic or rowboat ride on the Lake.

When the sun goes down, take in the lights of the city from one of the many rooftop bars (Mr. Purple, Roof at Park South, and many others).

There are plenty of romantic restaurants (One if by Land, Two if by Sea) or you could do a dinner cruise around Manhattan with Bateaux.

If you’d rather do something indoors, check out the ballet or opera at Lincoln Center or a Broadway show. For a few nights in June/July, the Philharmonic Orchestra has free concerts in the parks.

With all those romantic things to do,  New York might be one of the top romantic places in the world that you’ve been looking for to go on a romantic getaway.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

17. Zakopane, Poland

By Joanna at Overhere

Zakopane is a picturesque mountain resort located in the south of Poland, right at the foot of the most beautiful mountains in this part of Europe.

Zakopane is a perfect destination for couples, as there are many romantic things to do. Couples can stroll along Krupowki street – the most famous place in Zakopane, full of shops, pubs, and restaurants.

If you prefer a quieter place, you can visit Botanical Mountain Garden, also called Alpinarium.

Located in the center, it is visited by all nature admirers for its variety of plants.

You may also take a ride in a small-gauge train to Gubalowka mount, from which you get to admire the amazing panorama of Tatra mountains.

There are also some nice restaurants and pubs, perfect for a romantic meal for two.

If you fancy higher mountains, you can go for a ride in a cable car leading to Kasprowy Wierch.

The cable car climbs to 1980 meters. The trip will provide you with unforgettable views of Western Tatra mountains and Zakopane.

There is also a mountain hut with a restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty meal admiring the mountainous view – the walls in the restaurants are made of glass.

For hiking couples, there is a great trail starting in Kasprowy Wierch. The trail leads along Red Peaks – Ciemniak, Krzesanica, Malolaczniak, Kopa Kondracka, and is considered one of the most picturesque trails in Tatras.

Looking for honey moon destination or just a weekend getaway with your loved one? Here are the most romantic places on in the world to choose from. #romanticdestinations #valentinesgetaways #romanticplacestovisit #honeymoondestinations #bestvacationsforcouples #mostromanticgetaways

18. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

By Liz at Little Holidays

From its medieval castle to its meandering cobbled alleys, Cesky Krumlov is the stuff of fairytales – and the perfect setting for a romantic holiday getaway.

This is a place where time seems to stand still, giving you all the time to explore its charming streets and scenic vistas with your favorite person in the world.

You can easily spend two to three days in Cesky Krumlov with your beloved.

The first day will most likely be spent staring at the beautiful town square from the castle tower, pinching yourself in disbelief at just how amazingly gorgeous the old town is.

Take a walk around the castle grounds and along the capricious bends of the Vltava river, pausing as much as you need to take in all the beauty- each twist and turn will surprise you with a stunning view.

The town also has a lot of museums and shops filled with regional offerings – stop in a couple of minutes and get to know more about the various crafts.

Once you’ve covered all of the town’s picturesque spots, head to the enchanting Blansky forest surrounding the old town for easy hikes.

The town caters to all kinds of travelers – from honeymooners seeking a luxurious experience to travelers on a budget.

You can find budget-friendly hostels near the train station and just outside the city center.

You can freely roam the castle grounds and spend a day or two exploring the forests outside the town without paying a single coin, and you can easily find pubs and restaurants with cheap beers and meals.

Plus, it is the Czech Republic – everything is automatically more affordable than in surrounding countries. So if you’re looking for cheap romantic getaways, Cesky Krumlov is a perfect choice.

Cesky Krumlov is on the cheap romantic getaways for couples looking to spend an amazing time together.

19. Zermatt, Switzerland.

By Zanie at The Color Gold

Zermatt, Switzerland is known as a luxury mountain resort town with ample hiking, skiing, and climbing opportunities for adventure seekers.

This idyllic mountain town is located at the base of the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn, one of the highest peaks in all of the Alps.

Besides outdoor adventures, Zermatt is perfect for a romantic evening stroll or a night out.

Zermatt doesn’t allow any cars within the city limits – but don’t worry you won’t be walking everywhere!

You can easily hire a horse-drawn carriage or an electric car to get around.

