The ultimate guide to climbing Mount Elgon in Uganda

Yay, I finally climbed Mount Elgon. Climbing a mountain was on my bucket list and when the opportunity of climbing Mount Elgon presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands. It's not a challenge many would welcome with excitement (I have friends who would not even...

7 best DIY ways to transform travel souvenirs into home decor

Looking for creative ways to brighten up your home/office with travel souvenirs, here are the best DIY ways to transform travel souvenirs into home decor. We all love buying souvenirs when we travel. Whether you bought souvenirs because they caught your eye, because...

10 Best things to do in Kampala, Uganda

Want to spend some time in Uganda's capital and you're wondering what to do, here are some of the best things to do in Kampala that you should add to your Uganda itinerary. Commonly known as the city of seven hills, Uganda's capital, Kampala has increasingly become a...

Uganda travel tips: 22 Things to know before traveling to Uganda

Planning a trip to the pearl of Africa? These Uganda travel tips will show you all the things to know before traveling to Uganda. Commonly known for Gorilla trekking, this (not so) little gem of Uganda has captured the hearts of nature and safari lovers who want to...

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13 Backpacking hacks every backpacker should know

Backpacking is easy, so I heard! You just have to put a few clothes, some travel gear in a backpack and you're ready to hit the outdoors!! Though that might seem easy - I mean what else could you need to know other than trying to find budget accommodation, know where...

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7 Practical tips for visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Visiting Paris without experiencing the Eiffel tower is out of the question!! Like a lighthouse illuminating the City, it shines over the entire capital as a source of warmth and goodwill! It is indeed a magical landmark recognizable by all and visited by millions of...

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40 Useful tips for first-time travelers

If you're traveling for the first time, there is no doubt you have a lot of questions. Wondering how it's going to be like, what you need to know, how to behave and generally what to expect on your trip. I've been there, in fact, everyone has been there! And having...

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15 Utterly Romantic things to do in Paris for couples

There is no city in the world that exudes romance like Paris. From the many well-maintained parks to picnic from, charming and romantic restaurants, breathtaking sights to the love-filled atmosphere, there are a number of romantic places in Paris to take your loved...

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