Heading out to the beach? Here is the beach packing list that will guide you on what to take to the beach plus what to wear.

When the sun comes out, you know its time to hit the beach!

Whether you plan to go for a beach vacation abroad or just the famous beach in your neighborhood, there are some things to bring to the beach.

Going to the beach is exciting ( well at least for me) – but that the excitement can make you forget a few things!

So with this beach packing list that I’ve created, you’ll know exactly what to take to the beach to have a blast.

Beach trip packing list

Packing for the beach shouldn’t be hard but rather fun as the enthusiasm of relaxing in the sand with the cool breeze blowing onto you builds up.

Even though the idea is exciting, something essential can easily skip your mind, so use this beach checklist to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

Beach vacation outfits to take to the beach

Swimwear/ Bikini

What is a day at the beach without a bikini! So, before you even worry about other items that should be on your beach vacation checklist, the bikini should be in your hands already.

Pro tip* It’s always better to carry 2 bikinis so that you always have a dry one in case you need to change!

Men you’re not forgotten, just pack your swim short and rock the beach like you were not freezing a few months ago in winter!

You can buy a good quality swim short from here and the body banging bikinis for ladies from here.

Beach cover-up

This is one of the beach items that is essential to pack. After a good swim, it can get a bit chilly and this beach cover up will do the magic.

Even when you don’t feel like walking miles along the beach in just a bikini, a beach cover-up will come in handy to provide that extra coverage to your body.

wondering what to take on a beach vacation? Here is a list things to pack for the beach

Beach hat.

We all love the sun, I mean that’s why you headed out to the beach in the first place; getting a good tan being second on the list!

But direct sun onto your head is not the most favorite part, so add a beach hat to your beach packing list not to burn out.

Don’t own one yet? Buy this highly rated beach hat from Amazon.


I am sure you know this already but to make sure you don’t forget them, I will add them on this beach vacation packing list!

If you don’t have a pair or just want to add one to your collection, I find that these glasses are perfect for a beach holiday getaway.

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Flip flops/ sandals

Wondering what to pack for a beach vacation? Flip flops gotta be included on your beach trip checklist.

Even though it’s sometimes better to walk barefooted on the sand, you can still wear flipflops to and from the beach.

Water shoes

If you ever go to some beaches in Dahab, Egypt, you’ll understand why it’s absolutely important to wear water shoes before you go swimming.

Unless you’re absolutely sure that the water body has no fish or some water species that might poke your feet, then you can forego the water shoes.

But since you can’t be 100% sure that the water body has nothing in it, add these water shoes to the list of what to bring to the beach before you head out for a beach-cation.

Beach travel gear to pack


I mean after all those days of not heading out to the beach, it’s gotta be exciting and the best way to keep those memories is by adding a camera to your beach trip packing list.

Even better if you can buy this camera that works perfectly even underwater.

Need more ideas about the perfect camera to buy? Read my post about the best cameras for travelers to help you decide on your favorite camera.

Beach mat

Beaches are all about relaxing and enjoying the sand, the sun and the cool breeze.

There is no better way of doing this than laying on a beach mat.

Not every mat is ok for the beach, pack the right beach mat for absolute comfort.

You can buy this beach mat from Amazon that is sand proof if you don’t have it yet.

Beach chair.

Not a fan of sleeping on the beach mat with a risk of getting sand on your body?

Why not opt for a beach chair! Since some free beaches don’t offer beach beds/ chairs, carrying your own will make your vacation much better.

So if a beach chair, is your gem, why not buy it from here as you prepare for your highly-anticipated beach vacation.

things to pack for a beach vacation

Beach umbrella

Even though the idea of coming to the beach is to enjoy the sun, sometimes the sun just gets too much and unbearable.

The best way to get some shade around the beach is by packing a beach umbrella.

Ordinary umbrellas won’t work there, but umbrellas that are customarily designed for the beach are able to withstand the wind and can easily stay firm in the sand.

You can buy this beach umbrella for a great experience as you lazy it out on the beach.

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Snorkeling gear

This really depends on whether the beach you’re headed to has some amazing underwater species or not.

If it does, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to go snorkeling.

Some beaches have places where you can hire a snorkel, mask, and fins but if you want to have your own snorkeling gear, you can buy them from here.

This is actually one of the most highly rated snorkel and mask set on Amazon.


Floaters are no longer just used as a safety measure for people who can’t confidently swim on their own,  they’ve become one of the beach vacation essentials to help get the picture-perfect shot for Instagram.

Why not spice up your beach cation by buying this amazing flamingo floater?

this flamingo float is one of the items that should be on your beach packing list

Small cooler

The beach is more fun when you have drinks popping and the best way to keep them cold in the heat of the day is by carrying a cooler.

This beach cooler on Amazon is highly rated and not that expensive. Buy it as you prepare for your summer beach vacation.

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Beach Hammock

Don’t you just admire those people that chill in their hammock while at the beach!

It’s pretty cool, right? It might not be an essential beach item to pack, but it’s definitely one of those things you wish you had when you see a person cozying up in it.

So it’s time to make others jealous by buying your own beach hammock.

Pro tip* Just make sure the beach you’re heading to has where you can tie your hammock or else it will stay in your bag unused.

A beach hammock is one of things to bring to the beach

Dry bag.

Heading to the beach solo and worried about the safety of your belongings while taking a swim?

