16 Things not to do when you travel

Often times when we plan to go for a trip, all we look out for are the things to do while we travel. It is no surprise that the most articles you'll find on the internet are about things to do to stay safe while traveling, things to do before traveling abroad, things...

Apps to download before traveling to Uganda

Travel apps have not only made traveling more fun and easier but also saved travelers a lot of time and trouble while enjoying their adventures. In the olden days, all you could do is get a huge paper map, countless travel guide books and head up to your destination,...

10 Fun facts about Uganda [not the boring ones]

You've probably read about Uganda from; where its located, average number of people, to the times of Idi Amin, to it being a great destination in Africa to being known as the pearl of Africa. But this post is not about the history or the places to see in Uganda and...

Long haul flight tips [How to survive a long flight]

However excited you are for that highly anticipated trip, moments will come when you get a little bored on the plane. Amongst the crying babies, the long awkward silence while everyone is sleeping, chances are high that boredom will kick in. But long flights don't...



Best things to do in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country, one of the major tourist destinations and above all really huge.  And for most of us, it is one of the hardest and furthest away countries to travel to. But it’s also one of the most popular destinations in the world. With miles of...

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15 Best tips to packing light: How to travel light

When I had just started traveling, I had a different definition of packing light. For my trip to Egypt that was going to last for 10 days, I packed items that a light packer could use for like 2 months. The more I traveled, the more I learned how to pack light. I'll...

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20 Travel safety tips: How to stay safe while traveling

Have you booked for your long-awaited trip to your bucket list destination? Or just visiting a new city that was recommended by fellow travelers? With all the excitement that comes with visiting a new place, you might forget to take into consideration the country's or...

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Travel guide to Istanbul for first time visitors

Traveling to Istanbul for the first time? It is exciting to be going to this incredible city that is full of wonders and partially a Unesco World Heritage site. After traveling to Istanbul in June 2018 for the first time, I have enough knowledge to write a travel...

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15 Essential Africa travel tips for first time visitors.

You're planning your very first trip to Africa, Yay- it's absolutely an amazing experience and a great step that some travelers are still skeptical about taking. But at the same time, it can be daunting for a first-time visitor to Africa since you have no idea what to...

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Cairo day tours: what to do in Cairo in 2 days

So you've arrived in Cairo but realize that you only have 2 days to enjoy some of the best places in Cairo. You wonder how you're going to enjoy all the Cairo day tours in just 2 days. With a bit of planning and following this extensive 2 days Cairo itinerary, you'll...

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