Looking for gift ideas for hikers? Here are the best gifts for hikers that you can buy for your loved loves who love outdoor adventures.

The holiday season is fast approaching and we all know it’s that time of the year where you show your loved ones how much they mean to you by showering them with gifts.

But it’s not just a matter of giving them gifts but rather something they will actually love.

This can be a little bit tricky if you’re loved ones are into activities like hiking.

Trust me, if you’re not a hiker yourself or never hiked at all, it might be hard to exactly know the best gifts for hikers.

So in this guide, I’ve put together the best gift ideas for hikers that are guaranteed to put a smile on your hiker loved one.

And the good news is that you don’t have to hop from mall to mall looking for them, you can shop them online from the comfort of your home.

For easy navigation, this gift guide for hikers will be broken down into categories.

Best gift ideas for hikers

best gift ideas for hikers

Best gifts for hikers to stay safe

1. Satellite Phone

Hiking always leads hikers to the most deserted areas “at least service wise” that can leave loved ones wondering whether they’re safe wherever they are since they can’t reach them in any way.

But with a satellite phone, you’re guaranteed to stay in touch and should any emergency arise, you can easily call for help.

This satellite radio doesn’t come cheap but it’s one of those items that every hiker should take with them before embarking on a remote hiking trail.

This satellite phone has a tracker in it which gives it the ability to send a tracking signal at all times to the people you choose to follow up on you and God forbid – should anything happen,  your loved ones would know where to find you.

You can buy it on Amazon as it comes with 2 years warranty and it is also waterproof.

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2. Garmin GPS 64st

If you want your hiker friend to jump to the moon, then get him/her this Garmin GPS 64ST.

Even for a very complex or non-popular hiking trail, it is impossible to get lost with this device.

Another advantage of the Garmin GPS 64st is that it can sync well with your phone via Bluetooth to easily read incoming messages, or share your location without having to take your phone out of your backpack while hiking.

You can check for reviews of the Garmin GPS 64st on Amazon from here.

3. Survival clip compass

We have to agree that the Garmin GPS 64ST is super cool but also super expensive.

So you can opt for this survival clip compass. I know most of the electronic devices come with a compass but what if you run out of battery?

This is where the survival clip compass comes to your rescue and it can be easily clipped onto your watch.

It also has a thermometer that can be handy while hiking.

The survival clip compass is indeed one of the presents for hikers that will keep them from getting lost while hiking. You can get it here on Amazon for just a few bucks.

4. Swiss Army knife

The swiss army knife is a multi-purpose knife that comes with screwdrivers, can opener, a blade, and other tools.

It is very useful, light and can be carried anywhere while trekking. It is one of those little unique hiking gifts that your hiker loved one will appreciate a lot.

5. Katadyn Befree Collapsible Water filter

Hiking sometimes comes with going off the beaten path for more adventures.

But this also means limited access to clean water in case you run out of what you had carried initially.

This Katadyn Befree collapsible water filter will help filter unclean water. The filtration process is quite simple and the bottle itself is lightweight making it one of the perfect gifts for climbers.

6. Head Lamp

One of the essentials for camping and hiking is a headlamp.

It is a must-have item that should be in your backpack every time you think of hiking.

No one wants to be caught up in the dark while hiking, but if it happens, a strong headlamp that lasts for over 45 hours is all you need to find your way through the darkness.

You can buy this GearLight Headlamp flashlight from Amazon.

7. Light my fire Firestarter

In emergency situations when you need to make a fire, this Light my Fire Firestarter will be at your rescue.

It is meant to create a fire in any weather conditions, at any altitude and lasts for approximately 12,000 strikes. It also comes with a builtin whistle that can save a life.

8. First aid kit

Injuries can sometimes be inevitable while hiking and the best way to make sure they don’t turn into something serious is by having a first aid kit with you all the time.

This first aid kit has all the basic first aid equipment that every hiker will need.

Best hiking essentials to gift your hiker loved ones

9. Foxelli Trekking poles

If you’re looking for the absolute best gifts for hikers, then trekking poles should not miss on your list.

These Foxelli trekking poles are lightweight, collapsible, shock-absorbent which can withstand a lot of pressure and also reduce chances of knee pain when going either uphill or downhill.

You can get some cheaper ones on the market but if you want something that will last for years on your unending hiking adventures, then these Foxelli trekking poles are your gem.

10. A proper daypack

A daypack is a must-have item for hikers.

This Osprey daypack is lightweight and also the perfect size to accommodate everything you’ll need on your hike.

11.  Proper hiking shoes.

Shoes play a huge role in whether you’ll have a somewhat smooth hike or you’ll be worn out by the heavy shoes.

If you plan on hiking during the rainy periods, I suggest buying these hiking boots which are water-resistant but during dry conditions, these hiking shoes are much better since they are lightweight.

12. Ducktape

Let’s face it, sometimes things fall apart during hiking and not everything should be trashed when that happens.

That’s when ducktape comes in to patch together hiking gear that might be damaged. This ducktape is what I recommend for maximum efficiency.

13. Polarized sunglasses

If you’re looking for a simple but important gift to buy your hiker loved ones, then these polarized sunglasses will be perfect.

14. A power bank

Heading into the wild for a day hike? Then always carry a power bank to either charge your phone, laptop, or a camera.

This AC Outlet power bank is lightweight but holds enough power to charge your phone up to 4 times. You can read more reviews about it on Amazon.

15. Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe.

This is one of the best gifts for climbers who opt to enjoy hiking in the snow.

It weighs only 452 g making it one the lightest ice axes on the market.

This Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe is also the #1 best seller on Amazon. You can buy yours from here.

16. Microspikes Traction system

Microspikes are perfect for adding traction on icy hiking trails.

