Planning to go camping and looking for ideas on what to have for breakfast? Here are the easy camping breakfast ideas to choose from.

The best part about camping is waking up to a beautiful sunrise and later lounge in your camping chair to have an amazing breakfast. Sounds easy, right? It is easy if you have an idea of the kind of breakfast to have beyond the usual toasted bread with a mug of coffee.

Not to say that I have an issue with toasted bread, I mean it’s what I had for most breakfasts when I was Camping for the first time.

And however easy it is to make- (no expertise or time needed), it becomes so monotonous to have the same breakfast day in day out and it kinda makes you dread the breakfast moment a bit.

But what if I told you that there are so many easy camping breakfast ideas beyond just toasted bread. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend your adventure hours preparing them!

Breakfast food for camping doesn’t have to be complicated at all. So if you’re ready to spruce up your breakfast and make it one of the best parts about any morning in the outdoors, check out these breakfast camping ideas that are easy and fast to make even for non-chefs.

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Pro tip* As you plan to make these breakfast recipes for camping, make sure that you have the right Camping kitchen essentials to make preparing them fun and easier.

However, if you don’t know what to take, below are a few cooking items you shouldn’t leave behind;

Non- stick skillet: Whether it’s for making an omelet or grilling, this non-stick skillet will be perfect.

Camping mug: No breakfast is complete without a coffee and this camping mug will make your mornings better.

Tupperware: These are perfect for keeping any leftovers.

Cooler: A good quality cooler like this one is non-negotiable if you plan to go on a long camping trip

Camping stove: A camping stove is a must-have – this is the one I highly recommend.

For a complete list of the camping cooking equipment, check out my previous post here.

Easy Camping breakfast ideas that will make your mornings delightful

1. Burritos

Contributed by Sherry from Travel Mi

Who doesn’t love some breakfast burritos early in the morning before a long day of trekking? Besides being an easy camping breakfast, Burritos can also be an easy dinner if you don’t have the energy to stand around a cookstove or fire for a long time after a day of adventures.

There are so many ways to make your breakfast burritos but if you wish to go meatless, which may be the easiest while camping, this is what you’ll need to take.

  • Soft flour tortilla shells
  • Eggs
  • Bag of shredded cheese
  • Onions
  • Green or red peppers
  • Spinach
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper

Soft tortillas are flat so they are easy to pack. And one of the easiest and the best camping food ideas is to transport the eggs by cracking them into a water bottle so that you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

For ease of prep, you can dice the onions and peppers at home, pack them in individual bags so they are ready to cook at the campsite.

To prepare the burritos, cook the onions and peppers on your cook stove with some olive oil. Add the eggs near the end and cook until they’re no longer runny.

Assemble your burritos with your chosen ingredients and condiments. And if you like dipping your burritos in salsa, make sure you don’t forget to pack a small jar.

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2. Cereal

easy camping breakfast ideas

Contributed by Christina from Live A Wilder Life

Making elaborate camping breakfasts is great and makes breakfast tastier but it also comes with a burden of preparation and cleaning.

So if you want to take a break from all that, why not try a no-cook camping breakfast like Cereal. It’s not only ideal but also easy to make especially if you’re camping with a toddler.

Rather than taking 20 minutes to get camping breakfast ready, you can have breakfast prepared in two minutes flat. All you need is your favorite bag of cereal, milk or milk alternative, a spoon, a bowl, and you’re good to go!

You can even top your cereal off with fresh fruits, chia seeds, coconut flakes, or a side of avocado to add more substance to the meal.

It’s perfect when you’re camping at a National Park and want to get an early start to your day to beat the crowds. A great space-saving hack is to get rid of the cardboard box it comes with and pack only the plastic bag.

3. Wrap with cheese omelet

Contributed By Lotte from Beste voor Kids 

One of the tastiest and easiest breakfast recipes for camping or road tripping with a campervan is a cheese omelet wrap.

It’s the best camping breakfast, especially when you plan on doing a hike or another outdoor activity for which you need a lot of energy.

This breakfast is easy to make, full of fibers (as long as you avoid plain wraps) and protein and it’s delicious (the most important thing about any dish). To make this breakfast, you only need three ingredients:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 wholewheat wrap (or veggie wrap such as a beetroot wrap)
  • Cheese (grated or sliced)

A quick note about the cheese: Please get some proper cheese. The better the cheese, the tastier your omelet wrap will be.

