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  1. I always store my valuables and cash in different places. On my person, in my handbag and deep in my backpack. So far I have been lucky and nothing has been stolen. But I imagine even if someone took some part of my luggage I would still have a credit card and some cash in a different place.
    Great packing list by the way.

    1. You have smart packing tips Lena! There is definitely no way anyone could take all your money at once and it’s good to know you’ve never be robbed, i hope it stays that way!!

  2. Africa is one of those places where you really need to be prepared, so it’s good to have such a comprehensive packing list before you leave. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well, that’s quite a list you got there, and probably some folks wouldn’t have thought about half of it. As someone not relying on electronics, a nice paper guidebook always comes in handy.

  4. This is certainly a useful shopping list for anyone joining a safari. What is your experience with these water filters? I never really trust them and do buy bottled water – which, of course, is not good for the environment. And is there really someone packing high heels for a safari?!

    1. Hhaha just a pro tip for people who are addicted to carrying heels every where.
      The good quality water filters actually work.

  5. Really comprehensive suggestions. I also recently started using SPF chapstick and they have been pretty great for the outdoors too! Camping tents, do you think they can be rented from the major cities for those who dont have one?

  6. I haven’t been to any African country yet, but this seems to be quite a comprehensive list of suggestions! I didn’t even know you can bring your own tent to sleep in a safari – is it safe or are there specific places to do that? (in terms of animals, not humans)

    1. It is safe to camp in Africa since there are normally designated areas for camping. And in some instances, you can talk with the hotel management and be allowed to camp in their hotel gardens.

  7. Great list although I pack most of this stuff except the camping gear when I travel normally! LOL! Binoculars, that is one thing I wouldn’t have thought of brining so that’s such a useful tip. Camera wise, we always bring everything and this is no exception although I’d probably try and hire a super zoom lens just for the trip.

    1. I am glad you found the list comprehensive . I hope you have an amazing safari when you decide to travel to Africa

  8. Great List, didn’t realize I need these things if I’m going to Safari. Binoculars is a must, cause I usually just have my bag and cam, but not sure if I have a heart to camp though haha.

    1. Haha camping is fun but can be a bit scary the first time.
      And yes binoculars are super important on an African safari

  9. This is a great list, and all of these items are very useful on a safari. The safari backpack is a clever idea. I travel with backpacks, depending on the location, and the ones you recommend have really cool features and pockets.

    1. Thank you, i am glad you like my recommendations. A back back is ideal if you plan to move around often rather than staying in one place

  10. The one about heels reminds me how sometimes when I’m waiting to go through airport security, I see a lot of women in heels. Why??? I rarely wear them anymore, just for special occasions in my everyday life, let alone while travelling! Seriously, you should see my mum’s feet after she’d been wearing heels for 20 years.

  11. My problem would be over-packing! I wonder if I ever will grow out of it. But I guess if I bought a backpack I could only fill it.

    1. I also had the issue of over packing, but i am slowly learning to just pack the essentials.

  12. Incredibly thorough packing list! I love that you have to say to leave the high heels home! Gosh I would hope no one brought their high heels on an African safari!

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