Traveling to Europe this summer and don’t know what to pack? Here is the complete packing list for Europe in summer with everything you’ll need to enjoy the sun.

When the sun comes out, you know its time to go out and thank the heavens for the beautiful weather.

Whether it is lazing it out on the beach to get a good tan, flock to the famous cities of Europe, or even the hidden gems to avoid the crowds, summer brings out the fun side in everyone.

But with the excitement that comes with finally getting some sun after the long gray winter months, it’s possible to forget to pack a few essentials for Europe.

To make sure that you don’t forget anything as you enjoy the beautiful weather everyone is always looking forward to, here is the complete packing list for Europe in summer plus what to wear to stay fashionable and comfortable.

Packing list for Europe summer

Packing for summer in Europe: The Gadgets

1. Phone

I don’t know if there’s anyone who would forget their phone but I know I wouldn’t.

But to make sure that you don’t forget it whatsoever, I am adding it to this Europe travel checklist for summer.

2. Camera

With all the beautiful landmarks in Europe, you’d need to take a good quality camera to capture not only the incredible architecture but also the memories you create.

Most travelers to Europe love the Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera but you can also draw inspiration from these best travel cameras to decide on what you want to take.

3. Extra memory cards and batteries

While capturing the beautiful memories, it’s very likely that you’ll run out of memory space and your camera battery will die out!

So as you pack for Europe in summer, make sure that you don’t forget to carry extra memory cards and batteries.

I prefer this Samsung memory card but other travelers say that they prefer this Sandisk memory card.

4. Portable power bank

Even when enjoying the beautiful summer European weather, we always find ourselves wanting to use our phones.

Whether it is to listen to music, stay connected with our families back home, or find directions on google maps -it’s inevitable to not use it.

And for those reasons, it’s important for your phone to never run out of battery and if it does, make sure that you have a power bank to charge it.

This Anker power bank is portable not to weigh you down as you roam around Europe’s popular destinations and can also charge your phone up to 3 times without itself running out of battery.

5. A universal travel adapter

I’d say carry a European travel adapter but since there are some countries where it doesn’t work, like in the UK and Ireland, I recommend taking this Epicka Universal travel adapter.

This will save you a lot of money you would have spent buying a different travel adaptor for each country you travel to.

6. Kindle E-reader

There are those moments when you’ll want to just chill in the chair or on the beach to read a good book.

Though you can travel with a real hard copy book, I recommend taking a Kindle E-reader as it is light, small and you have access to a number of books on just one small gadget.

7. Noise canceling earphones

Whether is it to listen to music or block the “noise” around you for a while, I recommend adding these noise-canceling earphones to your packing list for Europe in summer.

Packing for Europe summer: Packing essentials

europe in summer packing list

8. Good quality backpack

As a backpacker, the first thing you should have before traveling to Europe is a good quality backpack.

The most loved Backpack that I also recommend is this Osprey backpack.

It is sturdy, has a full opening (like that of a suitcase), has a hydration reservoir sleeve and the Anti-Gravity suspension feature will make you feel like you’re carrying less weight compared to what you’re actually carrying.

9. Packing cubes

The best way to pack while traveling to Europe is to use packing cubes. These packing cubes will help you keep your travel items organized and also pack light.

The best way to use packing cubes is to allocate different essentials to different cubes. Say one for tops, one for bottoms, one for other accessories like that.

I love this 5 piece packing cubes but if you prefer more, then you can check out this 6 piece set or the 7 pieces set of packing cubes.

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10. Day pack

Another important item to add to your packing list for Europe in summer is a daypack.

A day pack is important when it comes to keeping your day’s essentials while moving up and about the different sites.

I am a huge fan of osprey because of their high-quality backpacks, so I obviously recommend this Osprey day pack.

It is light, small enough for any day’s adventures, has water bottle holders to keep your self hydrated, and of course not forgetting how durable it is.