To prepare this meal, get a small bowl, break the egg, and whisk it. If you want, you can add a bit of milk but if you don’t have any that’s no problem.

Add some oil to a frying pan and pour the egg into the pan to make the omelet. Once you’ve flipped the omelet, put the cheese on top and turn the fire to low heat to let the cheese melt.

Once the cheese has melted, put the cheese omelet on the wrap, roll it (like a burrito) and tuck in! And whallah, you’ve just made yourself an easy camping breakfast.

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4. Yogurt, Fruits and Granola

camping breakfast recipes

Contributed by Chris from Punta Cana Travel Blog

One of the easy camping breakfasts is Yogurt, Fruits, and Granola. You can use any kind of fruits you like but the most suitable ones would be mangos, apples, and pineapples ( you can peel and dice it before the trip so that it doesn’t get mashed in the backpack). Yogurt and granola are also easy to take, as they don’t need much space and are not too heavy.

Once it is time for breakfast, you can simply dice all the fruits with your pocket or camping knife, put them on your reusable camping plate, and top it off with your preferred amount of granola and yogurt. It is super quick to prepare, very healthy, and gives you energy for the day.

This breakfast can serve you well on all kinds of camping and hiking trips even if you’re hiking through the remote area of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

And if you need additional energy, you can also pack bananas, but make sure to carry them in a separate container as they get mashed very quickly.

5. Omelets

Contributed by Paula from Paula Pins the Planet

Whether you’re planning to go on a remote road trip in Namibia or camp at the top of the mountain where access to supermarkets or fresh ingredients is limited, you’ll have to think of the simplest breakfast camping recipes.

And if you’re the kind of person that wakes up hungry looking for a hearty camping breakfast idea, the number one option is an omelet! It is easy to make, fast to prepare, has many nutrients and it is a wonderful way to start your morning.

The best thing about omelets is that you can be very versatile with the ingredients, as long as you have eggs. And if you want to take it beyond the ordinary omelet, here is what you’ll need.

  • Eggs: The main ingredient and the most important. Tip: If you are driving off-road and there is a chance of your eggs cracking, you can break them into a recycled plastic bottle and you will have scrambled eggs along the way.

  • Meat: You can use any variation that you have in your cooler such as bacon, ham, chicken, or sausages.

  • Vegetables: Anything soft like spinach, mushrooms, peppers, basil, or tomatoes can be added along with the egg mixture. Tip: You can have a can of vegetables too, such as peas, corn, carrots or whatever you prefer. Honestly, a can of food is always a lifesaver during any camping trip.

  • Cheese: The best part about the omelet is to cheese up the eggs! You can use any type of cheese in your cooler.

When it comes to preparing the omelet, it’s very easy and fast. Mix all the ingredients you wish to add to your omelet in a container, warm up a cast-iron skillet with a tablespoon of oil, olive oil, or butter.

Add the egg mix to the skillet and let it cook on one side, and flip to the other side to make sure you cooked both sides to perfection! Grab a hot black coffee and enjoy your camping breakfast food!

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6. Pancakes

breakfast for camping

Contributed by Nadine from The Expat Mummy

If you’re planning to camp in the wild at basic campsites with no real amenities where you’re likely to take bucket showers or even dig your own toilet, there is no way you’ll want to spend hours figuring out various camping breakfast ideas.

Cooking needs to be simple, quick, and easy to clean up after. And one of the easy camping breakfast ideas to consider is pancakes. Here is what you’ll need to make them.

  • All-purpose flour
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • White sugar
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Butter

You can take a Premade batter in a sealed flask or make it from scratch. All you need to do is to mix all the ingredients together one at a time until you form the batter.

Heat a pan over the fire with either oil or butter and then pour the pancake batter onto the pan in small proportions (depending on the size of the pancake you want).

Flip the pancake to cook the alternative side and your pancakes should be ready in a couple of minutes.

You can even add various toppings to your pancakes such as; bananas, berries, Nutella, syrup, or even savory items such as cheese or tomato. And if you want to make green pancakes, you can whizz up some spinach in the mix.

7. Premade Granola

Contributed by Rachel Rodda from Coffeewise

One of the simplest breakfast ideas for camping is Granola in a bag. Packed full of energy, quick, and easy to prepare, it is a go-to camping breakfast for a number of campers.

Perfect for hikers on multiday hikes or families looking for no cleanup meal ideas, all you need is a spoon and some water to prepare this meal.

You can use any store-bought granola for this breakfast, or you can make it yourself. The great thing about homemade granola is that you can customize it to include all your favorite ingredients.

