Are you thinking of traveling to Europe this winter but the intense cold temperatures scare you to the bone? Perhaps you sometimes wonder why people pack their backpacks and walk straight into the snow! Well, there are so many reasons to travel to Europe in winter and if you couldn’t get any- I hope this post convinces you that Europe is not just perfect in summer but also in winter.

Reasons to travel to Europe in Winter

1. Reduced prices on air tickets

The advantage of traveling to Europe in winter is that everything is way cheaper than in the peak season. Flight fares reduce by a big percentage since not so many people are booking air tickets. Don’t believe it? Try checking for flights on Skyscanner now and you’ll be surprised by the incredible bargain.

So, if you had put off traveling to Europe because of the high air ticket prices, traveling in winter is your ticket to affording a flight to Europe.

2. Cheap accommodation and generally low cost of living.

Most hostels and hotels in Europe offer discounts in winter and the general cost of living reduces. From transportation, restaurants, activities to entry fees to tourist attractions – everything becomes cheaper.

This means that you can even prolong your stay in Europe because you have extra money to spend which wouldn’t otherwise be enough in the peak season when everything is priced highly.

Reasons to travel to Europe in winter

3. Fewer crowds and tourists

The truth is that not many people make the decision to travel to the cold destinations of Europe. This means that you won’t haggle with other tourists just to take a photo at famous landmarks and you will not waste spend hours in queues just to get access to famous tourist attractions.

And another win is that you’ll get a closer look at sites and spend more time there without the need to rush through because a thousand other people are waiting behind you.

4. Visit the various Christmas markets

why you should visit Europe in winter

Europe is known for going overboard when it comes to Christmas markets. If you travel to Europe in the months of November and December, you’ll be able to experience the Christmas traditions in Europe, shop souvenirs in the markets, treat yourself to a hot chocolate while enjoying the views of the dazzling Christmas lights.

In almost all the big cities of Europe, you’ll be able to find a Christmas market to wander about as you get the feel of Christmas in Europe.

5. See the Northern lights

Though there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to see the Northern lights regardless of where you go, but during winter, especially from the months of September to April, you’ll have a great chance of seeing the Northern lights if you head to Scandinavian countries.

Even though the Scandinavian countries have some of the coldest winters in Europe, traveling there in winter will enable you to see Aurora Borealis – a natural phenomenon that paints the night sky with beautiful colors. Now that’s a bucket list item that should inspire you to travel to Europe in winter. And if you’re not sure about where to go to see this magical beauty, here are the best places to see the Northern lights in Europe.

6. Enjoy the countless winter sports

visiting europe in winter

With Europe having some of the best ski resorts in the world, it is a haven for winter sports that adventurous travelers should at least once.

Whether it is traveling to Zermatt in Switzerland to enjoy the Swiss Alps while skiing or Borovets in Bulgaria to participate in skiing and snowboarding, or to Jasna in Slovakia so that even your nonskier friends can participate in winter sports like sledging, snow bike and snow scoot, Europe is the perfect winter destination to enjoy countless winter sports. But before you head up to the mountains for a ski holiday, make sure you have all these skiing essentials.


You can also read this comprehensive winter packing list to find out everything you will need to pack for your winter vacation in Europe.

7. Experience a white Christmas

There is nowhere else in the world to experience a white Christmas like in Europe. With snowcapped houses, trees covered in white and Christmas lights so bright, Europe creates a magical and a fairytale Christmas that you see in movies – except that you’ll now be part of that dreamy Christmas movie.

Whether it is experiencing Christmas in Paris, London or Venice, your trip to Europe in winter will be very much worth it as you enjoy the high holiday spirit in these beautiful cities of Europe.

winter in europe

8. See Europe through different lenses

If you’re not yet convinced that it is actually a good idea to travel to Europe in winter, then I hope this does. Traveling to Europe in just summer all the time means that you only know one side of Europe and that you’ve not seen how famous attractions like the Eiffel tower look with a backdrop of falling snow or how the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna glares while covered in snow.

And for photographers, winter is the prime season to capture the best magical and Instagram worthy shots that truly bring out how magical and beautiful Europe is.

9. Major Tourist attractions are still exciting to visit in winter

The main reason as to why millions of tourists flock to Europe is to visit the grandest of its attractions. Winter doesn’t make them less exciting but rather much more enjoyable since they won’t be crowded with tourists.

And the best part is that most attractions in Europe are indoor so you will still be able to enjoy them and also tick them off your bucket list without freezing from outside.

10. There are still some warm places in Europe during winter

reasons to visit europe in winter

If your greatest worry about traveling to Europe in winter is the coldness and snow, then worry not as there some places in Europe where you can still enjoy the cool and warm temperatures.

You might not be able to hit the beach right away but with temperatures around 15 ° C – 24 ° C in places like Cyprus, Malta, Malaga in Spain or Sicily in Italy, you can expect to walk outside without 5 layers of clothes as you enjoy the winter sun.

If you were still skeptical about traveling to Europe in winter, I hope this post has given you enough reasons to start planning your European winter getaway.

Have you been to Europe in winter before? What was your experience walking on cobblestone pathways covered in snow? Share with me in the comment section. And if you haven’t, tell me what’s holding you back from experiencing the magical and snowy Europe.

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Are you still contemplating the idea of visiting Europe in winter? Here are the reasons why you should travel to Europe in winter. |Europe in winter |visiting Europe in winter #winterineurope #Europewinterholiday #theadventurousfeet
Are you still contemplating the idea of visiting Europe in winter? Here are the reasons why you should travel to Europe in winter. |Europe in winter |visiting Europe in winter #winterineurope #Europewinterholiday #theadventurousfeet


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