Are you planning on staying in a hostel? Here is the ultimate hostel packing list plus what you don’t need to pack for a hostel stay

Hostels are completely different from hotels. For full time or seasoned travelers on a budget, sleeping in hostels might not be new to you. But to first-time travelers, sleeping at hostels can be a bit challenging more so if you don’t know what to carry.

So this post is here to address all the things you need to pack while staying in a hostel.

Unlike hotels, there are so many things that hostels don’t provide, so here is the ultimate hostel packing list.

But before you go, check out these tips for staying in the hostel for the first time. This post will show you all the dos and don’ts of staying in a hostel and the proper hostel etiquette.

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Must have Travel essentials while staying in a hostel.

hostel packing list

1. Light-weight Microfiber travel towel

Most hostels don’t provide towels so it’s better to carry your own as it’s one of the things needed for hostel.

Do not just carry any towel but one that can dry fast. The advantage of carrying a microfibre travel towel to the ordinary towel is that it is lightweight, dries quickly, durable and absorbent.

One of the best microfibre travel towels I recommend is this RainLeaf travel towel as it possesses all the above qualities, comes with a bag, and durable at the same time. You can also check out this article to choose the best quick dry towel for your hostel stay.

2. Travel Toiletries

Unlike hotels, you’re likely not to find toiletries at the hostel. Don’t be shocked to go to the bathroom and not find shampoo or soap. So to avoid the shock, add toiletries to your hostel checklist.

Here are some of the items that should be in your travel toiletry kit.

  • Shower gel/ Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Shaver
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair Brush or comb
  • Perfume and Spray

I recommend getting this TSA transparent waterproof travel toiletry bag that can accommodate all your toiletries but not too big to take up all the space in your backpack.

3. Padlocks

Keeping your property secure is paramount and since its a shared space with different people from all walks of life, you don’t want to take chances on the safety of your own property.

I mean people are actually nice in hostels but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’ve actually found that it’s better to carry TSA combination locks like these ones rather than the key locks as there are higher chances of losing the key while you wander around the place.


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4. Eye Mask/ Sleeping Mask

Your sleeping time is likely to be different from the “lights out time” at the hostel.

And for many people, it’s pretty hard to fall asleep with lights on, so an eye mask will come in handy.

This not only works at hostels but also on long flights. I’ve found this molded sleeping mask better as it more comfortable compared to others and it blocks out all the light while you sleep.

 what to pack for a hostel

5. Earplugs

There are always those people that stay up late talking with others ( yeah I am a bit guilty) – That’s even better, but imagine sleeping next to someone who snores – the pain is real!! 

OR Sometimes, the hostel is located right next to the busiest street around town.

So to avoid losing sleep over “loud” hostel mates or busy streets, carry your earplugs to have a good silent night sleep. I recommend carrying these noise cancellation earplugs.

7. Flip flops/Slippers

In hostels, you should expect are public showers, so showering barefooted shouldn’t even be an option.

These shower slippers are some of my favorites when it comes to staying at a hostel. They are also perfect for the beach.


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8. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a must-have while packing for a stay at a hostel as they help you be more organized and pack light.

And instead of having to empty your backpack every time you need something, packing cubes can easily help you locate whatever you’re looking for. These AmazonBasics are some of the best packing cubes I know if you want a 4 piece set.

But if you need more packing cubes, then this 5 set piece or this 6 set piece will be perfect as you pack for a hostel.


9.Torch/ Head flashlight

This is a must carry item while packing for a hostel. In some hotels electricity is not guarded 24/7, you don’t want to be caught up in total darkness when that happens.

Or you don’t want to be “that person” that switches on the light when everyone else is sleeping in the wee hours of the night.

So make sure that you add a headlamp like this on your hostel packing list.

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essential items for a hostel

10. Laundry bag

Most hostels don’t offer laundry services and if they do, it will be at a  cost.