Some of the great ingredients to include are almonds, coconut, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds, but you can really throw in anything you like or have on hand.

To prepare this meal, before you head off for your trip, portion the granola into individual serve sealable bags. Then add around 1/3 cup of powdered milk to each bag and seal the bags.

When you are ready to eat the granola, simply add ½ cup cold water to the bag, re-seal and shake to blend the powdered milk with the water and serve!

It literally takes a few minutes to prepare and you are ready to eat. Enjoy it with your morning coffee or cup of tea before heading off for the day. No gas, pans, bowls, or clean up is required. Once you are finished rinse the bag and re-use it as a rubbish bag in your daypack.

So if you’re looking for an easy breakfast for camping or even hiking, Granola is a perfect choice. It is not only crunchy, and tasty but also a healthy breakfast in a bag.

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8. Scrambled Chickpeas on bread

Contributed by Nadine from Zero Waste Memoirs

One of the easy breakfast camping ideas to whip up that’ll leave you feeling full all morning, is scrambled chickpeas on bread.

The perfect alternative to scrambled eggs, it’s perfect for those who don’t eat animal products, or who don’t want to have to transport fragile eggs in their van – and everyone will love the taste!

It also uses very few ingredients which makes it a great option for zero waste camping. You can buy your chickpeas raw and soak them, or buy them in glass jars, either way, you’ll be in for a treat while in the outdoors.

You can make this meal as fancy or as simple as you like, simply by adding or omitting a few ingredients. The only non-optional are the chickpeas! If you have it, an onion and some crushed garlic adds flavor and adding a little turmeric, salt, and pepper at the end will season it perfectly.

Simply throw everything in a pan until the onion and garlic are cooked and the chickpeas are soft (you can add a little water if it’s too dry) and lightly mash the chickpeas with a fork once cooked through.

Serve on fresh or toasted bread with sliced tomato, avocado, or anything else you like on the side, and you’ve got a full and filling camping breakfast!

9. Loaded Home fries

Contributed by Karen from Outdoor Adventure Sampler

Home fried potatoes are some of the best breakfast ideas for camping. They are a substantial morning meal that will fuel you for a full day of outdoor activities. Pile on your favorite veggies or meats to make loaded home fries, the superfood of the camping world.

Home fries are easy to make in the backcountry, especially if you cook the potatoes beforehand. Microwave the potatoes until they are soft. You will need one fist-size potato per person in your group. Store the cooked potatoes in a paper bag. Avoid plastic bags as the potatoes will get wet and mushy.

At the campsite, cut up the potatoes into bite-size chunks. Dice the onions, green and/or red peppers, or other favorite vegetables. Use a beefy skillet to get a good sear on the home fries. Add canola oil and get it sizzling.

Put the veggies in the pan and sweat the onions for a few minutes. Add the potatoes and cook until they are golden brown and season with salt and pepper.

If you have a meat-loving crew, dice up Canadian bacon to add while cooking. You can also add pre-cooked bacon to the potatoes. Crumble it over the top for the crunchy punch of flavor only bacon can give.

After the home fries are cooked to perfection, top with shredded cheddar cheese. Serve with scrambled or fried eggs to make the perfect easy breakfast for camping

10. Sausage & Egg sandwiches

breakfast food for camping

Contributed by Mikaela from Voyageur Tripper

When you’re camping, a sausage & egg sandwich is the perfect meal to start your day off right. It’s a camping cookbook staple – quick and easy so you can get to exploring sooner instead of hanging around camp all morning.

You’ll need sausage, eggs, bread – sliced bread or English muffins work best – and any toppings you may want.

To prepare the meal, start by cooking your sausage in patties. Then you can either fry one egg at a time or scramble them all together. Toast your bread using the same pan if you’d like and then throw the sausage and egg between two slices of bread. Tools you’ll need are just a pan and spatula.

Some delicious toppings you could add are cheese, avocado, and tomato though sometimes you can’t get too fancy while camping. Depending on how many sandwiches you fix, this meal should only take about 30 minutes once your camping stove has warmed up.

If you want some sides to go with your sandwich, dehydrated fruit is a great option. You can fix this before your trip so there is no prep time at camp involved. If you need more carbs for the day then fix up a batch of oatmeal as well.

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11. Apple Pie Porridge

Contributed by Jennifer Parkes from Backyard Travel Family

Porridge is such an easy thing to cook, but it can take a while depending on the type of porridge you choose to make. So with that in mind, quick oats porridge is the best alternative.