The town is quite small and can easily be accessed on foot. Plus, the scenic mountain view is well worth the walk.

Begin your romantic weekend getaway in Zermatt by taking the Gornergrat to the observation platform to see the Matterhorn- dress warmly!

The cog railway takes you to the top of the Gornergrat at 3,089 meters above sea level, so it’ll likely be quite cold.

Take in the views of the Matterhorn before heading into one of the restaurants at the summit. Warm-up with a coffee before taking the 29-minute cog railway back into Zermatt.

The main street through town, Bahnhofstrasse, is lined with small shops selling chocolate and outdoor adventure equipment.

Spend the afternoon strolling through town and window shopping. Zermatt is very expensive, so my advice is to save your francs for the chocolate – there is nothing better than Swiss chocolate.

So, load up on chocolatey treats to split with your sweetie in your hotel room after dinner.

There are so many posh restaurants in Zermatt, so it’s hard to choose a favorite. I recommend giving Ristorante Molino for a classic Italian experience with your partner.

The restaurant itself drips with Mediterranean ambiance and is a great way to cap off your romantic getaway in Zermatt.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

20. The Bellarine Peninsula, Australia

By Audrey at See Geelong

The Bellarine Peninsula is a secret hideaway in Southern Australia that’s an ideal romantic getaway for couples.

It’s a beautiful sleepy place with a lazy laid-back vibe that’s perfect for couples wanting to spend time together.

The whole area is dotted with historic seaside towns and tiny fishing villages. Each with their own attractions, heritage, and individual character.

Stroll along wide boulevards and admire some of Australia’s oldest buildings, visit galleries and vintage shops and stop for a coffee at one of the many cafes.

The beauty of the seaside towns makes the Bellarine Peninsula one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world.

The Peninsula is famous for its cold climate wines and it’s one of the largest grape-growing regions in Victoria.

Treat yourselves to fine wine while enjoying panoramic views across the bay at spectacular wineries.

As you travel between towns there are farmers’ markets and berry farms where you can pick luscious fruits, or wander along clifftop paths to remote lighthouses with views of the rugged coastline.

Amp up the romance when the sun goes down with gourmet food at an intimate restaurant. And spend the night in an elegant grand old hotel, quaint B&B or heritage listed Inn.

21. Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

By Alli  at  Alli’s Grade Escape

Banff is the ultimate romantic destination for nature-loving couples! Just a short 90-minute drive from the Calgary airport, this well-known park is a gorgeous destination for taking in views of both mountains and uniquely colored lakes.

Though a hotspot for global tourists, the massive park spans over 2,500 square miles to provide many secluded areas for you and yours to enjoy some time alone with mother nature.

Staring out into a beautiful landscape, or hiking through a lovely spot with your significant other – simply soaking up the beauty of the sights and sounds around you can be extremely romantic!

Nature and Banff, in particular, has a way of making you feel small and insignificant, yet one with the Earth and each other.

Banff provides dozens of hikes at a range of difficulty levels, so anyone can have a memorable experience.

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are among the most famous and have hikes such as Consolation Lakes, Lake Agnes Teahouse and Bow River Loop in addition to just walking around the lakes.

A popular spot is the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel where you can stay, or simply stop in for lunch or tea for a view overlooking the infamous turquoise lake!

Other lakes like Minnewanka, Peyto, and Emerald are lovely to walk around on their own and have several hikes each – all of which tend to be more private and less trafficked.

Aside from hiking, Banff also boasts an adorable mountain town, with restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and more!

Unless you opt for a fancy restaurant, Banff is fairly affordable overall to eat and shop in, and the park’s daily entrance fees are under $20 (CAN) for two people.

All nature-loving couples should consider Banff for their next romantic getaway.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

22. The South Coast of Iceland.

By Riana at Teaspoon of Adventure

The south coast of Iceland is one of the romantic places around the world perfect for traveling couples.

Iceland is a gorgeous place, and nothing beats beautiful scenery when you’re looking for romance.

Most people stay around Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, but if you head a bit further to the south coast, you’ll find so much more of Iceland to explore without the huge crowds.

