Australia is a beautiful country, one of the major tourist destinations and above all really huge.  And for most of us, it is one of the hardest and furthest away countries to travel to. But it’s also one of the most popular destinations in the world. With miles of diverse landscapes, beautiful cities like Sydney,  wildlife and thousands of bucket list experiences to offer, it’s not hard to see why Australia is so loved. Already planning your trip? Here are the best things to do in Australia plus some of Australia’s attractions not to miss on your trip.

Fun things to do in Australia

Cruise the Kimberley

Over three times the size of England and located in Australia’s northernmost region is the Kimberly.

Here, you’ll find one of the true wilderness areas in the country, as well as dramatic, breathtaking gorges and the Windjana Gorge National Park. It’s one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Australia, and one of the best ways to view it is by cruising along the isolated and secluded coastlines and beaches. There are so many kinds of cruises you can choose from to enjoy the Coast of Kimberly. You can choose from the Boutique luxury, Barefoot Luxury, Big boat comforts or even an Eco-Adventure. Whatever way you decide to Cruise the Kimberly, you’re bound to have an amazing time at one of the major Australia’s attractions.

Enjoying nature is one of the things to do in Australia not to miss on your trip

Dive with great white sharks in Port Lincoln

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with a great white shark? Well now is your chance, with shark tours and dives on Neptune Island. No diving experience is necessary as long as you feeling brave enough to take the plunge.

Don’t worry – if you choose to dive you’ll be completely safe in a strengthened aluminum cage. Just don’t watch any horror movies before you step in…and just make sure you follow all the guidelines put in place by the instructor.

Even though the activity is a bit pricey, (going as far as approximately 400$), it is a kind of adventure you tick off the bucket list and it should be worth any penny. If you’re a budget traveler, you can opt for the activity in the off-peak season during the months of  February, March, and August as the prices tend to go down.

Wondering what to see in Australia? why not see the great white shark

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Drive down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

Sometimes there’s nothing better than taking a nice, long drive through scenic and picturesque land. If that’s your style, then you’ll love the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

This road is 150 miles long. It features some of the most dazzling and breathtaking sights and wonders along the southern ocean. If you’re planning on taking the drive, make sure you stop over at the Twelve Apostles. This is a stunning site that features tall, magnificent stone pillars out at sea, where the oceans have slowly eroded the limestone cliffs. It is one of the interesting places in Australia to see while in Victoria.

Driving to the great ocean road is one of the cool things to do in Australia

Get lost in nature

Wondering where to go in Australia? Why not get lost in nature. There are so many ways you can enjoy nature and the natural landscape that Australia has to offer. This includes a trip up to the Blue Mountains, where you’ll be able to see the Three Sisters landmark from the famous Echo Point Lookout. In addition, this is also the starting point to many trails and paths in the area which offers you the chance to see the stunning views from above in a glass floor cable car.

Or you could take a guided tour around the Daintree rainforest, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest. In it, you’ll find fascinating flora and wildlife, as well as unbelievable sights such as rivers and gorges. Whether you’re planning on sticking to the safer trails or really want to get out into the wild, this is a great time to remind you about the benefits of good travel insurance. You really don’t want to get caught without it.

Enjoying nature is one of the things to do in Australia not to miss on your trip

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Get up close and personal with the wildlife

One of the features that Australia is renowned for is its wildlife, particularly its kangaroos.

Unfortunately, they’re not as common as you might think. If you stick to the city centers, it’s incredibly rare that you’ll spot one as they tend to stay out in the wilderness. If you’re planning a trip further inland, you also might not get a chance to really see them, as Australia is much bigger and more vast than you might think.

Some of the best places to go in Australia to enjoy wildlife is a wildlife park. If you’re looking to spot a kangaroo, walk among rare sea lions, or come face-to-face with the cutest and most cuddly koalas, then you’ll definitely want to make a trip to Kangaroo Island.

Wondering what to see in Australia? Get not enjoy its wildlife by visiting the kangaroos

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So now that you know the best places to visit in Australia, go ahead and plan the adventure of your lifetime. One of the best things about Australia is that it can be exactly what you make it. No matter the type of holiday you’re looking for, from relaxed sun-filled getaways to adrenaline-fuelled adventures, you can do it all in Australia.

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Need more helpful advice or inspiration? Discover more on a travel blog, which provides all sorts of useful tips on how to make the best of your holiday. This includes visiting the SS Yongala Shipwreck in Queensland for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see humpback whales.

Where will your adventure take you? Let me know which places you’ll be visiting in Australia in the comment section. But if you’ve already been to this beautiful country, still let me know which tourist destinations in Australia took your breath away.

Now that you know the best things to do in Australia, it’s time to go ahead and book tours to have an amazing trip as you discover all the attractions Australia has got to offer with the help of experienced tour guides.

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