Planning to go for a romantic getaway in Europe? Here are the most romantic things to do in Europe that your lover will appreciate.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, couples are browsing the internet for ideas of romantic things to do as they celebrate their loved ones.

Whether it is to have a romantic candlelit dinner at one of the extravagant restaurants or take your love to the sea by cruising on a boat, there is certainly a number of romantic things to do in Europe that will suit both the outdoor lovers and the “cozy inside” kind of couples.

Love is a beautiful thing and having the opportunity to celebrate it with the one you love is a blessing.

And there is no better place to celebrate it than in the beautiful, charming and heartwarming continent of Europe.

Maybe I went a little overboard with the description but after all, we’re talking about love, and we’re allowed to go overboard with love.

Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, valentine’s day, or just taking a romantic city break with bae, you will be spoilt by choice of the many romantic experiences in Europe.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at some of the fun and best romantic things for couples who want to celebrate their love in an adventurous way across Europe.

But before you head to Europe, make sure you know all these European travel mistakes so that you avoid them as you enjoy your romantic break.

Romantic things to do in Europe

1. Ride on a gondola in Venice, Italy

gondola ride in venice

There is nothing that screams romance like 2 lovers riding on a gondola as they meander through the romantic canals of Venice.

Whether it is paddling through the canals or the narrow routes between buildings, the cool breeze from the lake will create an even more romantic feel to the experience.

To make it even more magical, opt for a sunset gondola ride to not only have the feel of riding on Venetian boats but also to enjoy the views of the sunset with a backdrop of pretty buildings along the shores.

Gondola rides vary in prices depending on whether it is a shared ride or a private one but since you’re on a romantic getaway, a little splurge would be great by opting for this private ride as you also get to experience the heat and rush that everyone who rides on this incredible traditional boat gushes about.

The gondola ride is not just about cruising through the canals – and of course, taking a thousand photos for the gram, it also gives you a grand tour of Venice through different lenses with Gondoliers pointing out interesting buildings and sights.

2. Cruise on Seine river in Paris, France

romantic experiences in Europe

If you thought riding on a gondola in Venice was one of the most romantic things to do in Europe, wait till you cruise on the seine and you’ll understand the perfect definition of love – I am talking butterflies in the stomach kind of love.

Honesty, it is not surprising that it’s romantic, since even walking on the streets of Paris is romantic already but cruising while taking in all the views of the incredible Paris attractions takes the notch higher.

From watching the shimmering lights from the Eiffel Tower, gazing at the world’s famous Louvre Museum, seeing the wonders of the Orsay Museum, admiring the distinguished Notre dame cathedral to feasting or a 3 or 4-course French dinner, there are a number of romantic things to in Paris.

Whether you choose to book for an afternoon seine cruise to get clear views of the Paris landmarks or a dinner Seine cruise to enjoy the views of the beautifully lit up landmarks, the seine cruise is bound to provide you with the most romantic experience in Europe that you’ve ever imagined.

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3.  Swim in the geothermal sea in Blue Lagoon, Iceland

blue lagoon iceland

This is one of the experiences in Europe that atop many traveler’s bucket list – and it’s so easy to see why.

I mean it’s not every day that you get to dip yourself in the warm waters of the sea that averages 39°C (102°F)  all year-round as you cozy in with your lover while sipping on a glass of wine.

This moment is worth a million dollars or at least a million smooches.

If doing outdoor adventurous activities is not your thing or you just want to take a break from it as you enjoy quality time with your significant other, then spending a day at the spa at a geothermal sea in blue lagoon Iceland is the perfect romantic activity

After a good 2 or 3 hours of warming up in the lagoon, you can also go for a couples’ floating massage to round up your couple’s retreat in style. 

Now that’s the kind of massage you’re likely to only get at the blue lagoon.

You can opt for the comfort package if you want to experience the geothermal sea on a budget or go full premium to splash a bit of money and enjoy luxury while having the best time with your partner.

