Want to celebrate the end of the winter season by going on a spring trip? Here are the best spring break destinations in Europe to consider.

When spring comes, the entire Europe smiles or at least the gloomy skies turn from grey to what you would call smiley and bright.

With the coldness gone, spring is arguably one of the best seasons to visit Europe.

There is no extreme coldness, no extreme heat, the temperatures are right, the sun is at its perfect brightness and there are no crowds of tourists to compete space for when you visit popular sites.

And on top of the perfect temperatures, the air begins to smell an aroma of beautiful flowers as it starts to blossom making it the most beautiful season of the year.

But with Europe presenting a number of options to go for a spring break, choosing where to go can be an unending struggle.

So in this post, I’ve teamed up with a number of travel blogger friends to present to you the best spring break destinations in Europe

Best Spring break destinations in Europe

1. Inverness, Scotland

spring destinations in Europe

Contributed by Susanne from Adventures Around Scotland

Inverness is a small but popular city in the Scottish Highlands. During the summer it can get very crowded with visitors, which is why spring is the perfect time to visit. The weather is mild, the attractions are quieter and accommodation rates are cheaper.

During spring, the daylight hours are long enough to make the most of exploring the surrounding mountain and loch scenery.

One of the best ways to enjoy the views is on a Loch Ness boat trip combined with a stop at the ruins of Urquhart Castle. Alternatively, you can head out along the coast on a dolphin-spotting cruise.

Popular attractions like Culloden Battlefield, Clava Cairns and Inverness Museum are very busy during the summer, but visiting in spring is a quieter and more pleasant experience. It is also a good time to visit Inverness Castle Viewpoint for 360-degree views of the city and beyond.

The spring weather provides plenty of opportunities to head out on a stroll or longer hike – Ness Islands, Reelig Glen, and Craig Phadrig are all good local options for various levels of fitness.

If you visit during April or May, you might manage to fit in one of the annual Inverness festivals including the Highland Food & Drink Festival and the Gathering Festival which celebrates the best of the Highlands and Scotland.

With the money you save visiting the city before peak season you might want to splash out on a private flight over the Highland scenery or a day tour to the Isle of Skye.

Of course, rain during the spring in Scotland is still a possibility but thankfully Inverness has plenty of cozy historic pubs where you can stay dry and warm with a dram of local whiskey.

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2. Athens, Greece

greece in spring

Contributed by Chrysoula from Travel Passionate

Athens is a European capital that is often overlooked in favor of Paris, Rome or London yet it features a whole host of things to see and do as well as a great climate both earlier and later in the year.

Athens makes a spectacular European destination in spring as the city is blessed with bright, sunny days and mild temperatures in which to explore.

Unlike the summer months which can get overwhelmingly hot in Athens, springtime temperatures are usually between 15-25°C which is perfect for escaping the chill of Northern Europe.

Additionally, spring in Athens is much quieter than the summer months of June-September, so the major attractions such as the Acropolis, Plaka, Monastiraki, the ancient ruins, and museums will be less crowded and therefore much more pleasant.

Athens is a wonderful city to wander and discover new sites and destinations, and the dry days of spring are perfect for this.

With ancient ruins interspersed with cafes, boutiques, rooftop bars, and museums, there is always something entertaining to uncover on the streets of Athens.

Many of Greece’s island destinations also don’t start opening up until late-spring/early-summer, so if you want to get your fix of traditional moussaka, ouzo, and Greek sweet treats, you’re better off heading to the country’s capital than one of the smaller isles.

With flights arriving from all over Europe, reasonable hotel prices, warm temperatures, and less-crowded tourist attractions, Athens is indeed one of the best places to visit in Europe in spring.

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3. Bergen, Norway

best places to visit in europe in april

Contributed by Crystal from Wandering Crystal

Looking for perfect European destinations this spring? Then Norway’s southwestern coastal city of Bergen is the place to be.

The snow is melting, the flowers are blooming and the Norwegian trolls are leaving their caves and hitting the cobbled roads in beautiful Bergen.

The spring air is still crisp enough to keep the city quiet from tourists, so it’s the perfect time to explore the picturesque city.

