18 Incredibly exciting ways to spend Christmas in Paris

Christmas is coming! This is my favourite holiday and celebrating Christmas in Paris is a real treat. The whole city is dressed in its coat of light and shines with a thousand sparkles, the atmosphere so relaxed and soothing. Whether with friends, family or kids, this...

19 Hidden gems in Paris plus the non touristy things to do

Forget the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre! Paris is full of unique places that are quite unusual, and perhaps unheard of by many tourists. With popular tourist sites in Paris overshadowing the others, you might think that Paris is only what you read in the guide books....

The 15 top tourist attractions in Uganda you need to visit

Aside from all the negative press, Uganda used to get in the past decade, this beautiful but rather small landlocked country in the Eastern part of Africa has emerged into one of the best African safari destinations.  From tracking gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable...

Paris travel tips: 18 Big mistakes to avoid while traveling in Paris

Are you traveling to Paris soon or you're already there? How exciting is that! Honestly, I am a little bit jealous that you're exploring or planning to visit one of the beautiful cities of Europe and I am just behind my desk writing or tucked in my bed re-watching...

12 Easiest ways to make friends while traveling solo

Traveling solo can be an extraordinary, exciting and liberating experience. Setting your own pace and discovering new cities without having to compromise on your enjoyment makes for some fantastic travel adventures. However, when traveling solo, it’s not unusual to...

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27 Biggest mistakes to avoid while traveling in Europe

Just like traveling to any other continent, you're likely to have your own share of mistakes as traveling to Europe is no exception. There are some things first-time travelers to Europe or even seasoned travelers might overlook or even do without realizing that...

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10 Cheapest ski resorts in Europe to enjoy this Winter

When the sun goes out, to some people, it's the end of the traveling season until the next summer but to the adventurous, winter is another season to see the world from a different perspective. And with winter around the corner, some people are looking to stay active...

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12 Most beautiful castles in France to visit

While some may argue that fairytales only ended in the cinderella story and that they don't exist anymore, visiting one or more castles in France is the ultimate fairytale in the 20th century - at least for a person like me or any other traveler who wants to be blown...

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