12 Biggest mistakes to avoid while traveling in Istanbul

Istanbul is a megapolis city you're bound to fall in love with! With its culture, traditions and a modern touch to it, you'll be torn apart on which side to love the most! But as you explore this big city of Istanbul, there are some mistakes you're bound to make...

18 Best winter sun destinations in Europe

Europe in Winter means snows, cold weather, shorter days and walking around in 3 to 4 layers of clothing - well, at least for most parts of Europe. While Europe's snowy winter brings along its own charm backed with countless winter sports, not many people want to...

30 Best winter destinations in Europe to visit

From enjoying views of the snow-capped buildings, tasting mulled wine to getting the cheapest bargain on almost everything - there are plenty of reasons to visit Europe in winter. When the snow starts to fall, this beautiful continent of Europe turns into a cozy and...

10 Best places to see the Northern lights in Europe

The Northern lights are indubitably one of the magnificent natural wonders in the world that are on everyone's bucket list. Though this phenomenon natural light display in the earth's sky can be witnessed in a number of places, this post will be showcasing some of the...

10 Cheapest ski resorts in Europe to enjoy this Winter

When the sun goes out, to some people, it's the end of the traveling season until the next summer but to the adventurous, winter is another season to see the world from a different perspective. And with winter around the corner, some people are looking to stay active...

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12 Most beautiful castles in France to visit

While some may argue that fairytales only ended in the cinderella story and that they don't exist anymore, visiting one or more castles in France is the ultimate fairytale in the 20th century - at least for a person like me or any other traveler who wants to be blown...

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Tips for staying in a hostel for the first time

Planning on staying in a hostel for the first time but not sure how it will turn out? I agree -  the thought of staying with people you don't know (yet) in the same room can be intimidating at first. Weird and scary thoughts can cringe into your mind even when they're...

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