Not sure what to pack or wear in Egypt? This packing list for Egypt will show you everything you’ll need to have a fun trip to Egypt.

Like any first time traveler, I remember I scouted the internet nonstop looking for what to pack for Egpyt especially the clothes for my first Egyptian trip.

I knew it was a different country and culture compared to back home in Uganda and I needed to know exactly what to Pack.

And knowing that it was an Islamic country, I knew that the Egypt dress code would be a bit different from what I might be used to.

With the little advice I got online and my own personal judgment, I packed my bags and straight to the land of the Pharaohs.

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But I got to tell you, it was kinda hard since I had to gather lots of information from different sources.

So to make sure that you don’t waste so much time on turning the internet upside down looking for things to take to Egypt as I did, I compiled this complete packing list for Egpyt.

It includes everything you’ll need from the essential Egypt travel items to what to wear in Egypt.

So without any further ado, let’s look at all the things you should add to your Egypt packing list.

But before you go, make sure that you’ve read these Essential travel tips for Egypt. The post includes the best time to visit Egypt, what to eat, how the weather is like in Egypt, transportation, visa requirement, and places to visit – basically everything you need to know before traveling to Egypt. So make sure that you read it.

The complete Packing list for Egypt

The commonest question people always ask is the kind of clothes they should pack for Egypt. So let’s first look at the clothes to wear in Egypt and that will give you the right picture.

egypt packing list

What to wear in Egypt

Like I mentioned earlier, Egypt is an Islamic country which means that women dress modestly. From covering their head, shoulders to the legs. So as you pack for Egypt, keep in mind that you need to take clothes that are modest.

However, the clothes you pack entirely depend on the weather but even with that, they should be on the modest side.

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What to wear in Egypt as a woman

Breathable T-shirts and Tops

Any form of breathable t-shirts like this one can work well as long as they cover the shoulders.

Since Egypt is all about modesty, thrown in a few long-sleeved tops like this one that you can wear even to places of worship.

But remember that being modest doesn’t mean ugly tops, these cute tops will cover all the essentials parts but will also keep you looking nice.

If you have your cute crop tops, you can keep them for resorts or beach towns like Dahab or Sharm-el-Sheikh but definitely not on the streets of Cairo and other non-beach towns otherwise you’ll be attracting unwanted attention for something you can avoid.

things to pack for egypt

Large Scarf

Though you do not need to cover your head as a tourist, there are some places you’ll go to like mosques where you’ll need to.

So always have this kind of scarf in your bag should you need it.

A scarf is not just for visiting mosques but even when you participate in desert sports like quad biking or camel riding.

You’re better off covering your head with a scarf to prevent it from getting extremely dusty.

Honestly, a scarf might seem like a small thing but it has a number of functions which makes it ideal to be added to your Egypt packing list.

You can choose to carry one that is big enough to act as a light blanket when it gets cold.

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Egypt packing list

A Hidden pocket scarf

On that same note, I recommend carrying this secret pocket scarf when traveling to Egypt. The secret pocket in it will enable you to hide in your money, a passport or even your phone when walking around Egypt. It’s a good safety hack to use while traveling


Unlike what you might have read somewhere else, Jeans are acceptable in Egypt and no one will give you “that eye”.

I mean I literally wore jeans most of the time while in Egypt and I never got any issues or stares.

However, if you’re a curvy woman, make sure that they’re not too tight on you.

This pair of jeans is perfect for any kind of woman and their ability to stretch makes them ideal.

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Can I wear leggings in Egypt? This question is soo common especially for people traveling to Egypt for the first time.

The short answer is YES. However, the way you wear leggings in Egypt is going to be different from how you wear them back home. I mean we all know how leggings make our bodies look like!

Wearing leggings with a tank top just won’t work in Egypt. The best way is to wear them with a long top or blouse that covers your backside.

If you buy this kind of merino leggings, then pair it with this kind of top, you won’t only look smart but also “decent” for Egypt.

what to wear in Egypt as awoman

If you plan to go to a resort town or a beach, carry some nice pairs of shorts like these ones. However, refrain from wearing them on city streets or anywhere that is not a beach, resort, or swimming pool.

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Dresses and Skirts

Long dresses like this are perfect for visiting mosques. You don’t have to worry about covering your legs or shoulders with a scarf, just put on your long dress and you’re good to go.