Europe packing list for summer: Safety essentials

11. First aid kit

Whether you’re traveling to Europe in summer or winter, you should never leave a first aid kit behind as you never know when you’ll get an injury.

The first aid kit you choose should have all the essentials to provide quality first medical attention but also small enough to fit in any kind of backapack without weighing you down.

I recommended going with this first aid kit as it has all those essentials and it is pretty small to carry around anywhere.

12. TSA approved locks

During the summer, you can expect a lot of crowds in Europe, especially at top tourist sites. Unfortunately, even pickpockets hide among those crowds.

So as you roam around the popular sites, you’ll need to keep your daypack locked well with a TSA approved lock like this.

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13. Travel Neck pouch

While still about security, don’t forget to take a travel neck pouch. This travel neck pouch will not only help you keep your travel documents organized and in one place but also provide security to your belongings as its always hanging in your neck.

With this, you’ll have all your money, credit cards, passport, and other important things where you can see them all the time which makes it impossible for you to be pickpocketed.

14. Money belt

If a neck pouch is not your thing or you’d prefer to take extra caution to avoid the pickpockets in the major European cities, then you might consider taking a money belt.

It is literally a belt with a hidden pocket in it where you can keep your money comfortably and never have to worry about it one bit.

15. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the major things to take to Europe in summer.

Since anything can happen while traveling, you’re better off having a fall back plan if something went wrong.

World Nomads is a great option for almost all kinds of travelers especially those traveling in Europe for a short time, but if you’re a digital nomad or traveling through Europe for a long time, then Safety wings is a good insurance company to use.

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16. Pacsafe

If you’re planning on staying at a hostel (or even a hotel actually) while in Europe, then I would recommend taking a Pacsafe.

A Pacsafe will help you keep your valuable essentials safe while in your room.

It’s unlikely that someone will break into your room but its always better to take precautıon.

This Pacsafe is easy to use, easy to pack and has a wire mesh which you can easily fasten around your hotel/hostel bed to keep your items secure.

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Summer vacation packing list for Europe: The essentials

17. Collapsible travel water bottle

In the scorching heat of the summer, it would be a mistake not to have water on you all the time so that you stay hydrated.

The best way to do that is to always have a water bottle so that you can refill it whenever you run out – and a big plus is that some European countries have water fountains distributed around the cities so it’s even easier to fill up your bottle and it is also a good way to preserve the environment by not using disposable plastics bottle.

Any water bottle can work in Europe but I prefer this Nomader collapsible water bottle as it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my luggage.

However, if you plan to go backcountry, you might consider taking this water bottle as it comes with a purifier to purify any kind of backcountry water.

18. Micro fiber travel towel

Whether it is to use it at a hostel if you stayed at one or after a swim, you’ll need to pack a microfiber towel for Europe.

I prefer a microfiber travel towel like this one because it is lightweight, very absorbent, and dries pretty fast which makes it a good travel towel compared to the ordinary ones.

19. Travel pillow

A travel pillow will be very handy to keep your neck in check especially when you’re flying.

A travel pillow like this will work perfectly well as you travel to Europe since it packs light hence saving you a lot of space if you’re like me who’s obsessed with packing light.

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20. Head Lamp

Unlike in some parts of Africa or Asia, you might not come across any places in Europe without electricity.

But even so, you need to pack a good quality headlamp for those days you might need light.

Whether you hiked a bit late and need light or you decided to go on a camping adventure, regardless of what, add this headlamp to your Europe packing checklist.

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21. Travel Umbrella

Don’t be surprised to see it raining during the summer. Though it happens rarely, it’s better to be prepared by having a sturdy travel umbrella like this one.

Europe travel essentials: Self care items and Toiletries

22. Sun screen

One of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make while traveling to Europe in summer is not packing sunscreen.

With the scorching sun and current heatwaves, you’ll burn instantly if you don’t wear sunscreen.

However, do not just take any kind of sunscreen, one with an SPF of over 50 like this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen is what is recommended by dermatologists.

