Egypt travel tips: 16 Mistakes to avoid when planning a trip to Egypt

Egypt is undeniably one of the best countries to visit in Africa. In fact, in most cases, it is the first country in Africa that African first time travelers start with. Blessed with an outstanding history that everyone wants to learn about in-depth, this Northern...

18 Incredibly exciting ways to spend Christmas in Paris

Christmas is coming! This is my favorite holiday and celebrating Christmas in Paris is a real treat. The whole city is dressed in its coat of light and shines with a thousand sparkles, the atmosphere so relaxed and soothing. Whether with friends, family or kids, this...

19 Hidden gems in Paris plus the non touristy things to do

Forget the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre! Paris is full of unique places that are quite unusual, and perhaps unheard of by many tourists. With popular tourist sites in Paris overshadowing the others, you might think that Paris is only what you read in the guide books....

The 15 top tourist attractions in Uganda you need to visit

Aside from all the negative press, Uganda used to get in the past decade, this beautiful but rather small landlocked country in the Eastern part of Africa has emerged into one of the best African safari destinations.  From tracking gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable...

12 Biggest mistakes to avoid while traveling in Istanbul

Istanbul is a megapolis city you're bound to fall in love with! With its culture, traditions and a modern touch to it, you'll be torn apart on which side to love the most! But as you explore this big city of Istanbul, there are some mistakes you're bound to make...

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18 Best winter sun destinations in Europe

Europe in Winter means snows, cold weather, shorter days and walking around in 3 to 4 layers of clothing - well, at least for most parts of Europe. While Europe's snowy winter brings along its own charm backed with countless winter sports, not many people want to...

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30 Best winter destinations in Europe to visit

From enjoying views of the snow-capped buildings, tasting mulled wine to getting the cheapest bargain on almost everything - there are plenty of reasons to visit Europe in winter. When the snow starts to fall, this beautiful continent of Europe turns into a cozy and...

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10 Best places to see the Northern lights in Europe

The Northern lights are indubitably one of the magnificent natural wonders in the world that are on everyone's bucket list. Though this phenomenon natural light display in the earth's sky can be witnessed in a number of places, this post will be showcasing some of the...

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Ski trip packing list: What to pack for a ski trip

With winter here, it's time to paint the sky white with snow powder by making countless runs on the smooth pistes while praising the snowy mountains for the opportunity to ski. But before you head up to the mountains to enjoy the slopes, a bit of preparation is...

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