The area is much more isolated, to the point where you’ll easily be able to find quiet areas just for the two of you.

The south coast has beautiful waterfalls and stunning landscapes, which will make the best backdrops for your couple selfies!

And it really doesn’t get more romantic than cozying up by a fire or witnessing the Northern Lights together.

A bonus romantic part of the south coast of Iceland is the opportunity for lots of alone time.

You can rent a car and drive along the south coast, often having the entire road to yourself. This is the perfect time for nice long chats, rocking out to road trip tunes, or starting an audiobook together.

Unfortunately, Iceland isn’t known as a budget destination. Accommodation, gas for your rental car and any excursions will be pricey. But the best part of Iceland- the natural landscape, is free!

So make the most of this quick weekend getaway by jumping in a car and exploring with your partner.

23. Quebec City, Canada

By Wendy at Empty Nesters Hit The Road

Quebec City may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of romantic holiday destinations, but once inside Old Quebec, it will become clear why I make this association.

This is a charming town high up on a bluff overlooking the St. Lawrence River, anchored by Le Chateau Frontenac and surrounded with colorful and well preserved historic buildings – but it’s the small touches that seal the deal romantically speaking.

Colorful flags fly from many storefronts while doorways are decorated with branches and flowers.

Periodically there are flower boxes or hanging baskets filled with ferns and flowers.

And there’s no need to go more than half a block before finding a charming cafe or French restaurant.

It’s no wonder this city is often compared to Paris. Personally, I find Old Quebec City romantic for its own unique traits.

It’s a compact space that can be enjoyed in a single day (though more time is certainly ideal).

This isn’t the place to come to check-off a long list of bucket list items like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, but instead, its a place to wander, appreciate the romantic views of the river and seek a cafe or restaurant offering local foods. Romance requires relaxation and Quebec City delivers.

However, this isn’t the most affordable place for a romantic destination.

But come offseason, and prices will be comparable to those of the largest cities in  America.

And as a popular tourist destination, there is a range of hotels and dining options that can satisfy almost any budget.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

24. Jujuy, Argentina

By Julie at Why Not Ju

Jujuy is a province in the very north of Argentina. It’s covered in colorful mountain formations, desert and all located on an altitude between 1200 and 5000 meters above the sea.

The province has a lot of small towns where the silence at night is what I would call true silence.

No wind, no cars, no birds singing or dogs barking, just true silence.  The night sky in the area is so clear and full of stars that I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything like it.

These special moments of silence are best enjoyed with someone special and some great Argentinean Wine.

There are tons of hikes and even a couple of waterfalls. Other than that, what is more romantic than walking hand in hand with your significant other on the salt flat “Salinas Grandes”?

During the rainy season, you can even go bathing in the salt pools on the flat and feel yourself float just like in the dead sea.

The mountain range, “Serranía de Hornocal” is also a must-visit which is famously known for its 14 colors and located on an altitude of about 4600 meters.

Visit around 5 pm to see the mountain range change colors as the sunsets.

The Province of Jujuy also has a strong connection to Argentina’s Indigenous roots and you’ll find a lot of delicious traditional food in the restaurants around the province.

The best of all is that the area is really affordable, even for Argentinean prices, and not yet that exploited touristically. So you’ll be able to enjoy your romantic getaway in peace.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

25. Empress in Victoria, Canada

By Cindy at Blue Bag Nomads

The inviting, romantic, Castle on the Coast is the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada.

It is located on the island of Vancouver. The hotel completed a $60 million restoration in 2017, restoring many of the original, elegant touches to this national historic site.

The Fairmont Empress offers a “hotel within a hotel,” called the Gold Level. This is their elite, luxury experience.

It includes separate check-in, Gold Lounge, and personal one on one attention.

You will be pampered and well taken care of from the moment you arrive till you must depart.

Gold level rooms include breakfast, snacks, hors-d’oeuvres, and finishes with dessert before you turn in. Enjoy the romantic views from the Gold lounge, especially at sunset.

The Willow Stream Spa, at the Empress, is a full-service spa and is considered one of the best spas in Canada.

They offer over 85 spa treatments to re-energize you and dissipate any stress. Be sure to check how a variety of treatments can be turned into a couple’s experience.