23. Chap stick Lip moisturizer

While moving up and down under the sun, your lips are bound to get dry or even crack if you do nothing about them.

To make sure that it doesn’t happen, keep them moisturized by applying lip balm.

Opt for one with an SPF as it will work best at safekeeping your lips from drying up. This chapstick is what I recommend as it meets those qualities.

24. Sun glasses

Other than just looking cool as you walk around the European streets or along the beaches, sunglasses are an important item to pack for Europe in summer to protect your eyes from the sun.

Normal glasses can work but polarized sun glasses are better at blocking out the sun and keeping your eyes safe.

25. Hand sanitizer

As you pack for Europe in summer, make sure that you don’t leave behind a hand sanitizer.

It’s perfect for those times when you need to grab a quick snack you might have packed in your daypack for lunch yet you have nowhere to clean your hands from. This hand sanitizer that kills almost 99% of bacteria and viruses will save the day.

26. Wet wipes

There is no doubt that you’ll sweat while in Europe during the summer. So to avoid looking sweaty all the time, carry these wet wipes with you.

Other toiletries to pack in summer in Europe

  • Body cream
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Toilet paper
  • Razors etc

27. TSA Approved Toilet bag

To make sure that you keep all those toiletries mentioned above organised, you need to have a toilet bag.

I prefer this transparent toilet bag as you can easily see wherever each item is instead of having to remove everything every time you need something. It is also TSA approved which means that you can fly with it without any issues.

However, some people prefer this travel hanging toilet bag which they can easily hang in their hotel bathroom as soon as they reach. Regardless of what works for you, make sure that you add a toilet bag to your packing list for Europe in summer.

What to pack for Europe in summer: The beach essentials

28. Beach blanket

A summer getaway is not complete without hanging at the beach for a couple of days. With that in mind, to have the best time at the beach, you’ll need to have a beach blanket.

This beach blanket is large and sand proof which means that you’re less likely to have sand in your hair while chilling on it.

29. Snorkeling gear

If your summer escape is in one of Europe’s snorkeling destinations, then you should consider taking some snorkeling gear.

Though it’s easy to rent them for a day or a few hours in some places, if you just want to have your own, then you can buy this snorkeling set.

30. Swimming googles

I am personally not a huge fan of swimming googles but I know some people can never go swimming without them.

If you’re that person, then add these swimming google on the summer packing list for Europe.

31. Dry bag

To make sure that you don’t mix your wet clothes after swimming with your dry ones, you should carry a dry bag like this one.

And also, if you’re heading to the beach solo and worried about the safety of your belongings while swimming, you can just put them in the waterproof dry bag and hit the water with it.

It can actually also double as your laundry bag to avoid mixing dirty laundry with clean clothes.

32. Waterproof phone case

I am the kind of person that would not think twice about going with my phone near water.

So to avoid screaming my lungs out if it accidentally falls in the water, I always take this kind of waterproof phone case to fully protect it.

33. Sun hat

A sun hat is one of the accessories you should pack while traveling to Europe in summer to help shield you from the sun. This one is perfect for the beach.

For a complete list of the beach items to pack for summer in Europe, check out my comprehensive packing list for the beach.

What to wear in Europe in summer: Clothes and accessories to pack (Women’s edition)

what to wear in summer in europe

I have to say that packing for Europe in summer is so easy when it come to what to wear.

It’s the time of the year when all the fun, floral and free clothes are on full display. But if you don’t know what clothes to pack for European summer, below is the complete list.

34. Swim wear

Since summer is all about hitting beaches and swimming pools, you should never leave a swimsuit behind.

I love this one-piece swimsuit and this one but this 2 piece bikini is to die for as you show off your summer body. Oh don’t worry, the beach is gonna get whichever summer body you serve.

35. Beach cover up

I have to say that I am a bit shy to walk a long distance on the beach with just a bikini on, so I always carry a beach cover-up to feel absolutely comfortable.