The historic colorful wooden Hanseatic-era warehouses of Bryggen, Bergen’s UNESCO World Heritage site offers the perfect backdrop for your springtime photos.

Take a hike, or ride in style in the funicular up to the top of Mount Fløyen. You will be rewarded with incredible views of the city.

If you want to spend more time indoors, Bergen is full of several informative and interesting museums.

From Bergens Art Museum to the Bryggen Museum or just spend an afternoon exploring the Bergenhus fortress, there is something for everyone.

Take a trip to the most accessible Stave Church in Norway, the Fantoft Stave Church. The church was a victim of arson in the 90s, but was rebuilt as close as possible to the original – except now it features more Norse Mythological figures incorporated into its design.

Known as the gateway to the Fjords, Bergen is the perfect place to explore the fjords, hop aboard a cruise and see Sognefjord, Vik, and Tvindefossen waterfall – right on the steps of Bergen.

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4. Viterbo, Italy


Contributed by Annalisa from Travel Connect Experience

Viterbo is located halfway from Rome to Florence and is one of the most underrated cities in Italy.

The few international travelers who know how pleasing a spring break in Viterbo can be, keep the secret to themselves hoping for one more holiday free from crowds and queues.

Viterbo is the biggest among the quaint towns near Rome you can enjoy during spring.

The highlight of this relaxed destination is the presence of a considerable number of natural, curative hot springs that the locals have been using for more than 2000 years.

There are many thermal baths for any budget around Viterbo with the most popular being the “Terme Dei Papi”, that grants you access to a large thermal pool, changing room, and shower for €12 a day on a weekday.

Spring is the perfect period to enjoy the hot-springs at any hour of the day! But if you decide to spend a full day in Viterbo, you can stroll around the city’s historic center entering from one of the gates of the intact medieval defensive wall and exploring all the piazzas, the shopping street Corso Italia, and the San Pellegrino District.

Viterbo is known for its beautiful fountains and the charming architecture in black peperino stone making it one of Europe’s best spring destinations.

5. Budapest, Hungary

best european spring break destinations

Contributed by Nate from Travel Lemming

Even though Budapest is a popular European destination, the main attractions are spread out all over the city in a way that makes it feels just a little less touristy than other top cities.

This also makes it the perfect European city to visit during springtime when the streets come alive and you can enjoy soaking in the city while walking between the many attractions in Budapest.

Start by climbing to the top of the iconic St. Stephen’s Basilica and taking in sweeping views of the city before strolling over to witness what just might be the most beautiful building in the world – The Hungarian Parliament.

Meander to nearby Margaret Island, a gorgeous park that consumes an entire island in the middle of the Danube River. Especially on a sunny weekend, this island comes alive during the spring with locals coming out to relax and celebrate the end of winter.

On the Buda side of the river, check out the stunningly gorgeous Fisherman’s Bastion and climb or take the funicular to the top of Buda Castle, where you’ll enjoy gorgeous views of Budapest’s iconic Chain Bridge in the foreground.

And of course, no visit to Budapest is complete without spending some time in one of the city’s famed thermal spas.

Though less famous than some alternatives, I recommend the Rudas Thermal Bath because of its gigantic rooftop hot tub overlooking the river – the perfect place to relax after a hard spring day exploring Budapest’s many sites!

6. Chisinau, Moldova

spring in europe

Contributed by Ellis from Backpack Adventures 

Chisinau Moldova is one of the cheapest capitals to visit in Europe and one of the best European spring destinations.

While summers are hot and winters cold, spring has the best temperatures to explore Chisinau. With its beautiful parks, the city is at its most beautiful during this time of the year.

Right in the middle of the city, you will find the central park and Stefan del mare park, but that is just a start.

Spring is a great time to visit the botanical gardens or the dendrarium park with over 1000 different kinds of plants. Another lovely spot to check out is the Valea Morilor lake.

Other highlights of the city include the Soviet architecture and the delicious cuisine. The city is full of cafes and restaurants where you can try traditional Moldovan food for some of the lowest prices in Europe and also don’t forget to try out the Moldovan wine.

Moldova is a well-developed wine region with some of the largest wine cellars in the world that you can visit as a day trip from Chisinau. This also gives you the opportunity to see a bit of the Moldovan countryside that is lovely in spring.

