Looking for where to go on a romantic getaway? Here are the most romantic places in Europe that you and your loved one will enjoy

Europe, a continent busting with landmarks, cathedrals, and pretty streets, is also full of romantic destinations that warm the hearts of lovers and singles alike. But for couples, this dreamy continent is full of options to enjoy a romantic getaway.

Whether it is to celebrate Valentine’s day, enjoy a couple’s city break, or a honeymoon, there are a number of romantic places in Europe that will make your couple’s getaway one of the dreamiest vacations you’ve ever had with your loved one.

From strolling around the coziest places, charming restaurants to the big romantic cities, here are the most romantic places in Europe that you should consider when planning your next romantic getaway with your partner.

Most romantic places in Europe

1. Paris, France

romantic places to visit in Europe

Honestly, Paris needs no introduction when it comes to romantic destinations in Europe. The city of love and the city of lights as commonly known speaks for its self when it comes to romance and it is no surprise that a number of couples choose it as their European honeymoon destination.

With a vast number of romantic things to do, every type of couple can enjoy this lovely haven of Paris. Whether it is to explore the artistry side of Paris by visiting some of the many museums and art galleries, take in the dazzling lights from Paris’ icon of the Eiffel tower, lock your love away as a promise of forever to each other at the Love bridge, picnicking at the beautifully and well-maintained parks or just walking hand in hand through the pretty cobbled streets of Paris – I guarantee there is something that your loved one will love about Paris.

Whether you choose to spend one day in Paris or one month with your loved one, you’re bound to have one of the best romantic getaways in Europe – after all Paris is considered to be the most romantic place in the world and there is no doubt about that.

Aside from doing all the romantic things in the city of lights, don’t be afraid to embark on the off the beaten path of Paris to uncover Paris’ hidden gems as you learn more about your partner too.

If you’re visiting Paris for the first time, make sure you avoid these travel mistakes for a perfect romantic getaway. And if you feel like taking a break from the bustling city of lights, take these easy day trip from Paris to explore what the places outside the city offer. 

2. Cinque Terre, Italy

romantic city breaks in europe

Want to escape the crowds and go on a romantic hideaway, then head to Cinque Terre – a beautiful destination with five coastal villages linked to each other by only walk- paths and railways.

With its original charm dating back to 1972 still intact, this Italian coast with cobblestone walkways, train tunnels, and medieval feel is one of the perfect romantic vacations in Europe.

For couples that want a mishmash of relaxing at the beach and hiking the amazing trails while taking in all the views of this Unesco enlisted site, Cinque Terre will not disappoint in bringing out all those feels.

From the picturesque pretty villages (with each having its own vibe), the delicious Italian and seafood, the calm, quiet and traffic-free roads (due to the fact that there are no cars), to the most beautiful sunsets ever, there are a number of reasons to consider Cinque Terre as a perfect European romantic break to get away from it all as you spend quality time with your lover.

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3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - romantic holidays in europe

Falling just behind Paris and Rome, Prague is one of the romantic cities in Europe that ought to be explored by couples of all tastes.

Prague is one of the best-preserved historic city centers in Europe with a skyline that is over 1000 years old providing spectacular views of the domed churches and old towers.

It is no surprise that this medieval city was nicknamed the “city of a thousand spires” – I mean look at all those spires soaring into the beautiful sky of Prague!

From exploring the pretty cobblestoned streets of the city, cruising on the longest river in the country – Vltava river as you take in the incredible beauty of the Prague Castle, Old Town, and Charles Bridge, lock your love away on the Love Lock bridge, to letting your love blossom as you stroll through Petrin park, the number of things couples can do on a European romantic city break in Prague are countless.

To take your romance to the next level, guide your lover onto a horse-drawn carriage to explore the charms and the famous sights of Prague through the old town as you embrace each other’s presence and you won’t only fall in love with this gorgeous European city but also fall deeper in love with your significant other.

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4. Rome, Italy

rome - most romantic places in europe

If you don’t hear Rome calling for your name when you think of taking romantic city breaks in Europe, then you need to re-evaluate your hearing senses – I’m kidding!  But in all seriousness, with all the underlying beauty, history and romantic vibes that Rome has, there is no doubt it is one of the most romantic places in Europe.

The beauty of going to Rome with your loved one is that everything or everywhere you go in this Italian capital will welcome you with a fresh breeze of love that will make you get the romantic chills – it’s the love in the air kind of situation in the entire city.

Like every couple that makes their way to Rome, the first thing you should do is head to the Trevi Foutain and fulfill the Roman tradition of throwing a coin in the water.

Legend has it that you’ll return to this gorgeous city if you fulfill that tradition. And if you want to stay in love forever with your partner as the legends say, drink from the “Lover’s fountain” – a lesser-known fountain to the right of Trevi.

Other romantic things to do in Rome with your lover include strolling the long streets of Trastevere as you hold hands with the other hand holding a Gelato, walk along the Ponte Sisto which is the most beautiful and picturesque bridge in Rome or just People gaze at the Spanish steps as you chat away with your love.

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5. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges- europe romantic places

Commonly referred to as the “Venice of the North”, Bruges is one of the romantic places to go on a holiday in Europe for couples who want to celebrate their love as they enjoy a medieval feel that this Belgium capital offers.

Aside from the “pretty face” that Bruges wears making it a fairytale destination, there are a number of romantic things couples can do to bring out their romance to the open. Just like in other beautiful cities of Europe, cruising through the narrow canals of the city as you take in the incredible views of the enchanting architecture in a romantic ambiance is one of the highlights of a romantic break to Bruges.

