When the sun goes out, to some people, it’s the end of the traveling season until the next summer but to the adventurous, winter is another season to see the world from a different perspective. And with winter around the corner, some people are looking to stay active and adventurous and one of the first winter activities that come to everyone’s mind is winter skiing. Honestly, everyone would want to head up to the mountains, enjoy the alpines and the thrill that comes with dodging trees while slopping down the mountain skiing – but let’s face it, skiing doesn’t come cheap. But what if I told you that I’ve got a list of the cheapest ski resorts in Europe that you can enjoy without having to sell an arm or leg.

Yes, some of them may not be the most famous ski resorts in Europe but you’ll still have a blast in the alpines. And I realize that the word “cheap” is relative but to give you a hint, the cheapest European ski resorts included in this list are ones whose ski pass is less than 250 € for 6 days.

Cheapest ski resorts in Europe

1. Les Houches, France

Les Houches is one of the cheapest ski resorts in EuropePhoto By eGuide TravelLes Houches, CC BY 2.0, Link

Although it is a bit overshadowed by other famous and pricey ski resorts like Courchevel in the French Alps, Les Houches is one of the cheapest ski resorts in France right in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley. Imagine getting the incredible views of Mont Blanc while going easy on your wallet.

With a huge price tag that comes with opting for other Chamonix ski resorts even going as far as 500 € in the high season, Les Houches is one of the affordable ski resorts to opt for. And with an elevation of ( 950 – 1900) m and 55 km of slopes, even beginners and intermediate skiers are guaranteed utmost ski fun while taking in all the views from the summit – making it one of the best ski resorts in Europe for beginners. The ski pass to Les Houches goes for 44 € a day and 221 € for 6 days.

2. Livigno, Italy


Located in the Italian alps along the Swiss border, Livigno is often not regarded as a beginner ski resort. With a cross-country skiing on a track of around 30 km and a whopping 115 km of slopes, Livigno offers off-piste skiing for professionals who want to spread their wings while skiing in one of the cheapest ski destinations in Europe.

Another feature that makes Livigno one of the best value ski resorts in Europe is the incredible terrain park which has pro-sized jumps that can only be enjoyed by experts. But worry not if you’re a beginner, there are hundreds of ski trainers onsite to help you in case you need assistance. With all that, it’s even shocking that Livigno qualifies to be on the list of cheap ski destinations in Europe but with a 6-day ski pass of 247 € and 50 € daily – it is surely a great bargain.

Elevation of Livigno ski resort:  1,820 m – 3,000 m

A quick tip: If you choose to say in hotels or apartments associated with Livigno, you might qualify to get a free ski pass.

3. Borovets, Bulgaria

Borovets, Bulgaria (1)- cheap euroapean ski resorts(CC Licence Klearchos Kapoutsis)

Located in the northern slopes of Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains, Borovets is a perfect ski destination with one of the cheapest ski pass in Europe. With the ski price so cheap, Borovets receives a certain number of party people who want to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of blue and red runs of the resort while still having fun.

Due to the top-notch quality of ski instructors, Borovets is perfect for both beginners and intermediate skiers but also professionals can enjoy the wide-open pistes in the upper half of the mountain which is above the tree line. Parents also have an opportunity to enjoy the 19 ski runs with a total of 58km ski pistes which all vary in difficulty because of the availability of a ski daycare for kids between 4 and 8 years.

On top of skiing, Borovets offers other winter sports like snowboarding, night-skiing, cross-country skiing, ski-doo, biathlon, and many others. And should any unfortunate accident happen, the mountain rescue service that operates 24 hours will be available for immediate help. The ski pass to Borovets goes for 30€ a day and 164€ for 6 days.

Elevation of Borovets ski resort:  1350 m – 2560 m

4. Val Cenis, France

Val Cenis

If you’re looking for the best cheap ski resorts in Europe that don’t suffer from long lift queues, then this French Val Cenis ski and mountain resort situated in the Haute-Maurienne region of the French Alps and also close to the Italian border is a perfect place to go.

The resort lies on 5 villages stretching over 125km of velvety trails, meaning that skiers can roam far on various runs of blue and black extending from the village level to the top of the resort as well as enjoying beautiful sceneries of red runs.

What makes Val Cenis stand out more than the other ski resorts is the existence of blue pistes from the top to the bottom allowing beginners to enjoy the heights of the mountain they might not have been able to reach at other resorts. On top of that, Val Cenis has the largest run in Europe spanning a length of 10 km. Though Val Cenis may not be so known as other ski resorts, it is definitely worth visiting especially if you’re looking for the cheapest place to ski in Europe that doesn’t comprise quality and beautiful sceneries. To enjoy the lesser-known but picturesque resort of Val Cenis, you can pay 39€ for a day pass or 214€ for a 6-day pass.

Elevation of Val Cenis ski resort:  1300 m – 2730 m

5. Uludag, Turkey

cheap places to ski in Europe

If you’re looking for one of the cheap ski resorts in Europe, then Uludag in Bursa, Turkey is your ultimate ski destination. With Uluday being the highest mountain in Turkey and also an extinct volcano, it adds to the thrill of skiing through the amazing hills and forests.