Other day trips from Chisinau are to the old cave monasteries in Orheiul Vechi or to Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized country of Transnistria.

As you can see there are plenty of things to do in Chisinau and spring is one of the best times to visit.

7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

amsterdam in spring

Contributed by Samantha from Sam Sees World 

Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands and a magical spring travel destination in Europe.

Although it is a stunning city year-round, the spring months are when it really shines. During the months of March to May, Amsterdam experiences its spring season and is blessed with nice weather and tons of unique things to do.

What Amsterdam, and the Netherlands, is best known for are tulips! The whole country becomes covered in hundreds of colorful tulip fields in the spring that are very close to Amsterdam.

The most famous ones are Keukenhof gardens and Lisse tulip fields, but there are also a ton of other tulips in Amsterdam during this time just waiting to be admired.

The tulips in Amsterdam bloom from Late March to early May and are an amazing sight and by far the most popular thing to do in Amsterdam in spring.

Spring is also when Kingsday takes place which is the celebration of the king’s birthday. This is the biggest celebration in the Netherlands and Amsterdam goes all out for it.

It takes place on April 27th and is a full day of celebration consisting of everyone wearing orange, the canals flooded with boats and DJ’s all around the city.

More so, spring in Amsterdam welcomes warmer weather and fewer tourists than the summer months. This makes exploring the city even more enjoyable!

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8. Córdoba, Spain

european spring

Contributed by Paul from Anywhere We Roam

Home to Roman influences and local Spanish charisma; Córdoba makes the ideal spring European destination.

While world-class attractions such as the Mezquita-Catedral and the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs keep Córdoba firmly on the travel calendar year-round, in spring, this southern Spanish charmer is a must-visit destination.

The squares are full of buzzing but relaxed banter, the streets are bright with whitewashed walls and the courtyards are overflowing with a blend of the Middle East and Spanish design.

But the highlight of visiting Córdoba in spring is the patios. With the scent of jasmine and orange blossom wafting in the air, strolling around the colorful streets and popping into the patios is the perfect way to earn that late afternoon glass of local sherry.

In May, all the patios (around 50) are free to visit for the whole month for the annual patios festival.

The opulent Palacio de Viana and it’s thirteen courtyards and patios is a winning spot in spring when plants are in full bloom and wine is flowing inside the classically designed palace.

There’s no shortage of stunning streets in the oldest centre of Córdoba, but Calleja de las Flores (The Alley of the Flowers) is up there with the best of them.

This charming, flower-filled alleyway is especially attractive in spring when the geraniums hanging on the whitewashed walls burst with color.

With the courtyard festival, ancient Roman ruins, cool Spanish squares and some of the best tapas you’ll find anywhere – Córdoba is one of the best spring break destinations in Europe.

9. Krakow, Poland

europe spring destination

Contributed by Karolina from The Lazy Travel Blog

The city of Krakow in Poland is undeniably one of the best European spring break destinations.

As the temperature gets warmer and the skyline begins to get brighter, the city comes to life with its spring blooms, blue skies, and festivals.

The Misteria Paschalia Festival, which occurs during Holy Week, is a music festival filled with performances from the best classical musicians from Krakow with guests from different parts of the world.

A ticket for this event which is held in the middle of Rynek Glowny Central Square costs around 21 to 120 zlotys (6 to 30USD).

Get to know the Polish culture by taking part in the various traditional events that take place all over Krakow during the Holy Week.

The Rekawka, for example, is observed on the Tuesday after Easter. In the past, it was time for axe and sword fights in honor of Krak, the legendary Slavic prince who founded the city of Krakow.

Now, it is celebrated with a medieval fair with stalls selling sweets and toys and mock jousts and duels. If you ever happen to be in Poland during this time, make sure to try the kolacze, a traditional cheesy Polish pastry.

One of the other things to do in Krakow in spring is taking a walk around the Main Market Square or walking around the Wawel Castle Grounds.

The sunshine highlights the contrasts of Krakow’s fine architecture. You can also book an evening cruise along the Vistula River to see the sunset.

