Fun games to play on a road trip to kill boredom

A few weeks ago, I was on a rather long and fun road trip with a couple of friends. However much we connect really well and always have something to talk about regardless of the topic, sometimes we just found ourselves out of things to talk about and no one wanted to...

How to plan a trip: 12 steps to planning a trip like a pro

Before you get your camera ready to capture the most exotic and beautiful destinations, there is a bit of planning that must be done to make sure you even reach that point. For most people, planning a trip is the least favorite part of traveling. From booking a hotel,...

Beach packing list: 27 Things to bring to the beach

When the sun comes out, you know its time hit the beach! Whether you plan to go for a beach vacation abroad or just the famous beach in your neighborhood, there are some things to bring to the beach. Going to the beach is exciting ( well at least for me)- in that the...

Best cameras for travelers

For photography lovers, an opportunity to travel means an opportunity to capture the most amazing shots. Whether it is capturing African Elephants in Africa or the Bujhi Khalifa building in Dubai, a good camera will determine whether you take that Instagram worthy...



Apps to download before traveling to Uganda

Travel apps have not only made traveling more fun and easier but also saved travelers a lot of time and trouble while enjoying their adventures. In the olden days, all you could do is get a huge paper map, countless travel guide books and head up to your destination,...

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10 Fun facts about Uganda [not the boring ones]

You've probably read about Uganda from; where its located, average number of people, to the times of Idi Amin, to it being a great destination in Africa to being known as the pearl of Africa. But this post is not about the history or the places to see in Uganda and...

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Long haul flight tips [How to survive a long flight]

However excited you are for that highly anticipated trip, moments will come when you get a little bored on the plane. Amongst the crying babies, the long awkward silence while everyone is sleeping, chances are high that boredom will kick in. But long flights don't...

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The top 13 safest African countries to visit

Before traveling to Africa, travelers, especially from Europe and North America, question whether it is safe to travel to Africa. It is no surprise that they question the continent's safety as the media has generally focused on the negative side of Africa and forgot...

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Best things to do in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country, one of the major tourist destinations and above all really huge.  And for most of us, it is one of the hardest and furthest away countries to travel to. But it’s also one of the most popular destinations in the world. With miles of...

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