It is not romance in Bruges if you don’t make a stop at the Lover’s bridge to confess eternal love to each other – and no, don’t just stop at that, continue to the charming “Lake of Love” in the middle of Minnewater Park and create your own love story as you mess around with each other at the same time feed the swans! Bruges can’t get more romantic than this. And as a tradition, a kiss of eternal love should not be missed at this incredible lake that speaks Love in all languages.

If you’re still not yet convinced that Bruges is one of the top romantic places in Europe, perhaps taking a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city will help you step into that cozy and romantic feel with your partner as you go on a sightseeing tour of the city’s main attractions.

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6. Capri, Italy

Capri- europe honeymoon destinations

If your dream romantic getaway is to a secluded and beautiful Island, then Capri located in Italy’s Bay of Naples is the ultimate European romantic destination for you.

With villas dotted along the cliff sides overlooking the deep blue waters, this Italian haven has become a perfect getaway for the rich and famous who want to enjoy the perfect natural beauty and ancient ruins that lie on this Italian Bay.

Whether it is going to Monte Solaro which is the highest point on the island to take in all the spectacular views in a birds’ eye, see Capri’s famous landmark Via Krupp, or the world-famous Blue Grotto to finally have a glimpse of what you normally see on postcards, Capris has a number of things to do that will enchant lovers and singles alike.

And while at it, hold your lover’s hand as you enjoy the flora in the gardens of Augustus, and let your breaths be taken away by the picturesque Natural arch.

And if you want to treat yourselves to some souvenirs, go on a shopping spree on Via Camerelle which is home to almost all the most famous fashion brands.

To get a perfect tour of the Island, book a boat cruise as you spot the incredible sights at the shoreline and don’t forget to kiss your significant other as you go through the middle of Faraglione di Mezzo – a thing that is believed to bring good fortune to your lives.

7. Seville, Spain

Seville - romantic trips in europe

Whilst many people will immediately think of Barcelona and Madrid when you talk of romantic holiday destinations in Spain (and indeed, they’re utterly romantic), but there is something about Seville that screams love from the many fountain – filled plazas without even trying hard.

Whether it is strolling through the historic city center, visit the largest and most visited gothic cathedral in the world- Seville cathedral, or row a boat in Plaza de Espana, there are a number of things that make Seville one of the romantic places to go in Europe.

Unlike in the past years, a huge number of cycleways have been established in Seville giving an opportunity for lovers to cycle around the pretty streets of the city while taking in the glistening nightly lights from the historic buildings.

While exploring the city with your lover, walk through the romantic Puente de Triana – a historical landmark in Seville that was designated as a National heritage in 1975.

8. Valletta, Malta

Valletta romantic europe

Although small in size, this Malta’s capital has a number of features that represent love in every corner you look at making it one of the most romantic cities in Europe. This little haven has become Europe’s capital of culture with historical features that led the whole city to be enlisted as a Unesco Heritage site.

From charming and heartwarming places, breathtaking sunsets, to a beautiful coastline, there are a number of romantic things to do in Valletta with your loved one.

If history enchants both of you, a visit to the Valletta museum will leave you in awe of the Grand Master’s place with its outstanding staterooms and Palace Armory. 

And to finish off the day, stroll around the Barraka Gardens and enjoy romantic beautiful sunsets over St. George’s bay as you snuggle with your significant other.

9. Lake Bled, Slovenia

lake bled - most romantic places in europe

Over the years, Lake Bled has earned the reputation of being one of the most romantic getaways in Europe. With the picturesque castle seated high on the hillside and a beautiful Bled island plus the incredible hiking trails, Lake bled is indeed a perfect European getaway for couples.

Aside from exploring the lake itself by paddling a rowboat, you and your loved one can make your way to Bled Island which is the icon of the Lake Bled and also explore the Bled castle to take in all the spectacular views.

If you’re a couple that enjoys a nice hike here and there, you’ll fall in love with the magnificent hiking trails as you sweat it out with your lover – especially the one heading to Mala Osojnica where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of Lake Bled.  And to cool off from the heat of the hike, dive deep in some of Lake Bled’s swimming spots that will rejuvenate you and your partner.

And to fulfill your dream of living happily ever after with your love, head to the church at Lake Bled to ring the “wishing bell”. Legends have it that for whoever rings the bell, their wishes will come true! So go give it a try since there is nothing more romantic than making the same wish with your partner at the wishing bell.

10. Venice, Italy

europe romantic destinations

There is no list of the most romantic destinations in Europe that is complete without Venice. Even though Venice if buzzing with tourists, don’t let the crowds kill your romantic vibe that surrounds this small but beautiful city.

From riding a gondola which is one of the romantic things to do in Europe, sailing through the many beautiful canals, get ting lost in pretty streets of Venice hand in hand to treating yourselves to the tasty gelato, Venice offers a slice of romance from every angle.

If you start feeling crowded in due to the mass number of tourists, sail away to Burano island, a 30-minute boat ride from the Venetian Lagoon to get a glimpse of the colored houses with a canal piercing through the middle that you might have seen making rounds on social media.

Explore the lanes while holding hands and jazzing the evening away as you wait for an amazing sunset over the river.

There you have it, lovers! I hope this list of romantic places in Europe inspired you to finally go for that romantic city break you’ve been thinking about for so long.

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Want to go on a romantic getaway with your loved one? Here are the most romantic places in Europe to consider. | Europe romantic places | Romantic places to travel in Europe | Romantic places to visit in Europe | beautiful romantic places in Europe | Romantic getaways in Europe |Romantic getawaya Europe bucketlist |Romantic weekend getaways in Europe | best valentines destinations in Europe | Most romantic destinations in Europe #mostromaticplacesineurope #romanticplacesaroundtheworld #honeymoondestinations #theadventurousfeet
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