Skirts are also perfect for the same. However, the dresses and skirts don’t need to be the sweeping floor kind.

As long as the length is below the knees, you should be able to walk on the streets without any glares.

But remember that Egypt is extremely hot, so you might want to rethink if you’ll be comfortable with the maxi dresses/ skirts. And if not, anything that goes past the knees is acceptable.


For heavy chested women, I’d suggest staying away from pushup bras if you don’t want to create immediate attention on the girls.

Sports bras like this one will be comfortable and “modest” at the same time.

There is no doubt that Egyptian men can look and they don’t even try to hide it. So if you still feel like your bust area is attracting a lot of attention, just wear a scarf around your neck and let it flow beneath.

what to wear in Egypt

What to wear in Egypt for Men

Honestly, men’s dress code in Egypt doesn’t need so much thought as they’re not scrutinized a lot. It’s like the idea of modesty doesn’t affect them so much.

But to give you a brief, here is what to wear in Egypt as a man.


Unlike women, men can wear shorts even in the city streets even if they’re slightly above the knees.

These cargo travel shorts are really cool and they will do well in Egypt.


You can never go wrong with T-shirts. You can mix it up with different colors and designs. These Merino wool T-shirts are the best as they’re light, breathable, easy to wash, and do not stay sweaty even if you sweat. Polo shirts are also great for an evening out while in Egypt.

Button-up shirts

It’s always a good idea to throw in some button-up shirts like these ones to keep it classy but yet simple. You’ll also be on the modest side of things.

Convertible Pants

These Convertible pants are a must have while packing for Egypt. They can be long pants and easily converted to shorts when it gets really hot – which is expected.

Jeans/Khaki pants

You can add at least one pair of jeans and one pair of khaki pants.


A couple of Merino wool boxers will work perfectly well even in the heat of Egypt.

what to pack for Egypt

Clothes to wear in Egypt: Unisex edition

Warm sweater/Fleece

Though Egypt is warm almost the entire time, it gets chilly during the night. So just because it’s a desert area, you shouldn’t think that you won’t need a fleece.

A sweater like this or this fleece can do just fine as you plan how to dress in Egypt.

For the guys, I suggest going with this full-zip Columbia fleece. It’s warm enough for those chilly days but not too hot to make you uncomfortable.


I suggest carrying warm but light pajamas to stay comfortable during the night. These pajamas for women and these men will be great for Egypt.


If you plan to go to the beach or to the swimming pool, then packing a swimwear will be great for Egypt.

This one-piece or this 2 piece swimsuit is great for women and these swim pants will make any man want to go to the beach.

It’s also important for women to carry a beach coverup like this one to accentuate your entire look.

Some few FAQ about what to wear in Egypt

What to wear to the Pyramids in Egypt.
Anything described above can be worn. In fact, for my trip to the pyramids, I wore these kinds of jeggings and this kind of floral top.

Can I wear leggings in Egypt?
Yes, you can. But like I explained above, try to wear it with a longer top or blouse not to drive attention to your backside.

What to wear in Cairo
Other than shorts and tanks tops, everything else described in this guide can be worn in Cairo.

packing list for egypt

Shoes to Pack for Egypt

Egypt is dry and can be really dusty. So you can expect a lot of walking in between Egypt’s famous landmarks.

This means that the best shoes to wear in Egypt are ones that are really comfortable and easy to walk in for a long distance.

Sneakers/running shoes

To make sure that you don’t end your day with extremely dusty feet, I’d suggest opting for covered shoes instead of walking in flipflops.

These can be any kind of running shoes – I never leave behind my Nikes. They are great for those long days with lots of walking.

They’re also perfect for walking in the red sand desert when you visit the Giza pyramids.

Ankle boots/Alternative pair

When I travel, I always carry 2 pairs of shoes so that if one gets an issue, I don’t have to buy a new pair immediately.

For your second pair, you can choose to pack ankle boots. They always add a touch of class to anyone wearing them.

I recommend these super stylish boots for women and these Converse All star for men.

egypt things to pack
Flip flops/Flats

Also, don’t leave behind your flip flops. They’re great to wear after a long day of being in closed shoes. These flip flops are my favorite and I’ve read nice reviews about these guys’ flipflops.


