Looking for funny travel memes that will make you laugh like never before? Here are the best travel and vacation memes that all kinds of travelers can relate to.

Are you having travel blues, for whatever reason you might not be traveling, whether it’s issues of finances, time, your job or even health conditions, as a traveler, it can be very painful not to be able to travel as much as you’d want!

But even in times like those, it’s nice to find something travel-related that makes you laugh! If you haven’t found any, these funny travel memes will crack you up!!

And the best part is that every kind of traveler can relate to these vacation memes.

I am very sure that you’ll find a few that explain the way you travel or at least how travel makes you feel.

Funny travel memes that every kind of traveler will relate to

1. Don’t pack all that! ”Oh, but I am gonna wear all my 50 dresses in just 3 days!”

I can relate to this travel packing meme. For my very first international trip to Egypt, I had a week in the country but I packed stuff that a backpacker could use for over 3 months! Yeah, talk about overpacking!!

But now that I am a backpacker who no longer packs a bunch of stuff, I advise people on how to pack light! If you still pack like this girl, worry not, do it step by step and you’ll get better at packing light!

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2. The excitement I get after booking that long awaited trip

It doesn’t matter how many trips I’ve gone too, I still get goosebumps every time I book one.

3. If only my Bank account said otherwise

Ahhh but Damn! I guess I need to be at work.

4. When you’re trying to look smart among your non- traveler friends

Ohh the stories we tell!

5. This is literally the first thing I request for while at check in

Can I please get the window seat so that I can spend half of my flight time looking out at the same colored clouds in anticipation of a perfect sunrise – or until I can actually see anything. And no, I’ve never taken such amazing pictures.

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6. This is me for literally every trip

And the best part is that even when I am broke after a trip, all I can say is that I am so glad I did it! Now I can ”starve in memories.” LOL

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7. Let me hear anyone say that money can’t buy happiness

If I can afford to travel the entire world, then I am happy as I can ever get – and that is thanks to Money!

8. I guess everything I like is related to travel

What can I say, I am a travel junkie and I am proud of it.

9. We all know those places that are way exaggerated in photos

And boy oh boy!!

10. When It’s been 6 months without a vacation

Let me drown my sorrows in Liquor.

11. This is the best advise I can ever give

Wait… what else are you supposed to use the money for!

funny vacation memes

12. You gotta be creative

If you can’t travel, bring travel home.

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13. Anything to afford that trip – as in anything

Talk about being obsessed with traveling.

14. Crazy packing at its best

Girl gotta pack all those Instagram attires!

15. I am yet to experience this

I think I’ll add an Alexander Mcqueen fur coat with a Gucci bag – not extra at all!

16. Like for real!

This is literally the first thing any traveler should buy. If you fall in that category, check out World Nomads travel Insurance – you’ll thank me later.

17. Hmmmm!! You clearly don’t know what Pattaya is all about

It’s called a ”sin city” for God’s sake.

funny travel memes

18. When your economy seat suddenly feels like first class

This right here is the best feeling ever.

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19. This is the moment of truth

You either exercise the highest level of understanding or eye rolling – huge decision right here pal.

funny travel memes

20. Then why am I even at this Job?

Ahhh bills,bills…. and more bills.

21. This is literally the worst part about traveling

I know the pain – I can never get used to it.

vacation memes

22. Do you realize how lucky you are

I could be in prison or a drug addict! Be product that you raised a traveler instead.

23. I’m right there with you girl

Don’t we all wish to be here right now?

24. Like all the time

This is actually what I am doing right now.

25. I need a vacation this bad

At this point I don’t care how I get there, but I have to get there.

funny travel memes

26. It’s only the wind that can overtake me

No one can run faster than me at this point.

vacation memes

27. Still about those vacation memes

By now, you must be knowing that I can literally do anything to go on vacation.

28. Never gets better than this

oh Hallelujah!!

29. Oh and here goes all the summer pics when all I have is a pic of me strolling my backyard

Can I please just mourn in peace with out seeing the a thousand summer pics in my feed!

30. The envy while scrolling through their vacation photos

And my envy self is like, “just stop already, we’ve seen enough of your photos from Europe“.

31. There are no rules when it comes to camping

After all, it’s 5 pm somewhere in the world.

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32. Say whattt!!

You left me the other time, no one is leaving me on this road trip.

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33. You can never go wrong with this

Who needs camping gear when you have a camping bar!!

funny travel memes

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34. Just be straight with me Doc

All I want is to go for a hike!

hiking memes

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35. You gotta have something to feed the hungry bears

It’s either you or the other person, who is it gonna be?

36. I guess by an invisible ladder – that would explain everything

Anything for that perfect pic.

camping vacation memes

37. If only ….

I’d be everywhere but still no where.

38. What was that again? W..o..r..k..

I can’t see clearly allover a sudden.

39. I can’t keep calm

I am going on an epic adventure.

travel adventure memes

40. You can only understand this kind of pain when you’re right in the moment

But luckily for me, I can smell snacks from miles away even when I am in deep sleep. The power of food smh!

41. I want to travel but my bank account is in ruins

Just go already …. you will figure it out when you come back.

funny travel memes

42. Wait.. Are we supposed to clap or he’s just…… (read crazy)

Drum rolls……poor guy just wanna celebrate reaching his destination.

43. And I suddenly need to take a nap

My earphones are a life saver in this situation!

44. Who wants to have babies when you can just travel

My exact thoughs!! Where can I go next….?

45. Me walking through the airport for the first time

I still remember the first time I walked through the airport like it was yesterday.

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46. The pain of not being able to travel

Having a thousand trips planned in your mind but not being able to go for any.

47. This feeling is incomparable

My brain always tells me to calm down but my body just wants to show off the excitement.

48. Wait….what??

What is your source of happiness!!!!!!

49. Call me the Queen of Sky scanner

This is THE GREATEST joy of every backpacker.

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50. So accurate

Gotta tell the folks how we chill in Europe!

There you have it, folks, those were the funny vacation memes. I hope you laughed out loud as I did when I was writing this post.

Have you come across other funny travel memes that made you leave the chair while dying of laughter?

We want to laugh with you, so drop them in the comment section and I could even add them on the main travel memes list.

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