Hi I’m Esther

Born and raised in the Eastern part of Africa, Uganda. I have always loved to travel and discover different parts of the world beyond my home town. With the burning passion to travel and discover the world, what more way could I share my thoughts, experiences and adventures other than through my blog, The adventurous feet.

Needless to say, most of my friends call me Esy, so you too can.

the adventurous feet

What is the adventurous feet is all about?

My blog is meant to describe all my travel destinations and experiences and also to inspire you to travel to those places or even just learn about them.

And if you are looking for hotel recommendations ,dream destinations, what to do and not to do in different parts of the world,  my personal travel experiences or even other travelers’ experiences, this should become your go to place as its about to get  lit.

What are my goals?

My goal is to travel more, learn more and inspire you that if I can do it, you too can.

I also hope to earn a huge following that I can share with all my experiences and thoughts and every time you comment, follow or even subscribe, you are being part of making this girl’s goal be achieved.

Want to connect with me?

I always love to get in touch with you, so please feel free to leave a comment, suggestions, complaints, inquiries or what you would love me to write about in the next post. You can as well subscribe to my blog to receive posts directly to your email.

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