If you plan to sleep in hostels with shared bathrooms, it’s paramount to take slippers so that you don’t use public bathrooms barefooted.

These slippers are actually also perfect to walk in around your hotel/hostel as they’re comfortable and casual.

Water shoes

For my trip to Egypt, I made a mistake of not carrying water shoes even when I knew I was going to go snorkeling in the Blue hole in Dahab, so I had to buy myself a pair while there.

Though they were not very expensive, I later found out that I would have gotten a better deal if I had just bought these ones from Amazon.

But if you’re not going to participate in any water sports like snorkeling or diving, it’s not necessary to take the water shoes.

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Other clothing accessories to pack for Egypt

Some of the other clothing accessories to add to your packing list for Egypt include;


packing list for Egypt

On top of what to wear in Egypt, there are some other essentials you should not leave behind.

So below are some of the important things to add to your Egypt packing list.

Egypt packing list: The luggage


Hands down this Osprey backpack is the best backpack you can ever take to Egypt.

It has a number of compartments to keep your stuff organized and it’s lightweight. It also comes with a backpack cover to keep your backpack clean and dry at all times.

Another great thing that I love about this backpack is that it has a full opening (it opens like a suitcase) which means that you can access your stuff pretty easily.

Day Pack

Since there is so much to see in Egypt, your trip is likely to be filled with back to back activities and you’ll need to carry some essential stuff for the day.

This osprey daypack is what I recommend. It’s lightweight and the perfect size to walk around with during your sightseeing.

It has a number of compartments and the water bottle holder will come in very handy.

things to take to Egypt
Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a traveler’s best friend. They’ve literally changed the way I pack while traveling.

They help me stay organized instead of removing everything from the backpack just to locate one pair of socks.

This 4 set packing cubes work really great but if you personally need more, you can grab the 5 piece packing cubes or these 6 pieces cubes.

Just make sure that whatever you do, you add packing cubes to your packing list for Egypt.

Travel pouch/passport holder

If you’re traveling to Egypt especially in Cairo, you’ll need to have a travel pouch to keep your valuables close.

Just like many big cities, there is a lot of petty theft in Cairo, so a travel pouch like this one will help you keep your items (like money, passport, phone, and other documents) right where you can see them all the time.

Packing list for Egypt: The Gadgets

A universal travel adaptor

It’s very possible that your home country’s adapter won’t work in Egypt because most countries have different kinds of adapters.

So before you travel to Egypt, carry a universal travel adaptor like this one so that you are able to use it in every country you travel to.

A power bank

If you’re like me who uses her phone literally all the time – whether for translation, directions, taking photos or texting, then you need to carry a power bank to make sure you never run out of battery.

This Anker power bank can charge your phone a number of times and faster.


You might not face power cuts while in Egypt but I still advise you to take a headlamp like this to make sure you’re prepared should darkness arise.


One of the things not to leave behind when packing for Egypt is a camera.

With the many places to visit in Egypt, you’ll need to take your camera to capture all the history that beams in this country.

If you don’t have a personal camera yet, check out this list of the best travel cameras recommended by other travelers to draw inspiration on what you might buy.

Pro tip* If you’re not big on photography, then you can leave the camera behind since taking photos inside some of the popular Egyptian landmarks is not allowed unless you buy a Photography pass and not just the entry ticket.

what to pack for Egypt
Extra Memory cards and batteries

If you’re taking a camera, remember to also carry your extra batteries and memory cards to store all your photos.

This 256 GB SanDisk memory card will absolutely be enough to store all your photos while your travel.

Noise-canceling earphones

Every now and then, every one of us just wants their “personal” space even in the most crowded places.

The “alone” time might not mean laying on the beach barefooted but rather listening to something on your phone.

So to make sure you do that while keeping away all the noise, grab yourself these noise-canceling earphones.

They’re also great on the plane – which is like killing 2 birds with one stone.

Kindle reader

Although there is so much to see and do in Egypt, sometimes you just want to relax in the corner and read a good book.

But that also doesn’t mean carrying ten thousand books (even 3 are many) since the idea is to pack light. (If you don’t know how you can pack light, read this post to get all the practical tips).

You can just carry a kindle reader where you’ll get access to hundreds of books to read without the weight of the actual books.