Why not carry a dry bag to the beach. All you have to do is to fit all your belongings into a dry bag and head out for a swim with it tied around your waist (or whichever way is comfortable for you).

The dry bag is waterproof which will help keep all your beach essentials dry.

So as you’re packing for a beach vacation, add this dry bag to your beach vacation checklist.

Float strap

If you plan to carry your underwater camera or phone, it’s just wise to carry a float strap.

This will help in case you lose your camera while in water.

If your camera or phone is attached to the float strap, it will just float on water so that you don’t lose your valuable. Not sure where to get it from? Buy it here on Amazon.

Beach towel

Duh! obviously, you’ll need a towel before you head out to the beach!

Even though any towel can work for the beach, I still recommend this Microfibre travel towel as it’s light and dries quickly.

Power bank

Chances are high that you won’t have electrical outlets at the beach.

So to be on a safer side and not to run out of battery on your phone, pack this power bank.

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Waterproof phone case.

Yeah, times have changed! our phones go with us wherever we go and going for a swim isn’t gonna change that!

So before you head out to the beach, make sure you carry a waterproof phone case to protect your phone from water at all times.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, you can still buy it from here.

Beach bag

Imagine having all the beach necessities but not have where to pack them!

So before you even start organizing what to take to the beach, a beach bag should be already available!

This Victoria’s secret beach bag is of the right size and shape to accommodate all your beach items.

A book or Kindle

There is no better way of relaxing at the beach than reading your favorite book!

Before you forget, add that book to your beach checklist!

But if carrying around a heavy book is not your kind of thing, take this kindle reader instead.

what to pack for a beach trip

Self-care items to take to the beach

Body cream

I don’t know about you, but personally, my skin gets dry after swimming.

To avoid being pale just because I treated myself to a day at the beach, I pack a body cream.

The cream you pack depends on your skin type, but if you have dry skin like me, this aloe vera natural body cream is a great option.


This is an absolute must to add to your beach holiday packing list.

I’ve seen a couple of friends extremely burnt because they forgot to carry sunscreen.

Even though there are so many sunscreens on the market, I’d suggest buying a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 to get the absolute best out of it. So don’t just pack any sunscreen, buy this instead.

Wet wipes

Just because you’re near the water doesn’t mean that you should rule out facial wipes!

Wet wipes always come in handy especially when it gets really hot!

You might think it will be understandable if you have a sweaty face because it’s hot, you’ll be shocked when you turn out to be the only one without wipes.

So to prepare in advance, buy these wet facial wipes before you go for that highly anticipated beach vacation.

More self-care things to take to the beach

Summary of what to pack for a beach

what to pack for a beach trip

The above beach packing list was very detailed, but there are some people that just want the list without having to get the details.

I’ve also got your back, here is a summary of the beach holiday packing list.

  1. Swimwear
  2. Beach cover-up
  3. Beach hat
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Flipflops
  6. Water shoes
  7. Camera
  8. Snorkeling gear
  9. Beach chair
  10. Beah umbrella
  11. Floaters
  12. Beach Hammock
  13. Beach mat
  14. Float strap
  15. Small cooler
  16. Beach towel
  17. Dry bag
  18. Power bank
  19. Waterproof phone case
  20. Beach bag
  21. A book/ Kindle
  22. Body cream
  23. Sunscreen
  24. Wet wipes
  25. Lip gloss
  26. Hairbrush
  27. Shampoo

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What to wear to the beach

Now that we know what to pack for the beach, its time to look at what to wear to the beach.

As you head to the beach, you don’t have to wear the most sophisticated clothes but rather the fun, cute and colorful attires.

I am no fashion guru but I at least know what looks good when I see one. So here are some of the beachwear ideas I’d suggest.

Beachwear for women.


Nothing says fun like wearing a cute playsuit to the beach.

This kind of playsuit isn’t just comfortable but it also brings out the fun side of any woman.

You can also check out a variety of playsuits to choose from using this link.

Off-shoulder dresses

Want to turn heads when you hit the beach? Opt for this off-the-shoulder dress and it will work the magic.

These kinds of off-shoulder dresses are not just my favorite but they can’t seem to get out of style and it’s no surprise they are repeatedly referred to as the perfect beach vacation dresses.

Maxi dresses

Instagram influencers will tell you that the secret to getting a perfect photo for the gram is by wearing this kind of maxi dress.

If it’s floral, that will be a plus. Bring out the class in you by rocking a maxi dress to the beach. You can also check out a variety of these maxi dresses.

Shorts and a tank top

Not feeling the maxi dress or even a playsuit? A tank top and these shorts will be perfect to have a more relaxed and comfortable attire while still looking cool.

Pro tip*

Whatever you decide to wear on a beach, just make sure you’re absolutely comfortable in it.

If playsuits are not your thing, don’t wear them- go for shorts or maxi dresses if that’s what makes you comfortable.

Remember, you’re as smart as you feel! Regardless of how many people tell you how good you look, you won’t believe them as long as you feel uncomfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

Men’s beach vacation clothes

I feel like it’s pretty easy for men to look good at the beach by simply wearing these kinds of swim shorts and a nice t-shirt or a vest.

There you have it, folks, that was the list of things to pack for the beach and what to wear to the beach.

Use this beach checklist so that you don’t forget packing any essentials as you prepare for your outdoor adventure on a beach.

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