Time it right and plan your trip at the end of the month when the temperature suddenly jumps to 17 degrees Celsius during the day. Though warm during the day, be sure to prepare for some chilly evenings and perhaps even a bit of rain.

10. Les Arcs, France

places to visit in europe in spring

Contributed by Roshni from The Wanderlust Within

The world’s second-largest ski resort, Les Arcs, is open every year until the end of April, making it one of the best spring skiing destinations in Europe.

Part of the Paradiski ski area, Les Arcs in the Auvergne Rhone-Alps is accessible from Lyon or Geneva airport and also via the Eurostar to Bourg St Maurice.

The ski area is made up of five sites ranging from 1600-2000 meters and has a whopping 262 runs which offer plenty of options for all levels of skier.

Skiing is the perfect activity for Spring as it’s less expensive than during in the winter months, and with clear blue skies you can wear fewer layers and even top up your vitamin D.

The slopes are also a lot quieter, so there’s no need to line up for the ski lifts, and coupled with the increased daylight hours, you end up with much more time on the slopes during Spring.

Les Arcs, in particular, is great during Spring due to the unique activities it offers, such as the highest mountain yoga session in Europe and the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise on the slopes before the runs officially open.

Every Wednesday you can sample the freshly groomed pistes followed by breakfast with the ski patrol for only 19 euros. All this makes Les Arcs one of the best places to visit in April in Europe.

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11. Carinthia, Austria

Nocky Mountains Carinthia

Contributed by Viktoria from Chronic Wanderlust

Being Austrian myself, it’s quite hard to pick a favorite state, but I would say Carinthia is among the top two.

Carinthia is the California of Austria in terms of sunshine and bright moods. It’s the place to go during the warmer months and in Spring it’s exceptionally stunning.

I could fill books with the many things you can experience and do around Carinthia – so here are my favorite things I highly recommend you to try out when coming to sunny Carinthia.

Drive along the mountain road through the Nocky Mountains (Nockalmstraße), and stop for several short hikes, have Kärntner Kasnudeln at Karlbad and see the sunset later at Heiligenbachhütte.

Another great adventure in Carinthia is scuba diving. Being the state in Austria with the most lakes, it’s not surprising how many possibilities to dive there are. My favorite lakes in the area include Weissensee and Millstätter See.

While Carinthia is great for hiking, I’ve got a different tip for you: rent a kayak or a canoe and paddle down the Drava river for a couple of days. Spring is actually the perfect time of the year for this if you already have some experience and are confident in the water.

And since Carinthia is a prime destination in summer among locals and the Dutch, coming earlier in the year will allow you to enjoy it even a bit more without having to worry about finding a hotel or escaping the heat.

12. Provence, France

Provence, France

Contributed by Nadine from Le Long Weekend

Spring is the ideal time to enjoy the beauty of the South of France. A region known for its agreeable climate, Provence in spring means sunny days, clear skies and the weather warm enough for exploring, while not being too hot yet.

It’s also the season that the landscape comes to life with wildflowers popping up in every nook and cranny.

Early spring sees delicate almond blossoms, the month of May brings fields of poppies, and at the very end of the season, you might be lucky to see the first buds of lavender opening.

Flowers aside, Spring is a great time for getting out and enjoying the region’s hiking trails, such as those through the Calanques National Park, that often have to close in summer due to the risk of wildfires.

It’s a brilliant time to get to know the ‘real Provence’ through sampling the goodies on offer at the farmer’s markets, exploring ancient villages, and enjoying the coastline without the crowds.

Speaking of markets, at Easter you’ll find one of the largest antique markets in Europe come to L’isle-Sur-la-Sorgue – a beautiful town in Provence that’s known for its brocantes, historic textile industry, and unique canal-side geography.

And don’t miss a side trip to the idyllic Fontaine de Vaucluse while you’re there either!

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13. Barcelona, Spain

europe in spring destinations

Contributed by Vicki from Vicki Viaja

Barcelona is beautiful in every season. But one of the best seasons to visit the Catalan capital is spring.

In contrast to other major European cities, Barcelona has summer temperatures even in spring, and there is plenty of sunshine already.

Most tourists come to Barcelona during the summer months. This is another crucial reason to visit Barcelona in the spring.