Uludag has a total number of 16 lifts, and 28 km pistes with various difficulty levels which makes it a perfect ski resort for both beginners and professional skiers. Other than skiing, you can also do snowboarding and hiking at Uludag. The cost of skiing through the snowy pristine tracks of Uludag is 57 € for 5 days but you can also get a day ski pass for just 19€.

Elevation of Uludag ski resort:  1767 m – 2322 m

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6. Andermatt, Switzerland

Andermatt is one of the cheapest ski resorts in EuropeBy W. BulachOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link 

We all know Switzerland is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world but they also come with a huge price tag and the only opportunity to ski in a world-renown ski destination at a cheaper price is by opting for Andermatt which is probably the cheapest in the country.

Andermatt is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps with two main skiing areas, Natschen, and Gemmstock – with Gemmsock reaching the highest skiing elevation of 2,963m. The snowy beautiful ski grounds offer many terrains and 31 km of slopes perfect for many other activities for non-skiers like snowshoeing, sledging and many others.

And if you want to splurge a bit, don’t miss enjoying Chedi Andermatt’s spa – a hydrotherapy and hot outdoor pool perfect to relax from after a countless number of ski runs. Though Andermatt might be a bit pricey compared to either Uludag in Turkey or Borovets in Bulgaria, the 40€ daily ski pass is worth paying for.

Elevation of Andermatt:  1289 m – 2999 m

7. Jasna, Slovakia

Jasna is one of the cheapest place to ski in Europe

With a total of 41 trails covering 49 km of piste, Jasna is considered to be that largest and the most famous ski area in Slovakia, perfect for both beginners and pros because of its various difficulty levels. The resort also has a 12km off-piste to roam around freely.

Jasna has a number of tree runs that add to the thrill of skiing on soft terrains plus night skiing for those who want to stay out in the night. Other activities for those who are less confident on the slopes include night sledging, snow bike, ski fox, and snow scoot. To enjoy this largest ski resort of Jasna in Slovakia, you can pay 35€ for a day ski pass or 224€ for a 6-day ski pass.

Elevation of Jasna:  943 m – 2024 m

8. Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko is where to go for the cheapest skiing in Europe

Located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains in the southwest of the country, Bansko is one of the popular and the best ski resorts in Bulgaria.

With approximately 75km of pistes of different difficulty levels, as well as 9km of high adrenaline cross-country skiing, Bansko has the longest ski runs in Bulgaria perfect for beginners, intermediate skiers, and professionals who are looking for cheapest ski holidays in Europe.

Another advantage of the Bansko ski resort is that unlike other cheap ski resorts in Europe that wrap up their ski season in April, Bansko stays open till mid-May giving skiers an extra month to enjoy the snow while roaming around the smooth ski trails. To Ski through some of the longest ski runs in Bulgaria, you’ll need to pay for a daily ski pass of 33€ or a 6-day ski pass of 194€

Elevation of Bansko:  990 m – 2560 m

9. Hintertux Glacier, Austria

Hintertux Glacier

There is nowhere in Austria or in the world (except at Zermatt in Switzerland) you’ll find a 365-day operating ski resort than at Hintertux. And with over 60 km of slopes in various difficulties and free-ride runs at the Larmstange, amateurs and pro skiers are bound to have a great time all year round.

Though the resort is always open for skiing all year round, it gets even better in winter when Hintertux Glacier merges with other nearby ski mountains of Zillertal – Eggalm, Rastkogel, Finkenberg, Penken, and Ahorn to form one huge snow-sure Ski-& Glacier World Zillertal 3000. This means that skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts have over 202 kilometers of pistes while using just one single pass. – Now that’s a real bargain! To make your run through the 60 km slopes, it will cost you 55€ for a day pass or 266€ for a 6-day ski pass.

Elevation of Hintertux Glacier: 1500 m to 3250 m

10. Vemdalen, Sweden

Vemdalen ski resortPhoto: Destination Vemdalen, Karl Vertergård

Nestled among the deep forests and high mountain tops, Vemdalen is not only one of the largest ski destinations in Sweden but also one of the cheapest European ski resorts to visit for an ultimate fun ski getaway.

With a total number of 58 slopes and pistes which are 52km in length, Vemdalen consists of three different areas which are varied in difficulty making it perfect for both beginner skiers and professionals.

On top of skiing, a number of other fun activities are possible on the slopes, including night skiing for those who want to enjoy the stars while having fun, sledding, cross country skiing, and many others. You might think that it costs an arm to ski at Vemdalen but it is just 200€ for a 6-day ski pass.

If you were about to give up your dream of skiing because of how expensive it is (actually some people refer to skiing as a “rich people’s” winter sport), I hope this list of the cheapest ski resorts in Europe has given you options of the ski resorts you can go to for a fun-filled ski trip without leaving an extremely deep hole in your pockets.

Disclaimer: All the prices included in this article were accurate at the time of publishing it. For updated prices, please check the official websites of each individual ski resort.

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Looking to go for a great ski holiday in Europe but on a budegt? Here are the cheapest ski resorts in Europe to enjoy this winter. |budget ski resorts in Europe |cheap ski holidays in Europe |cheapest European ski resorts | best value ski resorts in Europe #skiinginEurope #cheapestskiresortsineurope #theadventurousfeet



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