And since you’re traveling on a budget, the main goal is to minimize expenditure, so carry this small laundry bag to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones until when you’re able to wash them or get someone do it for you at a cheaper cost.

10. Noise-canceling earphones

Yes, it might get a bit noisy and sometimes you just want to concentrate on your own stuff, these noise-canceling earphones will help you with that.

11. Universal travel adapter

One of the things required in a hostel is an adapter but since different countries have different electric sockets, it also means various hostels have different electric plugs.

So carry this universal travel adapter to avoid buying a new adapter for each country you travel to.

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12. Power bank

Wondering what to bring to a hostel? then a power bank is an absolute must, whether you’re staying at a hotel or a hostel.

This is one of the best power banks to carry when traveling anywhere.

13. Amazon Kindle

Hostels are a great way of meeting people while traveling but can also be challenging if you’re an introvert who prefers to be alone instead of making new friends.

So if you want to kill boredom while at a hostel the i recommend carrying a kindle paperwhite to read your favorite books.

This is one of the best seller kindles on Amazon. You can also sign up for Kindle Unlimited reading on any of your devices. Not yet

sure how it works, you can signup for a monthly free trial before you can commit.

14. First Aid Kit

This is perhaps the number one thing most people are likely to forget while packing for a hostel stay yet it’s very important since accidents can happen anywhere.

The first aid kit should contain all the medication you might need depending on the state of your health but items like plasters, blister plasters, and painkillers shouldn’t miss in your kit regardless of whether you’re perfectly healthy or not.

You can grab yourself this first aid kit if you don’t have one yet as it is small enough to fit in your backpack but all has all the things needed for a first medical response.

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15. Sleeping bag liner

A sleeping bag liner is one of the most useful hostel essentials but also one of the most underlooked items while packing for a hostel.

We can not overlook the fact that some of the budget hostels are not the cleanest and some might even have bedbugs.

For travelers, the best sleeping bag liner is the rectangular one as it helps separate you from the bedding of the hostel if you’re not sure of the cleanliness of the sheets.

There are so many sleeping bag liners on the market but I recommend this silk rectangular bag liner as it is very lightweight, warm during the cold weather but also cooler during the warm weather.

16. A proper/ functional backpack

Being a backpacker is all about traveling light, cheap, and being able to fit all your items in one sizable backpack.

There is no point in knowing what to pack for a hostel if you don’t have where to pack everything.

The highly recommended backpack among backpackers is this Osprey Atmos AG 65 backpack. It’s not only fancy, but also very durable, functional, sizable, and also comes in both women’s and men’s design.

Now that you know what to pack for your hostel stay plus all the things required for a hostel, there are some things you perhaps thought you needed to pack but actually don’t need. So here is what not to pack for a hostel.

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What not to pack for a hostel

packing list for a hostel stay

1. A sleeping bag

By all means, you won’t need a sleeping bag at a hostel. However cheap or out of shape the hostel you’re planning to stay at might be, they will provide a bed and a mattress.  So don’t use up all the space in your backpack by packing a sleeping bag.

2. Beddings

Just like the sleeping bag, beddings are absolutely unnecessary to pack for a hostel. Hostels do provide bedsheets and bedcovers/blankets. So carrying them would be a waste of space.

3. Tent

Unless your plan is to camp outside the hostel (which is unlikely), a tent would be extremely useless to pack for a hostel.

4. A bad attitude (LOL)

I am not saying that you have a bad attitude but I am just saying that if you have one of those days where you get grumpy and everything (or all days), it might be better for you and everyone else to exercise being nice since you’ll be sharing space with many other people that might not be very welcoming to someone with a bad attitude.

There you have it, backpackers, this is literally everything you need while staying at a hostel. You can add other things that might be important to you as an individual but this is the essential hostel packing list.

Just remember not to overpack (i am gradually learning how to pack less), be friendly at the hostel, and have fun while doing so.

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