10 Most romantic places in Europe you need to visit

Europe, a continent busting with landmarks, cathedrals, and pretty streets, is also full of romantic destinations that warm the hearts of lovers and singles alike. But for couples, this dreamy continent is full of options to enjoy a romantic getaway. Whether it is to...

15 Most romantic things to do in Europe for couples

With Valentine's day around the corner, couples are browsing the internet for ideas of romantic things to do as they celebrate their loved ones. Whether it is to have a romantic candlelit dinner at one of the extravagant restaurants or take your love to the sea by...

What to wear in Paris in winter: Paris winter packing list

Forget Paris in Summer (I'm kidding, every season is quite magical in Paris) but there is something about winter that brings out its coziness to full display. From the high holiday spirit, the many Paris tourist attractions, the ice rinks dotted around the city to the...

10 Best winter festivals in Europe you must attend

Winter season in Europe doesn't have to be boring or all about staying indoors - warm up and have fun as you treat yourself to some of the best winter festivals in Europe. In this post, I will be listing down some of Europe's winter festivals ranging from carnivals,...

30 Practical and best gifts for backpackers

When the holiday season kicks in, it means its time to spoil your loved ones with gifts! But not everyone receives the same kind of presents; gifts for backpackers are going to be different from gifts for a makeup lover or even a non-traveler. So what do you gift...

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11 Best day trips from Paris by train

Are you staying in Paris for a few days? Even though there are many places to visit in Paris within the city, it would be a shame not to go on a trip beyond the city walls! There are plenty of Paris day trips to enjoy in the surrounding area, whether in the immediate...

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2019 Amazon black Friday deals for travelers

It's that time of the year again where we run like crazy to stores to get the greatest bargains we can land our hands on! With percentages dropping as low as 40 sometimes 50 off, its the busiest weekend in the shopping world! From the craze, the hype, the queues to...

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5 Best Cities to Visit in Your Twenties

Your twenties are truly a magical time. It is during these years that you will find yourself crossing the bridge from youth to adulthood. These years are also likely to be the last ones for a while in which you'll find yourself with significant free time or...

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