Fewer tourists mean lower prices and shorter waiting times when you visit the breathtaking sights on your Barcelona itinerary.

Depending on the weather, you may even enjoy a beach day in spring. Even if the water of the Mediterranean is still quite cold in spring, you can refresh yourself on warm days.

However, even if you find the water too cold for a swim, the temperatures are still warm enough for a cold beer or a delicious Catalan wine on one of the terraces in the beach area.

Moreover, in spring, one of the most romantic festivals in Catalonia takes place – the Sant Jordi Festival in April.

Everywhere in the city, you can buy roses and books. According to a Catalan tradition, women give their loved ones books while they buy them flowers.

But also at Easter and in the famous Semana Santa, there are lots of festivities to join in and delicious traditional Catalan snacks that you should definitely try.

As you can see, if you are looking for a nice summerly vacation but don’t want to visit in summer, Barcelona is the place to go.

14. Seville, Spain

european best spring break destinations

Contributed by Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan

Spring is undoubtedly the best time to visit Seville, as this is when the two biggest events of the year take place – Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril.

Semana Santa is the Spanish name for Easter week, which is celebrated throughout the country with solemn processions of Catholic devotees carrying heavy statues full of religious symbolism.

In Seville, this is followed by the Feria de April, or “April Fair” two weeks later which is also celebrated for another seven days.

While Semana Santa processions can be seen in many cities and towns throughout Spain, the ones in Seville are the most famous by a long shot and draw huge crowds of locals as well as international visitors.

It’s worth noting that, if you do come at this time of year, you should come to experience the festivities and not to do the rounds of the usual tourism sights, as some of these may be closed, along with restaurants and bars.

Processions take place for one week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, with the most important ones held on Holy Thursday.

In fact, Seville doesn’t sleep on Holy Thursday night, as the famous La Macarena procession runs well into the early hours of the morning.

And if you come the next week, you can enjoy the Feria de Abril, when locals dress up in traditional costumes and party hard in temporary marquee tents set up in a huge fairground.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste some of Seville’s famous tapas dishes and local drinks like manzanilla or rebujito.

15. Prague, Czech Republic

places to visit in europe in spring

Contributed by David from Delve Into Europe

Prague is a fantastic place to visit during spring. It’s a beautiful city to visit at any time of year, but as the city slowly shakes off the winter weather, it becomes really enjoyable as the temperature warms up a few degrees and the spring flowers start to emerge.

It’s an ideal time to visit Prague because of the improving weather and the fact that it’s still a long way offpeak season and the crowds plus the high prices that this entails.

March is still very much low season in Prague, so many of the museums and Prague Castle are still relatively quiet.

However, the Charles Bridge is always busy with people, even capturing sunrise at 6.30 in the morning.

It’s worth bearing in mind that many of the gardens in Prague don’t open until early April – this includes the likes of the Vrtba and Valdštejnska Gardens in the Lesser Town.

The same goes for many castles in the surrounding Bohemian countryside, including nearby Karlštejn, Krivoklat, and Konopiste.

When they do open, you can expect to see plenty of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, within the suburb of Vinohrady and the Zamek (Manor House) of Trojska (across the road from Prague Zoo) making Prague one of the best spring destinations in Europe.

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16. Munich, Germany

spring vacation in Europe

Contributed by Ann from The Road Is Life

The beautiful capital city of Bavaria in the southern region of Germany makes the perfect destination for your spring vacations in Europe.

The fall masses from the world-famous Oktoberfest have long since departed and the summer crowds haven’t arrived yet.

You can expect typical European spring weather during the day, sun and also some rain at times with temperatures ranging between 14-20°C.

Munich has plenty of outdoor activities which are great for this time of year. Stop at one of the many Biergartens (beer gardens) around the city to experience the traditional Bavarian beer-drinking culture and sample some classic Bavarian snacks like large pretzels, Schnitzel, and Bratwurst.

If it happens to rain while you’re visiting, you can head over to one of Munich’s ancient beer halls instead. The Hofbrauhaus is by far the most popular lively beer hall that you can’t miss out on!

Take a wander through the Marienplatz (the main square of Munich’s old city) to admire all of the beautiful architecture.