What to pack for Egypt: The safety items

First of all, don’t be scared. Traveling to Egypt is absolutely safe but even so, you need to observe the general travel safety tips but also pack things that will keep you safe while on the road.

Travel Insurance

Just like traveling anywhere around the world, you’ll need to have travel insurance.

It’s not always good to take chances when traveling in a foreign country. You don’t want to find yourself in an uncomfortable position miles away from home.

World Nomads travel insurance is the go-to for most travelers as it covers a number of activities and can be bought online from over 130 countries.

First Aid kit

A first Aid Kit is a must-have as you plan your Egyptian trip.

This medical kit is handy as it has all the equipment you may need for minor injuries but it’s also small enough to fit in any kind of backpack.

egypt packing tips
Travel Water Filter

It’s unlikely that you might end up needing a travel filter while in urban areas because it’s easy to access drinkable water, but it might be different if you embark on the off the beaten path.

To make sure that you stay safe at all times, carry a travel personal water filter to use when you have no access to clean water.

Pro tip* Tap water in Egypt is not safe to drink. You can easily buy bottled mineral water from supermarkets but if not, first purify the tap water with your travel water filter.

A money belt

In some places in Cairo like the Khan el Khalili market and other crowded places, you might need to have a money belt to keep your cash safe.

Pickpocketing is common in Cairo and that’s just like any other big city.

If you don’t feel comfortable walking around with money, you can buy this money belt that comes with a hidden pocket for your peace of mind and security.

TSA approved locks

Remember the Osprey backpack we talked about earlier, it might be fancy and all but it won’t keep your items safe without locks.

So as a rule of thumb, make sure that you have these TSA approved locks to keep your stuff safe from pickpockets or even someone going through your stuff if you choose to sleep in a shared room.


Before you travel to Egypt, consult with your doctor to advise you on the medication you might need especially if you have an ongoing condition.

Also, throw in a couple of painkillers. Whether it’s about having a long day that brings you a headache or eating something that brings you a stomachache, you’ll be happy that you carried some pain relievers.

egypt packing guide

Egypt Packing list: The travel accessories

Even though some of these things are not essential, I find it necessary to have them for every trip I go to in order to make my trip easier.

A compressible water bottle

With the heat in Egypt, you’ll need to have water on you all the time.

And since it’s not great to keep buying disposable plastic bottles all the time.

You’re better off having a compressible water bottle like this to just keep refilling when it runs dry.

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A microfiber travel towel

If you plan to sleep in hotels, you might not need one as they provide towels but in hostels, you definitely need to carry one.

But even so, you might need one to either take it to the beach or the pool.

The advantage of this microfiber travel towel is that it’s lightweight, small, drys quickly, and easy to wash should you choose to do your own laundry.

A travel pillow

Ok, we have to agree that long overnight train rides are not the most comfortable while traveling in Egypt.

But even before that, sleeping on a plane without a travel pillow is not enjoyable. The worst part is that some people easily get neck pains.

To make sure that you stay comfortable on those long journeys, I recommend getting this Saireider travel neck pillow.

It is super comfortable and light – you’ll be glad you bought it.


There is no doubt you’ll need sunscreen while in Egypt. The sun burns with literally no mercy.

So to protect your precious skin and face from burning, carry a sunscreen. Its better you buy it before you go to Egypt because the ones there can be a little pricey.

giza pyramids

Things to take to Egpyt: Toiletries

Toilet Paper

Keep some toilet paper in your purse because not all public toilets in Egypt have them.


You would want to take one like this to keep your skin from getting extremely dry.

Lip Balm/Chapstick

Still, about that heat, this SPF chapstick moisturizer will help carb your lips from drying and breaking.

Lotions and Perfumes

I suggest getting the small plastic travel bottles to transfer your lotions and perfumes into so that you don’t carry your bulky items.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes should become your best friend while traveling through the scorching sun of Egypt. They’ll keep you a bit refreshed every now and then.

Other toiletries to carry
  • Deodorant
  • Razor
  • ToothBrush
  • Hair shampoo
  • Hair Brush
  • Hygiene products etc

If you read this packing list for Egypt till the end, thank you! And it also means that you now know exactly what to pack for your anticipated trip.

But before you go, check out some other Egyptian posts below to be fully prepared.

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