Do you hear  Uganda and think to yourself what it could be; an animal, a type of food , or perhaps a grocery store since you overheard some one say they wanted to check it out at one point.  If you are guilty, then this post is definitely for you as means to discover Uganda. This beautiful country is located in the Eastern part of Africa bordered by Kenya to the east, Tanzania to the south, South Sudan to the North,  Democratic Republic of Congo to the West, and Rwanda to the South-West. Its not called the pearl of Africa for nothing, it’s got beautiful features that will keep you wanting to come back visit another time. From mountains, rivers (River Nile being the longest in the world), water falls, national parks to the amazing and friendly locals.

Many people think Uganda is full of grass thatched houses, rugged roads before they travel to this beautiful country  but they are always blown away by what the pearl of Africa can offer.
I had someone who asked me on face book whether we actually ride on buffaloes instead of cars-hilarious, right?

whe i say am from africa

Well, may be Uganda doesn’t necessarily look like the photo below but you get my point.

And to some people when they hear Uganda, the only thing that comes to their mind is  Iddi Amin ( Former president of Uganda- one you could call a no nonsense man), sorry to break it to you  my dear, we have moved away from that decades ago but don’t worry, sit tight i am here to fill you in.

Mother nature has blessed Uganda in tremendous ways from its geographical location to the amazing weather. It literally shines everyday year in year out with some rainfall in between. You could ask like 90% of the locals and they will  tell you they have never experienced winter. I guess this explains the huge amount of tourists that flock in to escape the coldness during winter season in the western world to enjoy the amazing sun shine  here.

There are tonnes of activities to do and places to visit in Uganda so the only worry you should have before you travel is whether you have enough days to discover Uganda and  all the amazing places it offers. From visiting national parks to taking a walk down town Kampala to engaging with the locals, to street shopping-well you can literally buy anything you think of along the streets without the stress of going to the stores.

incredible-uganda-murchison-falls (1)

Murchison falls National park

I hope by now you at least have a slight  idea of what Uganda is even before you step foot in the country. And i promise with my upcoming post, you will get a broader understanding of what the country can offer and  you might want to move here permanently-lol.

Do you have any myths you might have heard or thought about Uganda, leave them in the comment section , i would surely love to hear about them and please don’t forget to subscribe as well

Love Esy



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