Planning for a short break and you’re now wondering what to pack for a weekend trip? This weekend trip packing list that I’ve created will guide you on the things to pack to have an amazing weekend getaway.


Weekend getaways are the best kinds of trips. After a jam-packed week with loads of work, appointments, assignments and sometimes reports- it is that time of the week to reward yourself with a funfilled and relaxed weekend by going for a weekend trip.


Personally, random weekend getaways are some of my favorite trips, from all the exhaustion of work and “real-life challenges”, it is time to break away from it all just to enjoy a weekend away! Your perfect weekend getaway could be in a new city, country or even your home town that you can’t get enough of. Whatever the location or reason for planning a weekend getaway, knowing exactly what to pack is important.


As a traveler who also works from Monday to Friday, the best time to travel is on weekends or public holidays. Meaning that the best way to maximize your time is by setting off for your trip on Friday evening straight out from work and head back home on Sunday night to be able to catch work on Monday morning! It might seem a bit stressful but can be fun, and who doesn’t want a weekend away from work and normal life?


In one of my previous post, I shared tips on how to pack light and I am sure by now improvements are in order, but if you haven’t read it yet, you can still read it from here to get all those amazing tips! But in this post, I am just going to focus on what to pack for a weekend trip but if you’re going camping, read this post to learn all the camping tips for beginners.


Unlike other long-time travels, weekend getaways should be pretty easy to pack for unless you’re an over-packer! I always pack for a weekend trip last minute since I know I don’t need much but rather a couple of things. So here is the ultimate weekend trip packing list- but before that, let’s look at some of the things to consider before packing for a weekend away.

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weekend trip packing

Things to consider before packing for a weekend trip.

Before you even start thinking of what to pack for a weekend away, there are some factors that should be put into consideration.


The weather in the place you plan to visit will dictate a lot on what should be included on your weekend away checklist. The clothes to pack in winter will totally be different from those in summer. So before you pack for your weekend break, find out what the weather will be on the weekend you plan to travel to know exactly what to pack.

Activities to do

Different activities require different outfits and different travel gear, so confirm the activities you’ll participate in during your weekend trip to be sure of what should be added on your short trip packing list.

Items that the hotel/hostel you’ll sleep at provides

Before packing for a weekend trip, find out the items that your hostel/hotel provides so that you don’t pack them. There is no point in packing what will be provided.

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A Weekend trip packing list: What to pack for a weekend trip

Weekend packing list: A day pack

Before you start packing, you’ll need what to pack your stuff into and a proper sizeable day pack will be perfect. You don’t need to use a huge suitcase for just a weekend, a sizeable day back will be able to accommodate all your weekend trip essentials. Don’t have one? Buy this highly rated daypack from Amazon.

Weekend packing list: Clothes

clothes ready to be packed

A jacket.

I always love packing a jacket, as it doesn’t only help during the cold times but also accentuates the style of your dress code even when your attire is just “basic” making the entire look simple but cool.
A nice leather jacket never disappoints when it comes to this. You can buy this beautiful jacket from Amazon to look this cool as well.

Even if I am just packing for a weekend trip, I’d never leave behind my Nikes! They are so comfortable to walk in, and they also add a sense of style to the person wearing them.
On top of the sneakers ( which you can buy from here btw), I never leave behind my flip flops. Yes, I am a budget traveler, and hostels are my thing- so I always pack my flip flops for the shower time or just to walk around the beach.

I am a super fan of jean trousers compared to any kind of dressing. They are just so comfortable and easy to walk in and you’ll never have to worry whether it’s inappropriate for the area you’re visiting.
When packing for a weekend getaway, I’d suggest carrying a maximum of 2 bottoms but if you can handle using one, that’s also great.
If you’re not a fan of pants, you can substitute them with skirts, though I still vouch for pants especially when you’re going for an African safari.

For men, 2 pairs of jeans or 1 research convertible pant would do just fine for a weekend getaway.

I always carry way more tops for a weekend trip than bottoms since it’s hard to reuse tops.
So for weekend trips, 3 tops would be ideal.

      • 1 t-shirt
      • 1 vest
      • 1 tank top for women
      • And, 3 t-shirts of different make and colors would be perfect for men.

Pro tip* Pack 1 top/shirt for each day and 1 extra just in case you need it. The same tip works for underwear as well.


Even though I think this should be more of individual preference, I’ve got a few suggestions of my own.

      • 1 sports bra
      • 1 Bra
      • 4 undies/knickers
      • 2 pairs of stockings

Swimwear / Bikini
Some weekend getaways are all about soaking in the sun as you rock that beach body ( yeah the beach is gonna get whichever body you give it). So if you’re wondering which things to pack for a weekend away, then a swimwear is one of them.

1 bikini is just perfect for a weekend getaway for women.

1 swim short is also enough for the gents.

Not sure which swimsuit is perfect for you? You can buy one from Amazon by choosing from some of my favorite Amazon picks below.


Night clothes should also be included on your weekend getaway packing list. Pack pajamas for your weekend trip so that you don’t have to sleep in your day-time clothes. You can buy some of my favorite pajamas from Amazon by clicking here.

Are you heading for a winter weekend break, make sure you don’t leave behind these winter essentials.


You can also read this comprehensive winter packing list to find out everything you will need to pack for your winter vacation Or this ski trip packing list if youre heading for ski weekend getaway.


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Weekend packing list: Toiletries.

Toiletries for travel

For a weekend away packing list, toiletries should be extremely on a minimal as you will just be traveling for a few days.

Here are a few toiletries I recommend as a must-have for a weekend break.

      • Perfume/ spray
      • Deodorant
      • A bit of shower gel if you plan to sleep at a hostel. (If you’ll sleep at a hotel, skip this)
      • Toothpaste
      • Toothbrush
      • Body Cream/ Lotion
      • Wipes
      • Sunscreen

Weekend packing list: Electronics and Gadgets

Even when it is just a short break, there are some essentials that cannot be left behind. Yes, electronics are some of the things to pack for a weekend trip.

A set of electronics for travel

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Weekend packing list: Entertainment

Whether it is a weekend break abroad or just in a neighboring city, you should pack something to entertain yourself.

Some of the things that I add to my weekend trip packing list to entertain myself are;

      • A book. (You can also buy an Amazon Kindle to have a variety of books in one place)
      • Music on my phone
      • Some board games if I am going on a road trip with my friends.

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So that is it for the weekend trip packing list. You don’t have to pack a lot of stuff. It is sometimes possible to get carried away and pack so many things even if the trip is just for 2 days. So after reading this post, I am sure that you now know exactly what to pack for a weekend getaway.

In brief, the weekend trip essentials that you’ll need to pack are; clothes, toiletries, travel gadgets, a bit of entertainment and you’ll be set for an amazing weekend getaway.

Note* If you’re looking for 3 days packing list,  this weekend packing list can also work for 3 days perfectly without you missing anything.

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