Planning to go on a camping trip? Here is the best camping cooking gear you should take for an amazing time in the outdoors

Camping meals don’t have to be boring and “untasty”. Even when you’re miles away from “civilization” in the wild, you can still have delicious and restaurant-worthy meals while taking in the views of amazing outdoors.

However, having proper and delicious meals while camping starts with having the right camping cooking gear.

While in the past many campers, just used to rely on campfires and a few pans and plates, nowadays camping cooking has been taken to the next level.

You can make healthy and delicious meals while camping – now even pro chefs can show off their recipes while in the outdoors with the right outdoor camping kitchen equipment.

So in this post, I will be sharing with you the exact camping kitchen essentials I take on all my camping trips.

Ideally, you should only take all these camping cooking equipment if you’re going car camping as you won’t have to worry about space and packing heavy gear.

Best Camping cooking gear for tasty outdoor meals

camping cooking gear

Camping stove

A camping stove is literally the most important camping cook gear you should pack.

I’ve always had this single gas stove but am leaning towards buying this 2 burner camping gas stove as I am sure it will save me a lot of time while cooking instead of waiting for one dish to get ready to start making another one.

What I like the most about this Coleman Gas camping stove is the wind protector which means that it can work efficiently in all weather conditions. I am definitely buying it for my next camping adventure.

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Camping grill/ Griddle

Even as you go camping, be extraordinary by taking your camp cooking to the next level. Forget your typical camping grill and opt for this reversible Lodge griddle/grill.

It has both the smooth side which makes making sandwiches and eggs easy and the grill side which is perfect for grilling your steak or chicken.

Did I say that its non-stick? You gotta buy it to understand how cool it is.

And the best part about this reversible Lodge griddle is that you can use it on both established grills or directly on the campfire. It’s truly a game-changer when it comes to cooking in the outdoors.


You can’t go camping or even on any road trip without taking a cooler.

You’ll need to store your food well and drinks cold while on the road and that’s why you need to add a good quality cooler on your camping cooking essentials list.

This YETI Tundra Cooler is the best camping cooler you could ever buy. It is sturdy, has extra thick insulated walls that are bound to keep ice for longer.

It might be a bit pricey compared to other coolers on the market but it’s worth every single penny.

Camping Kettle

The only thing that is better than a hot cup of coffee or tea on a chilly morning while in the outdoors is probably the view you get while sipping on the said coffee.

With that in mind, you’ll need to add a camping kettle to your camp cooking gear list to make yourself a cup of hot coffee every morning.

There are a number of good camping kettles out there but this whistle Whistle teapot has never disappointed me for all my camping trips.

what to bring on a camping trip

Camping table

It is such a pain to have to cook or prep all your cooking ingredients and food on the ground.

Doing so can actually make you even hate camping. So to avoid that, take a foldable camping table like this one.

It’s not just to help prep your meals, a camping table will come in really handy when it’s time to eat as you can just sit around the table and enjoy your meal.

Cooking pans and Pots

Cooking pans are some of the most useful campsite cooking equipment you should pack and leaving them behind would be one of the greatest camping mistakes.

This MalloMe Camping Cook set is your answered prayer when it comes to camping.

It comes with both the small and large cooking pots plus their lids, a nonstick frying pan which makes cleaning them super easy.

On top of that, the pots are collapsible which makes packing very easy.

Camping mug

Watching a sunrise might be the favorite part of any morning in the outdoors but sipping on coffee is next in line.

When I go camping, I like to take a mug that serves all purposes- yes I am that girl who”ll use my mug for coffee, soda, and even water and that’s why I always take this YETI Rambler Mug.

Its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps all hot beverages hot and cold ones cold.

It’s also non-spill which means that I can carry it with me anytime anywhere without worrying about the beverage leaking.


I love leftovers! Whether it’s to use it to recreate a new dish or to just warm it when I don’t feel like cooking after a day’s activities, leftovers come in handy even when in the outdoors.

So that’s why I always carry this set of of Tupperware to store leftovers well.