Aim to be in the square by noon to catch the famous Glockenspiel (clock tower) come to life with chiming bells and life-sized figures telling stories of Bavaria’s past.

If you have any extra time in Munich and you’re wondering what to do, make sure to take a day trip out to the most spectacular fairy tale castle in Southern Germany, the Neuschwanstein Castle. It can be reached by taking the train or a bus for approximately 2 hours from the city.

Munich can easily be included as a stop on your road trip through Southern Germany or even as a destination on its own.

There are enough activities and sites around Munich to keep you occupied for over a week but if you are short on time, two days is all you really need to see the city’s main sites and attractions.

17. Granada, Spain

granada spain spring

Contributed by Amber from Food And Drink Destinations 

For travelers to Spain in the Springtime, there are a number of incredible cities to visit. Looking beyond the main tourist cities like Madrid and Barcelona, is Granada.

Set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalucia, Granada has been at the crossroads of Spanish history for centuries. This long history has left its mark on the city and as a result, Granada offers something for nearly every type of traveler.

Visiting in the Spring is arguably the best time. Come Summer, the temperatures in Granada can consistently reach into the low to mid-90s Fahrenheit (40s Celsius).

Summer is also a peak tourist season causing long lines at attractions and higher pricing on accommodations and transportation but in Spring, the weather is more enjoyable and the prices are reasonable.

Once in Granada, it’s time to get exploring. Perhaps the most famous sight in Granada is the 13th-century fortress and palace, the Alhambra. Set on a hill above Granada, the Alhambra is a stunning sight not to be missed.

For food travelers, Granada will not disappoint. It might not be the birthplace of tapas, but participating in a tapas bar crawl is the food activity to experience in the city.

What sets the tapas scene in Granada apart from the rest of Spain is that tapas bars in Granada are some of the last to offer free tapas when you purchase a drink.

Once you’ve stuffed yourself with some of the best tapas in Granada, enjoy one of the many traditional flamenco performances taking place around the city. With heart-pounding music and dance, flamenco is truly an Andalusican art form.

While Granada is a year-round destination, the city can best be enjoyed in the Spring saving travelers money and avoiding the crowds plus the heat.

18. Copenhagen, Denmark

spring in europe destinations

Contributed by Derek and Mike from Everything Copenhagen

While Copenhagen has plenty to offer visitors year-round, the city truly comes to life in spring.

Emerging from the long and dark Danish winter, the city explodes with energy as residents emerge from winter hibernation.

Spring in Copenhagen offers long days and a chance to experience the city before hordes of tourists arrive in summer.

Copenhagen is filled with public spaces, so locals enjoy spring outside to soak up the sun.

You can walk into a supermarket or 7-11, grab some beers and food, and find a spot in a park or along the harbor. Two popular picnic spots include Kongens Have (The King’s Garden) and Islands Brygge.

Kongens Have is a formal garden near Rosenborg Castle and will be in bloom throughout the spring while Islands Brygge sits along the harbor and will offer swimming in the harbor for the hearty.

For a nautical picnic, we highly recommend renting an electric boat from GoBoat. You and seven others can tour Copenhagen from the water while enjoying some drinks and snacks for a couple of hours.

Spring is also the perfect time to sample Copenhagen’s renowned food scene. Many restaurants adapt their menus to the season, and two of our favorite restaurants are Meille and U Formel.

Both offer New Nordic dining at a relatively reasonable price. We also recommend a trip to Reffen, a street food paradise with over 40 vendors along the harbor (this is also a great place to watch the sunset over Copenhagen).

Finally, no trip to Copenhagen is complete without visiting the iconic Tivoli Gardens. This amusement park sits in the heart of the city and can transform any adult into a child walking around the idyllic grounds.

Visit in the early evening so you can admire the park both in daylight and illuminated in the evening.

19. Berlin, Germany

European destinations in spring

Contributed by Ali from Craft Beer in Berlin

Berlin can be gloomy and downright depressing in the winter but in the spring, the city comes back to life.

This is a great time to visit because it’s finally starting to get warm and sunny again, but the biggest crowds of tourists haven’t started arriving yet.

You can start spending more time outside again, so it’s more pleasant wandering through neighborhoods for hours to get a sense of the vibe and admire the street art.

