Travel apps have not only made traveling more fun and easier but also saved travelers a lot of time and trouble while enjoying their adventures. In the olden days, all you could do is get a huge paper map, countless travel guide books and head up to your destination, but these days travel apps have made traveling easier- meaning you no longer need a hundred travel books to get information about different destinations, things to do or even restaurants to eat at- apps have ruled this out that and hence traveling light. Technology, smartphones, in particular, have also helped most travelers not scream tourists by holding big outstretched maps while roaming in the busiest of places.
Even though there are so many free travel apps that can be used internationally even without the internet, there are some travel apps that you should specifically download to make your trip in Uganda not just adventurous but also memorable. So here the most important apps to download before traveling to Uganda.


Apps to download before traveling to Uganda.

Tip* All these apps are free and are available for both Android and IOS.

The Pearl Guide App.

The Pearl Guide App is Uganda’s holiday and leisure app that lists the best attractions, restaurants, general activities, and events happening around Uganda. You don’t have to search through the internet for countless hours for everything alone, The pearl guide is your number one stop app to get all that information about Uganda.

Jumia Food

Jumia food is a delivery app that has taken food delivery in Kampala a notch higher. We all have one of those days when we just don’t want to get out in the bustles and hustles of Kampala or spend too much time in traffic just to get our favorite meal. With the Jumia food app, you can order any meal you want from any restaurant in Kampala and it will be delivered to your doorstep.
The app has a very good interface which makes it easy to use. It is easy to customize the searches, whether you want to search by a specific meal or just by a restaurant, Jumia food got you covered.
I find that using Jumia food to order for food takes less delivery time than ordering from a specific restaurant which makes them even more efficient. The normal delivery time ranges between 30 to 50 minutes depending on your location. And the best part is, you can either pay cash on delivery or use a credit card (though this works for selected restaurants). So if you traveling to Uganda, Jumia food is a great app to download.


travel apps to download for uganda


Safe boda

Boda-bodas (motorcycles ) are one of the commonest means of public transport in Uganda. They are also one of the most efficient and fastest means of transportation in Kampala and Uganda as a whole. Even on a day with a lot of traffic ( which is literally every day in major city centers), boda-bodas can save you a lot of time since they can easily beat the traffic.
But since the “normal” boda-bodas sometimes overcharge tourists because they are not familiar with the area and its pricing, the safe boda app helps you not to be cheated in terms of price.


Why you should download the safeboda app
You get a boda-boda by just a tap on your phone. You set your location, the app shows you the estimated price, time of reach and details of the rider which not only makes it cheaper ( and reduces negotiation time with the “normal boda-bodas” ) but also safe.
Safe bodas also come with a second helmet for the passenger which is an added advantage.
It basically works like Uber x but the boda-boda version.
Other cool apps that work like safe boda that you could download include, Taxify, Uber boda. ( Yes uber introduced the boda-boda version when it saw safe boda doing so well in the business.
Tip* You don’t need 2 apps for uber, just download the Uber app and since it comes with 2 inbuilt options- you’ll be able to either order for uber X or Uber boda.
Apps to download before traveling to uganda


This is an internationally known app that works well in Uganda too. If you already have the Uber app on your phone while in your country, you don’t need to download a new one. The location will be adjusted when you land in Uganda
Uber is very helpful especially when you want to travel at night. It is very safe and efficient.
The only difference from Uganda to other countries is that Uber only accepts cash as the mode of payment-paying by credit card is not supported since most transactions in Uganda are by cash.
Other transportation apps you can download that work just like Uber include; Taxify and Quick Taxi.

Jumia shop

Jumia online shop has changed the way Ugandans look at online shopping. Before Jumia came into existence, many Ugandans didn’t trust the online shopping thing but now the minds are changing about it.
So if you ever need to buy some items without spending time at the supermarkets, Jumia online shop got you covered. But if you want to get the items instantly, you’ll need to pay the express delivery fee which still varies according to location.

Whether you’re traveling to Uganda or somewhere else in the world, this offline navigation app is a must-have.
Maps. me is very accurate, works perfectly if you don’t have an internet connection and you can easily add pins to locations you want to visit later. So before you travel to Uganda, download the maps and then download the Ugandan map.

Accu weather.

If you’ve been to Uganda especially Kampala, you know that the weather sometimes changes instantly.
So to know exactly what to wear or which activities to do, knowing the weather forecast prior to can save you a lot of disappointments.

XE Currency

This is a must-have app before traveling to Uganda. You don’t need to memorize the exchange rate or get ripped off because you don’t know the current rates, download the Xe currency converter for that and you will always have an estimate of what you’re spending.

With these travel apps, traveling in Uganda will be much easier. All you have to do is to download them before you travel to the pearl of Africa.


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Traveling to Uganda? Here are the top apps to download before you go.

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