10 Cheapest countries to visit in Europe

Looking for budget-friendly destinations in Europe? Here are the cheapest countries to visit in Europe on less than $50 a day. Traveling to Europe is every traveler's dream. But that dream is always put on hold due to the fact that Europe is one of the expensive...

13 Rookie Mistakes to avoid in Africa + how to avoid them

Traveling to Africa for the first time? Here are the rookie mistakes to avoid in Africa plus tips on how to avoid them for an amazing trip. Africa is a continent that is blooming with wildlife and immense beauty that every traveler wants to admire. From the incredible...

Packing list for a day hike: 15+ day hiking essentials you should never leave behind

Going on a day hike but don't know what to pack? Here is a complete list of the day hiking essentials with only the things you'll need on the trail There is nothing as adventurous as hiking in the outdoors. Whether it is reconnecting with nature, spending some alone...

How to plan a road trip: 10 simple steps to follow

Want to go on a road trip but don't know where to start? Here is the complete guide on how to plan a road trip from start to finish. It's no doubt that road trips are super fun to go on. In my opinion, packing up your car and hitting the road is the best way to fully...

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