Plates and Bowls

Plates are some of the most important camp cooking utensils. Imagine reaching the campsite and realize that you have nowhere to eat from.

And no, don’t just take any kinds of plates, these GSI outdoor plates are perfect for the outdoors as the chances of breaking are extremely low.

And if you plan on having cereal or soup, add these bowls to your camping kitchen essentials.

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Water storage jerrycan

Water is indubitably one of the most useful camping kitchen supplies that running out might make you sleep hungry.

Though most developed campsites always have water, it’s not always a guarantee for all and that’s why you should carry some water with you.

You should refill this water storage jerrycan before you hit the outdoors so that you have a fallback plan shouldn’t there be water at your campsite.

Cooking utensils

As you pack for camping, take some camping cooking utensils to make your outdoor cooking fun and much more simplified.

Some of those utensils include tongs, serving spoons, spatula, scissors, knives, etc. You can use your home ones but if you want a full camping cooking kit, you can opt for this one.

And the best part is that everything comes in a water-resistant case which helps with organization.


You’ll be surprised to hear that what most campers forget to pack for camping is cutlery.

I mean I don’t blame them, it’s so easy to focus on those other big camping cookware and forget the small ones.

So to make sure that you don’t forget them, add them to your outdoor cooking equipment right now.

Throw in some fork, spoon, and table knife in your utensils basin or be adventurous by taking a spork instead. Or better yet take this cutlery set that has all 3.

Dish basin

With all those camping cook equipment mentioned above, you’ll need to have somewhere to keep them or better yet to do the dishes from, and that where a Dish basin comes in handy.

I love this Dish basin particularly because its collapsible which is great for saving space, lightweight and sturdy enough to withstand even the conditions of backcountry camping.

Dish Towel

You’ll need to dry your dishes after washing them and that’s why a dish towel should be in your camp kitchen box.

Opt for this small microfibre towel as it is very absorbent leaving your dishes dry, dries pretty fast which means that it will be dry itself the next time you need to use it.

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Stasher bags

Unlike Ziplocks which are a single-use, stasher bags are the new healthier alternative to plastics that you ought to have in your camping kitchen set.

Stasher bags are perfect when it comes to packing sandwiches for the day especially if you plan to go hiking or to keep leftovers.

A huge advantage is that they can easily be put in the microwave and the oven with no danger. They are also easy to clean making any camper’s life easy.

Soap and scrub sponge

Using dishes comes with washing them afterward and that’s why you shouldn’t forget to take soap and a scrub.

This scrub sponge will help you clean even the sticky pans really well and a small plastic non-spill container will help you keep your liquid washing soap.

Camping kitchen gloves

From grilling to being around hot pans while cooking, the chances of your hands getting burnt are high.

But you don’t have to put yourself in harms’ way – get your self these camping kitchen gloves.

Camping knife

From chopping vegetables to cutting perfect sizes of meat for the grill, you’ll need to pack a knife.

But since knives can be ”dangerous”, you’re better off taking a packable knife like this one that comes with a protector.

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Trash bag

Any camping kitchen should have a trash bag. Be a responsible traveler who leaves no trace behind.

Cooking is surely the most part that brings up trash while camping and that’s why you need a trash bag.

You can use an old grocery bag but I personally like this Coghlan’s travel Pop up trash can as it’s small and light which means that it won’t take up a lot of space.

Paper towels/Napkins

It’s so easy to make a mess while cooking in the wild. So take paper towels or napkins to clean up any mess that may arise from spills.

Matches/Fire lighter

Unless you want to spend hours trying to make a fire to light your cooking stove, you need to add matches to your campfire cooking equipment list.

I like these matches as they light easily in all weather conditions.

Egg holder

One of the easiest camping meals to make are eggs but their fragility makes them hard to store for most campers.

That’s no more as now you can pack your eggs in this egg holder with no worries of them cracking up.

There you have it campers, that was the complete list of the camping cooking gear you should pack for an amazing time in the outdoors.

Are there any other camp cooking kitchen essentials you pack that are not on the list? Drop them in the comment section to inspire us as well.

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