Afternoon Tea has been served at the hotel since the day it opened in 1908. Tea is served in a grand lobby with views of the bay, or you can sit by the fireplace. The live classical piano provides a lovely ambiance for the afternoon.

This is not for the budget-conscious; it is for the discerning romantic luxury experience.

The Fairmont Empress is a destination all on its own. You could visit and never need to leave.

If you do decide to go exploring, you can take a carriage ride, boat tour or go to the world-renowned Butchart Gardens. There are museums and high-end shopping to wander through.

Arriving by ferry or seaplane would add to a romantic holiday to this magical destination. The Empress has an old-world style, and charm to impress its visitors.

This is one of the most romantic places in the world perfect for a honeymoon destination or just a romantic holiday getaway for couples.

26. Le Château de Beaulieu in Busnes, France

By Stuart  at Go Eat Do

What could be more romantic than a short break together in a remote, upscale hotel that’s renowned for the quality of its cuisine?

That’s possible at Le Château de Beaulieu, an elegant, four-star hotel at Busnes in northeast France.

The hotel is owned by Marc Meurin, a celebrated chef whose Le Meurin restaurant is distinguished by two Michelin stars.

Staying at the hotel means that the post-dinner journey to bed is kept to a minimum.

The three-course tasting menu is one way of tasting Meurin’s cuisine. You can also order from the a la carte choices and seasonal dishes.

The property’s modern brasserie Le Jardin d’Alice is an option for dinner should you decide to stay a couple of nights.

Enjoy cooking? You could also book a cookery lesson in Le Meurin’s kitchen to learn how dishes are prepared by the team under a Michelin-starred chef.

For tasty souvenirs, pop into Le Macaron, the chateau’s boutique store to purchase the likes of nougat, macaroons and other forms of confectionary.

Le Château de Beaulieu is located within easy driving distance of the historic city of Arras, whose vast citadel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It lies close to the Western Front of the brutal war of 1914 to 1918. The Canadian Vimy National Memorial and Neuville-St Vaast German War Cemetery are just two of the many World War One places of Remembrance in the region.

Nearer to St Omer, you can visit enormous concrete bunkers constructed to launch German V2 rockets at the United Kingdom late in World War Two. Even on a romantic break, they warrant a visit if you both appreciate history.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

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27. Sri Lanka

By Yulia at That’s What She Had

In the past decade, Sri Lanka has been gaining popularity as one of the most beautiful and incredibly diverse destinations around the world.

When people think of Sri Lanka, the first thing that comes to their minds is usually pristine beaches, clean ocean, and palm trees.

That’s why a lot of couples choose the island for their destination weddings and honeymoons.

In reality, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to any type of couple, whether you want to chill on the beach sipping coconut water, explore millennium-old historical sites, or hike in the mountains.

If you and your loved one enjoy active holidays, head to Weligama or Arugambay for surfing or into the hill country for hiking.

To learn about the history of the island, Kandy, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa are a perfect choice.

For the ultimate relaxation, stay a few nights at one of the boutique hotels down south that will take care of your every need, arrange a romantic dinner, and enjoy a couple’s spa-session.

Sri Lanka can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. It is definitely more expensive than a lot of destinations in south-east Asia, but you can still find a simple room at a hotel for about $25 dollars a night.

On the other hand, if you prefer luxurious travel, there are outstanding boutique hotels that will cost you a few hundred dollars (and in some cases over a thousand!) to stay.

If you are still not convinced that Sri Lanka is the most romantic place in the world, don’t listen to me, listen to Lonely Planet that named it the number one destination for 2019.

Planning on a couples getaway? Here the most romantic places in the world that you and your loved one will enjoy.

There you have it folks, the 25 most romantic places in the world where you can have romantic retreats with your significant other. Did I miss any beautiful romantic places that you think should be featured? Let me know in the comment section.

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Planning to go for a romantic break with your partner? Here are the most romantic places in the world to visit.|romantic places to travel| romantic places for couples |romantic places to visit |romantic places for honeymoon |vacation spots for couples |romantic destinations for couples #mostromanticplacesintheworld #romanticplaces
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