If you time it right, you can see cherry blossoms blooming in Berlin in the spring. Check out the park near the Lichterfelde Süd Station where you’ll see plenty of gorgeous cherry blossom trees along the line where the Berlin Wall once stood.

Eating outside becomes more enjoyable in the spring too. Restaurants and cafes will start putting tables outside again, even if it’s not quite warm yet.

And as long as the sun is shining, Berlin locals want to sit outside. For some fun food trucks, check out the courtyard at Kulturbrauerei for Streetfood Sundays.

Spring is also a great time for sitting outside and drinking a beer in Berlin as Beer gardens start opening up again.

Not far from the Eberswalder ubahn station is one called Prater, and it’s worth a visit. Or grab some beer from a shop and have a picnic in a park, like Tempelhof, and soak up the sun.

Just remember to bring some rain gear because even though the weather is improving, you never know when it might rain here in Berlin, especially in the spring.

20. Cinque Terre, Italy

cinque terre a great spring destination

Contributed by Kevin from Kevmrc Blog

Cinque Terre might very well be your next destination for Spring as it’s one of the best spring break destinations in Europe.

This « Five Lands » is a small coastal area in northern Italy that has risen in popularity in recent years.

The picture-perfect postcard views of the colorful houses built on cliffs over the water are definitely one of the reasons why so many people flock to the Cinque Terre.

If you’re interested in visiting this beautiful part of Italy, you need to be aware that it gets absolutely crowded in summer.

Sure, it’s the best time of the year to visit since it’s hot outside and you can swim in the sea, but it’s the worst time for crowds which is why it’s such a great European destination to visit in Spring!

You’ll get to enjoy it without the dreaded crowds, and it will still be warm outside. Sure, the water will be a bit chilly, but you don’t necessarily have to swim to enjoy Cinque Terre.

When in Cinque Terre, make sure to visit the 5 main villages, plus a few destinations right outside of the National Park like; Riomaggiore, Manarola Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso, Levanto, La Spezia, and Porto Venere.

You can make the most of the place in about 2 days, which makes it a great day trip from any other major Italian city.

For example, you can travel to Florence, explore the city, and then take a 2 days trip from Florence to Cinque Terre.

21. Sicily, Italy

Sicily in european spring

Contributed by Annabel from Smudged Postcard

Located in the southern Mediterranean, Sicily benefits from a year-round mild climate.

This makes it a great early summer sun destination for visitors interested in both a seaside holiday and a cultural experience.

In spring, Sicily is awash with color, the olive groves and hedgerows are filled with wildflowers.

Tourist attractions such as the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento and the amphitheater at Taormina are not yet overrun by visitors and the weather is not too hot, making sightseeing a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

If you visit in spring, taking a Sicily road trip will allow you to enjoy the best of the island and Syracuse is a great place to start.

You can also visit the Piazza del Duomo – an elegant Baroque square where you can enjoy coffee or granita in the spring sunshine.

If your holiday falls during Easter, ensure you visit the hilltop town of Enna where an annual festival takes place with traditional parades.

In addition to that, spring is the perfect time of year to hike Mount Etna which is an active volcano since walking up the mountain in the summertime would be hard work in the heat.

Finally, ensure you spend a few days in beautiful Taormina. The beach clubs begin to open up during the Easter weekend and the town is buzzing with visitors and locals taking an evening Passeggiata through the streets.

22. Maastricht, The Netherlands

Spring in Maastricht

Contributed by Iris from Mind of a Hitchhiker

The southernmost city in the Netherlands is the first one to receive that sweet spring sunshine.

Though Maastricht is further away from Amsterdam than the German city of Cologne and the Belgian capital Brussels, it is such a great detour to make during the blooming season.

In early March, the annual European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) is held, which attracts the affluent persons of the art world.

But don’t fret, Maastricht is mostly a student city, so it’s still full of affordable activities.

And because it’s not that registered on the tourist map, you won’t have to queue much outside of the summer high season.

Founded by the Romans, Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands offering a lot of history and culture to enjoy – from dinosaurs at the natural history museum to fine art at the Bonnefanten museum.