You can make your own quick oats from home by popping them into the food processors and whizzing them until they are broken down into more of a powder. Add a few teaspoons of cinnamon and raisins and pop them into a container, ready for cooking.

On a brisk morning while camping, just add milk or water to your quick oats mix, some grated apple, and cook to your liking.

If it’s a bit thick, just add some more liquid. By having the quick oats (you can also purchase these in the supermarket) you can drastically reduce your cooking time making this one of the easy breakfast ideas for camping.

Taking less than 5 minutes, you will have a warm breakfast fueling you for your outdoor adventures. And to make this Oat apple pie porridge, here is what you’ll need;

  • Quick porridge oats
  • Apple (grated)
  • Cinnamon
  • Raisins
  • Milk (or milk powder) or water

 12. Instant Noodles

instant noodles- camping food

Contributed by Allan Wilson from It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor 

No matter where you are in the world, walk into a local convenience store or supermarket, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a range of instant noodles. Be it cup noodles or packets of noodles.

Cup noodles aka pot noodles in the UK would be the easier of the 2 to prepare, as they are built for convenience and eating on the go with their very own cup container.

Just boil some water and pour it in. But packet noodles are much more versatile and can be pimped up with tasty additions when eaten in a bowl.

A fiery sauce maybe, like a mala style chili oil, along with some nutritious garnishing of spring onions, beansprouts, and ground peanuts. There’s no need for additional cooking here as well but to really make a meal of it, why not make some soft-boiled eggs.

Then, if all else fails, it’s not really that bad to just eat them straight dry from the pack, like a giant crisp. Options really are endless with this versatile snack, and they’re also silly cheap when bought in bulk and are no trouble to travel with and to store. Instant noodles are quite possibly the perfect camping food whether as a breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

13. Tofu Scramble

Contributed by Linn Haglund from Easy Way To Vegan

A tasteful and easy to make camping breakfast is Tofu Scramble. All you need is firm tofu and vegetables of your choice to have with it.

To spice it up and give it the right taste and color, pack with you half a teaspoon black salt and a pinch of turmeric together with some salt and pepper in a small container or some cling film to save space.

It’s really easy to make vegan tofu scramble by frying it all in olive oil with onion and mushroom for a few minutes. They’re both ingredients that don’t weigh much so they’re easy to bring on a camping trip.

If you like it spicy, add a bit of fresh chili or powdered chili. Once the vegetables are ready, you crumble the tofu in the pan and add the spices. Then it really just needs to fry up until it’s hot.

The best thing about tofu scramble is that you can eat it for breakfast as is, together with falafel and salad, or in a sandwich. The leftovers can be put in a baguette and brought with you for lunch if you’re going on an adventure during the day. It also goes very well with avocado.

14. Pre-made quiche

camping breakfast quiche

Contributed by Brittany from Five Pax

Leaving the warm comfort of your sleeping bag while camping is a bit easier with the promise of a hearty and filling breakfast that requires next to no actual effort.

Accomplishing this and keeping your belly full throughout your morning adventures is a job for a pre-made quiche! The quiche can be loaded with veggies, meats, and cheeses to maximize flavor and energy-boosting power.

Recommended combinations include spinach, caramelized onion, ham, and cheddar or onions, peppers, mushrooms, and gruyere. Really any combination will do, so make to your preference, or whatever cheese and veggies you need to use up in the fridge before you hit the road.

When baking your quiche at home, be sure that it’s just done enough to hold its shape in transport, but not overdone as it will become quite rubbery when re-heated. This can be amended with a topping of fresh cheese at camp but preferably avoided.

Once cooled, cut wedges of quiche and individually wrap them in a foil or store them in a Tupperware container in your cooler.

When you rise and shine, or if you are totting a small pack of wild children like the FivePax family, the little people will rise and shine before the sun. Individual slices can be warmed up over a fire or on a camp stove pan.

Level up your Instagram photos by topping them with goat cheese, fresh herbs, or hot sauce. This all-in-one meal requires no additional sides, a cup of coffee, however, is always recommended. Finally, clean-up is a breeze making a pre-made quiche a real winner of a campfire breakfast meal!

That’s it campers! I hope that these camp breakfast ideas gave you a number of options to try out the next time you go on a camping trip.

Do you know of other camping breakfast meals that are easy to make but are not on the list, drop them in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share this post.

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