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  1. Just a few suggestions, when in South Africa do kloofing too. Regarding hot air balloon there is nothing more spectacular than doing it when visiting Tanzania, over the Savanna with all the amazing beasts underneath you. I also suggest glacier trekking in Alaska. Regarding the Edge Walk not as exciting as you imagine and I suggest New Zealand. White water rafting should be added to your list (unless you already tried it) and sailing on one of the America’s Cup sailing boats too.

    1. Hi Maria, wow, all these are incredible ideas, and thank you for suggesting them! Kloofing in SA looks interesting for sure! I bet a hot air balloon in Tanzania is incredible, I mean just the safari itself is impressive and I can just imagine how mind-blowing it is to see everything from above – once in a lifetime experience for sure! Oh how I’d love to go glacier trekking in Alaska, you’ve just given me a new bucket list idea lol!

      Oh really, the Edge walk looked interesting, I guess it’s just in the photos:) And yes, I’ve done White water Rafting on the Nile – such a thrilling experience it was, I would do it again for sure!

      Thanks again for suggesting these cool bucket list ideas! You’ve inspired me already haha

  2. I love and enjoy everything i am seeing on your blog. Thank you for sharing this information. You are inspiring me to travel around the world and i am looking forward to

    1. Thank you so much Caroline for the kind words about the blog and I am so happy that I’ve inspired you to travel.
      There is soo much beauty in the world not to explore it for sure!

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