The microspikes are tough enough to withstand any condition and can basically be used on any type of hiking shoes.

So if you didn’t know of any good gifts for hikers, add these microspike tractions to the list.

17. Hammock

If you’re looking for cool gifts for hikers that your friend will drool over, then this hammock will do the trick.

Hammocks are perfect to relax from after a long hike. All you need to do is tie it on 2 trees and have a chill time.

18. Microfibre Quick Dry travel towel

This microfibre travel towel is very absorbent and dries quickly.

It is lightweight and barely takes any space in a backpack which makes it a perfect gift for any hiker or outdoor individual. You can shop it here on Amazon.

19. Trekology Ultralight travel pillow

Sometimes it can be hard to find a perfect pillow to take on an outdoor adventure since most of them are large and heavy.

But this Trekology pillow is meant for hiking weighing just 100g which makes it easy to be carried in a backpack. Don’t know where to get it from? You can get it on Amazon.

20. Binoculars

If you’re looking for gifts for outdoor lovers, then a pair of binoculars is perfect.

Binoculars are a perfect hiking item to spot wildlife from afar.

Since it comes with a big price tag, most hikers leave it out which means that gifting it to your loved one will impact their lives in a million ways you can’t imagine.

It might even be the gift of the century. You can buy these top-notch Vortex optics binoculars or these budget-friendly Occer binoculars.

21. Collapsible Water bottle

If you’re looking for gifts for hikers under $25, then get this collapsible water bottle. Since it is collapsible, it won’t take a lot of space in the backpack.

22. Sleeping bag/ Blanket

Whichever season of the year you choose to go hiking, it’ll most definitely get cold at night.

So a sleeping bag should be on your hiking gear list. You can grab any cheap one on the market but I recommend investing in this really warm and good quality double sleeping bag for those really cold nights.

If sleeping bags are not your thing, you can opt for a camping blanket or even take both in places with extreme coldness.

23. Solar-powered lantern

Heading for a hiking adventure? Take this Kizen Solar powered camping lantern for those days when it gets dark.

The lantern has a USB provision which you can use to charge your phone should you need to make an emergency phone call.

24. Camping Tent

Since hikers are always trekking from one trail to another, a good camping tent would be an absolutely perfect gift.

This camping tent is durable but lightweight and can easily be clipped onto any backpack.

Self-care best gifts for hikers

25. Insect repellant

To think that you’ll miss bugs while hiking is a lie. So before choosing which hiking trail to take, make sure you have an insect repellant in your daypack. This is the one I recommend.

26. Lip balm

This is my personal favorite lip balm with SPF 15. I’ve used for a while and I recommend it to every hiker who wants to stay away from dry lips.


27. Wet wipes

You’ll definitely get sweaty while hiking – no negotiation about that but you can pack wet wipes to keep yourself fresh every now and then. Here are some that you can shop.

28. Sunscreen

Unless you really have a good tan going on then you don’t need sunscreen, otherwise, it is a must-have item while hiking.

And since most hikers forget to pack it, this could be a perfect gift for your hiker friend or yourself. You can also buy it here on Amazon.

Hiking clothes to gift hikers

29. The North Face Rain jacket for men.

The North Face rain jacket is lightweight, warm, water-resistant and absolutely comfortable.

It is perfect for hiking due to its breathable material. This North Face rain jacket is one of the best hiking gifts for him.

30. Socks

Getting the right socks for hiking can save you a ton of blister by keeping your feet dry.

Any hiker knows how important good quality socks. So if gifted this pair of socks, they’ll definitely love them.

31. Hand gloves

These gloves are warm and have a touch screen capability which means you can use your phone without having to remove your gloves.

If you hadn’t thought about it, hand gloves are some of the Christmas gifts for hikers. You can shop them on Amazon.

32. Research Sun Head cap

The advantage of this Research head cap is that it can be used in hot and cold conditions since it is convertible.

You can take off or keep the neck shade to keep away from extreme sun or for warmth. It works like a gem in all weather conditions.

33. Scarf

Keep yourself warm while hiking by grabbing this scarf.

34. A Columbia Rain Jacket for women

Every hiker needs a light, warm, and breathable rain jacket and this amazing jacket will win all hearts of female hikers. You can read some reviews or buy it on Amazon.

35. Fleece

This fleece is definitely one of the coolest gifts hikers could ask for.

Comfortable, lightweight yet durable. They come in both men’s and women’s and its no surprise that they are highly rated of Amazon.

36. Yoga pants.

These yoga pants are the perfect hiking gifts for her.

They are smooth on the skin and are so comfortable to hike in. Indeed leggings are a hiker girl’s best friend.

37. Research convertible pants

Looking for the perfect hiking gifts for him? Then these convertible pants are perfect.

They can be converted into shorts when it gets hot and back into full parts when it gets cold or to keep away bugs.

 Hiking books to gift a hiker

Hiking books are some of the best gifts for hikers. And some of the cool hiking books any outdoor person would enjoy include;

38. America’s great hiking trails.

Want to explore America? Then this book will guide you to the most beautiful and adventurous hiking trails that every avid hiker must try.

This amazing book can be purchased from here on Amazon.

39. Great Hiking trails of the world.

This great book includes over 80 hiking trails in 38 countries on 6 continents that every hiker should hike at one point in life.

The hikes are beautifully presented which brings more inspiration to avid hikers. It is a definite buy for any outdoor adventure person. You can purchase this amazing book from here.

40. Fifty places to hike before you die.

Inspire your loved ones to hike different trails by gifting them this amazing book.

You can find this book on Amazon by clicking here.

I hope with this guide, you now know all the gift ideas for hikers that you could get for your adventurous friends or even yourself.

Do you know of any other gifts that hikers would appreciate? You can drop them in the comment section.

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