And due to its proximity to the Belgian and German borders, it’s a proper mix of languages and cuisines that satisfy your tummy.

In spring, the students awake from their winter exam hibernation and the locals reopen their seasonal treasures.

Spring is the wholesomest time of the year in Maastricht, especially when the viewpoint atop the Sint Janskerk reopens for visitors. After climbing up the stairs of the church tower, you’ll have a magnificent view of the city.

If you have the right footwear to venture further out of town, there are lots of pleasant places to visit along the old city fortifications.

You’ll encounter blossoming trees, old churches, and young folks celebrating the return of the sun with picnics, pets, and frisbee.

You can also enjoy a drink at one of the sun-facing restaurants at the Market to maximize your time in this picturesque Dutch city.

23. Malta

malta spring

Contributed by Rai from A Rail of Light

A trip to Malta is almost guaranteed to include unique experiences, fine food, friendly locals, beautiful landscapes, a good mix of cultures and languages, and a whole lot of things to do.

While the rest of Europe is experiencing only a slight introduction into warmer temperatures and longer days, the island provides the perfect escape.

It experiences sunshine year-round with stable temperatures made for being outdoors and an average temperature of around 20° C.

This ideal temperature allows for the exploration of the region and all that it has to offer from the landscapes to the culture in a cool yet sunny climate.

Don’t miss a visit to Valetta, Mdina, and Balutta Bay. Due to its strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean, the country has a rich past and is ideal for history lovers.

Adventure lovers will enjoy exploring the coastal areas, diving in the abundant waters, or partaking in the numerous activities on offer at any time of the year.

The weather may even be good enough for a visit to one of the many beaches that Malta is famously known for.

Reduced prices on hotels and a lower number of tourists as compared to the summer months are other factors that qualify Malta as one of the best spring break European destinations.

24. Lisbon, Portugal

Spring Travel Lisbon

Contributed by Maria & Rui from Two Find a Way

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful European capitals. The city mixes old-world charm with a hip alternative vibe full of contemporary culture you won’t want to miss.

Spring is the best time to visit Lisbon; the sun is shining, the weather is warm (but not unbearably hot!), and you avoid the busiest season characteristic of the months of July and August in the Summer.

In addition to that, in Spring, many of the beautiful streets of Lisbon become even more colorful due to the blooming Jacarandá trees.

This magnificent tree is native to south-central South America, but it has also become a symbol of Lisbon in the Spring.

If you visit Lisbon during this season, make sure you spend most of your time outside.

Walk the streets of Alfama, watch the sunset from one of the city’s many viewpoints, and save a day to spend at one of the best Lisbon beaches.

However, it depends on how lucky you are with the weather, but it’s very likely that you’ll get to enjoy an amazing beach day during the Spring in Lisbon.

If the beach is not what you’re looking for, visit one of the city’s gardens or parks. The Portuguese capital is located by the Tagus river, so there are plenty of other activities by the water.

Belém is one of the best areas to take a walk and enjoy the sun, or you can also take a boat to the Southern margin of the river.

25. Marseille, France

european spring places to visit

Contributed by Elisa from France Bucket List

Marseille, in the region of Provence in southern France, is one of the best spring destinations in Europe.

The weather in April and May is perfect, with sunny days, and temperatures that can reach 22ºC.

Marseille in the spring is also quiet whilst in June, July, and August the city is invaded by tourists or people in transit to Corsica.

Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is a trading and cultural city, with a strong character and a rich past showcased in the Le musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (MuCEM), the city’s most visited museum.

Marseille is a city with many things to see and do. There is the picturesque Old Port with its colorful boats and fish market and the historical neighborhood of Le Panier close to the port.

Another important sight is the Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, also known as « la Bonne Mère » (the good Mother).

The building dominates the city and the Mediterranean Sea from the top of the hill Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde. Other interesting sights not to miss include the Palais Longchamp, the Halle Puget, and the Diamonds House.

Marseille in spring is also an excellent base camp to explore other places in the region of Provence, like the Calanques de Marseille, Nice, or Aix-en-Provence.

If you were looking for the best spring break destinations in Europe, I hope that this post gave you a number of ideas to consider as you celebrate the end of the cold winter season.

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