36. Scarf

A scarf is pretty multi-purpose and you ought to add it to your summer vacation packing list.

You can use it to cover your shoulders if you happen to visit a mosque, use it as a beach wrap, as a blanket when it gets cold, or even as an accessory when going out in the night. You can opt for the designer one like this or this large one for those chilly days.

37. Summer dresses

Summer dresses are so easy to wear and they bring out the fun and vibrancy of anyone wearing them.

Off-the-shoulder dresses: I love off-shoulder dresses like this one for summer as they’re fun and so classy.

Floral dresses: A Floral dress like this one or this playful one should never miss in your European summer wardrobe.

Maxi dress: Also, throw in a few maxi dresses like this one that you can wear when visiting places of worship like churches and mosques or even just casually.

Playsuits: Oh, and I love my playsuits/rompers. I think I have like ten of them – yes I am obsessed with playsuits and I believe they’re so cute for summer. This one is my favorite followed by this one.

Cocktail dress: While packing your summer clothes, don’t forget to throw in a cocktail dress like this one for those days you may want to dress up and go for dinner in a nice restaurant overlooking the beach (well even if it’s not – I am just already visualizing my summer like this).

38. Tops

Tank tops: These are the best tops to pack for Europe in summer. They’re light enough for the heat of the summer but also cute when paired with cool shorts or jeans.

Colorful tops: Summer is all about being playful and high spirited. So throw in a couple of floral and vibrant tops like this to stand out.

Off-shoulder tops: I have to admit that I have a little obsession with anything off-shoulder. They are just so simple but also classy and perfect for a summer getaway. I love this one, this one and of course this cute one.

Crop tops: Is it even summer if you don’t have crop tops on your packing list for Europe in Summer? Certainly not! So before you travel to Europe in summer, make sure that you pack at least 2 crop tops. You can buy this or this one but if you can’t choose, just take both.

39. Bottoms

Jeans: Whichever season of the year it is, I always carry at least a pair of jeans. I love these signature by Levi jeans as they’re not only super comfortable on the skin but also look good.

Leggings: A good pair of leggings should not miss on your Europe packing list for summer. I love this pair as it is soft on the skin and a huge plus is that it has a pocket where I can keep my phone. And it is high waisted – every girl knows how huge that is.

Shorts: With the heat of the summer, the best kind of bottoms to wear are shorts. Whether it is the activewear shorts for a jog in the morning, these Denim shorts to hit the streets of Europe or these adorable pair of shorts for the beach, whatever you do, don’t leave shorts behind.

Skirts: I am really not a huge fan of skirts when traveling but some skirts like this one are just too cute and adorable to leave behind.

40. Light Fleece

Though you might not even need one, some nights can get chilly and you’ll need to warm up. I prefer this Columbia fleece as it is light, breathable, and warm.

41. A light weight rain jacket

Yeah, it rains even in summer, so you’ll need to carry a rain jacket. However, you don’t need to carry a heavy one, this lightweight and small rain jacket will work perfectly well for those days.

42. Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes: Since most cities in Europe are walkable and full of cobblestones, you’ll need to pack good walking shoes. I love my Nikes but any of these walking shoes is perfect.

Flip flops: These flip flops are great for the beach or even just walking around your hotel or hostel.

Low cut Boots: If you want to look edgy and stylish, then you might want to pack some super cool boots.

What to wear in Europe in summer: Clothes and accessories to pack (Men’s edition)

43. Swimwear: This swim short is perfect for any beach getaway.

44. Tops: These t-shirts or these polo shirts are great for Europe in summer.

45. Bottoms: Consider taking these cool shorts, and these convertible pants.

46. Fleece: For those chilly nights, this Columbia fleece will come to your rescue.

47. Rain coat: This Columbia lightweight rain jacket will be great.

48. Shoes: You should carry walking shoes but don’t leave behind these flip flops as well.

There you have it, folks, that was the complete packing list for Europe in summer. I hope it helps you plan for your highly anticipated summer getaway in Europe.

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