Are you a blogger thinking about quitting? This post will give you reasons why you shouldn’t give up on blogging plus tips to grow your blog traffic.

I always write about travel and adventure on my travel blog but today I am switching it up as I got inspired to share this with you.

This is not your typical blog post of how I have earned $10,000 from blogging but rather the opposite. I am not saying it is not good or possible to earn that much from a blog – I mean everyone would want that but just as you know it’s not always the same for everyone.

Every month thousands of blog are started with hopes of making an online income whether full-time or part-time. But in the middle of the journey (normally between 3 to 6 months), things get tough and they start thinking whether they should give up on blogging.

So since you are reading this blog, you might be contemplating to quit blogging or looking for some encouragement as not to give up. So I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t give up on blogging.

Should you quit blogging?

You might be thinking I am saying all this because I earn loads of money from my blog but contrary, I haven’t earned even 100$ from my blog. (now i have btw ). So why I am telling you not to quit blogging yet I am also not yet successful? Here is why.
I am here to let you know that you are not alone, there are so many of us struggling but that doesn’t mean we are going to give up – yes I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t give up on blogging. Like the old saying goes Winners are not quitters, so don’t even think about it.

5 reasons why you shouldn't give up on blogging

Reasons why you shouldn’t quit blogging

I know exactly what It means to put in all your efforts, learn things you didn’t even know about in the first place, struggle with SEO (search engine optimization), p interest strategies, participate in Facebook groups. Literally be on the internet 24/7 looking for what will work. Download tonnes of eBooks in hopes that you will make it, but Alas-still in the same position. It’s frustrating, right? But here are the reasons why you shouldn’t give up on blogging.

Reasons why you shouldn’t give up on blogging| Blogging tips

1. You’ve put in a lot to just let it all go.

Remember when you were just starting your blog, the amount of time you invested on the internet researching about how to start a blog.  The materials you read. If this is not reason enough as to why you shouldn’t give up on blogging, then let’s talk about the money you invested.
Every blogger knows that starting a blog requires money. From buying a domain, &hosting (for those on self-hosted), buying premium themes and sometimes running ads or hiring some technical support.
A couple of hundred dollars might not seem like a lot of money but if you are just starting out as a new blogger, this surely is a lot of money.

Reasons why you shouldn't give up on blogging

2. You started blogging because you are passionate about it.

You probably joined the blogging world because you were passionate about it. Passionate about providing solutions to your audience, providing information to people regardless of your niche. Just like many bloggers, it all starts as a passion and then the monetization part comes into play at a later time. So if you feel like you want to give up, just ignite your passion towards blogging, toward solving issues you are addressed with and the fire that was burning inside you when you were just starting out will spark again.

reasons why you sholdn't give up on blogging

3. If others have made it, you too can make it.

I am sure all of us have seen income reports from other bloggers at one time. So if they made it, that means it’s achievable and you too can make it. It might happen at different times but at least we know that it’s sure as hell possible to make an income from your blog.

So you shouldn’t give up on blogging as yet, hang in there, it will happen sooner or later. (I am talking to you as much as I am talking to myself)

5 reason why you shouldn't give up on blogging

4. Blogging takes time to pay off.

There is saying that says all good things take time. I mean if it was that easy everyone would be blogging. Blogging is hard work and it definitely takes time. Every blog takes a different amount of time to take off so don’t compare yourself with other successful blogs because you don’t know how long it took them to reach their blogs where they are currently.

For some, it might take 2-5 months others even years. So yes be patient, you are soon getting there.

5. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for others. 

There are people who visit your blog to get valuable information, to be encouraged and inspired by your posts, so don’t do them a disservice by quitting your blog.

Remember when you told people you gonna be a successful blogger, don’t prove them right that you’ve failed.
So if I have failed to convince you that you shouldn’t give up on blogging with the above reasons, then I hope this can. When we are all starting a blog, we tell some people how we are going to be successful bloggers and make an income online. Regardless of how many may be happy for you, some are just waiting for you to fail and start the “I told you so ish”
I get this is supposed to be a personal thing but since the top 4 strategies didn’t convince you,- let’s switch gears.
Do not give those people the satisfaction of seeing you fail. If it means working your butt off, do it!! Write and promote until you start to see results.

I hope those 5 five tips have given you an in-depth insight as to why you shouldn’t give up on blogging.
And if that is true, Let’s get back to work and see that blog take off. I’ve also some few tips that might help with that.

Parting tips to help grow your blog.

Yes I know I may not be in a position to give the advice to be a successful blogger but for the few months I’ve been blogging I’ve learnt a few things that may help grow your blog. They have personally helped me get the little traffic I get otherwise I wouldn’t be getting any. And we all know that what may have failed to work for me might work for you or the other way round.

1. Join Facebook groups in your blogging niche.

Facebook groups are very supportive and you get to meet like-minded people. I Have personally learned a lot from interactions with other bloggers. There are always threads were you post a link to your blog post and get engagements (likes, comments, and shares) from other bloggers.
If you are not yet in any Facebook groups, just log into Facebook and search for blogging groups or “your niche +blogging group”. Join as many as you can.

reasons why you shouldn't give up on blogging

2. Make use of P interest.

I am sure you’ve heard many bloggers say that p interest is their highest traffic source. I am not gonna lie, I am no Pinterest guru and still learning the P interest algorithm and how the entire pinning thing works. But I can say that the more I use it, the more I start to see some improvements. You can also follow me on p interest.
So if you are not yet on p interest, sign up Asap and if you have a personal account, switch to a business account, it works better if you want to drive traffic to your blog.
Join as many group boards as you can to make your pins more visible.

3. Learn Seo. (Search engine optimization)

Seo is wide and might be challenging for any beginner but take time to learn it.
My posts were nowhere on google before I started learning SEO but I can say ever since I started optimizing my posts for SEO using the Yoast plugin, I have seen some improvements. I even have one post that ranks number one on page one for a keyword perfect day at the giza pyramids”.). Don’t take my word for it, check it out on google.

reasons why you shouldn't give up on blogging

I also have another post on page 3 of google (currently on page one ) which was initially not ranking anywhere. You can check it here. Indeed Seo is that important, learn it and the difference will be tremendous.

4. Promote your blog post as much as you can.

I talked of Facebook and p interest earlier but there other places you can promote your blog posts like instagram, twitter, bloglovin, linvia, mix, google plus and many other. They may not drive crazy traffic but your posts will be out there and you might just get some traffic from them.

5. Blog writing tips: Write great content.

We all know content is King when it comes to blogging. Do not just promote any kind of content, promote quality content that will be easily consumed by your audience and don’t forget that you are writing for your audience, not just yourself.

reasons why you shouldn't give up on blogging

Check for grammatical errors before you hit the publish button. And to make sure my posts are free of grammatical errors, I use Grammarly which has been really helpful since English is not my first language and the good news is that it is absolutely free to sign up.

You can also sign up for blogging courses but if you are not sure which one to take, Elizabeth gives details about the blogging course that helped her grow her blog.

Are you a blogger thinking of quitting your blog, share with me your challenges in the comments and I will try to help any way possible.
And if you know of other tips to help out a fellow blogger grow their site, share with us in the comment section as well.
If this has been helpful to you, please share it-you might just save someone’s blog who was thinking of giving up on blogging.

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5 reasons why you shouldn't give up on blogging


Happy blogging friends.
Love Esy

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