4. Watch a sunset in Santorini, Greece

romantic things to do in europe

If you ever craved watching a magical sunset, then head to Oia in Santorini.

With a view of the blue-domed churches and windmills, sunsets can never get any better than this.

Don’t let the big crowds at Oia make you think that the experience will be less romantic, no, but will rather make you want to keep going there to share beautiful love stories with your significant other as you enjoy the breathtaking sunsets over the waters of this Greek Island.

So if you always wanted to share that experience you see on the many postcards of a magical sunset, windmill and blue-domed churches with your love, then head to Santorini and you’ll be treated to one of the greatest evenings in the world.

5. Sail the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey

romantic things in europe

Forget about the countless thing to do in Istanbul, cruising the Bosphorus is the most romantic of them!

From being treated to a traditional Turkish meal, entertained by the Belly dancers, and watching the illuminations of light from Istanbul’s famous attractions, what more can one ask for! (except for some more wine!).

The idea of crossing from Europe to Asia in just a couple of minutes makes the experience of sailing on the Bosphorus strait even more romantic.

There are both day time and night time cruises but I recommend going for a night cruise for a real romantic treat.

Related. And even though there is always a budget option, I’d suggest going for a private cruise to take in all the beauty Istanbul has to offer with the peace and quiet company of your loved one. 

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And if you all about discovering Istanbul at night, here are a number of things to do in Istanbul at night.

6. Lock away your love at the Love Heart Bridge in Warsaw, Poland

This little hidden gem of Love Heart Bridge is a couples’ haven that brings out all the flames among lovers.

The presence of the 3 hearts on the bridge is why most couples fall in love with it and its shimmering lights at night adds to the magic.

Just like the tradition at the Lovelock bridge (The Pont des Arts) in Paris, lovers lock padlocks on the Love heart Bridge and throw the keys in the river as a promise of forever love.

As though this magic isn’t enough, you get to experience this for free making it one of the free romantic things to do in Europe.

And on top of this, you can add a visit to the nearby palace of Wilanow.

7. Visit the Fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany

castle of Neuschwanstein -romantic things to do

There is no girl who doesn’t want to be a princess or at least feel like one.

Although in this current era it can be quite hard to be the fairytale princess every girl dreams of, you can still feel like one by visiting the fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein in Germany.

Designated at the top of the hill in the Alps in Bavaria, the incredible architecture, beautiful landscapes, and the Hohenschwangau valley add to the beauty of this castle.

Apart from taking in the views and admiring the architecture that inspired snow man’s castles of Disney, you can walk in the footsteps of King Ludwig II of Bavaria as you learn more about the history of the castle and the “fairytale king” if you’re a couple that loves history.

8. Drive the Almifi coast in Italy

romantic things in Europe

If you’re one of those road tripper couples, then driving the Almi coat will be one of the best romantic experiences in Europe for you.

This 36-mile stretch of a coastal road will amaze you with breathtaking views of the turquoise blue waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, little houses painted pink and citrus trees terraced into the hillsides.

On this drive, you won’t be just on a romantic road trip but also on one of the most beautiful drives in the world and also one enlisted as a Unesco heritage site.

Though it is an incredible experience, many travelers who have driven along the coast before advise that you hire a driver to do it for you.

The bending road can be a bit challenging to drive on but it also gives you ample time to focus on your loved one and the stunning views instead of focusing on the road and its traffic.

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9. Paraglide at Dune du Pyla in Gironde, France

Paragliding in Dune du Pyla is definitely not for the faint-hearted and can be done by only adventure thrill seeker kind of couples.

I mean not everyone would want to swing in the air like a bird with hundreds of meters above the ground.

However, those who take on the challenge are rewarded with mesmerizing scenic views while getting a bird’s eye of the incredible sand dunes landscape.

This truly is one of the most fulfilling and adventurous experiences a couple on a romantic retreat in Europe should do.

With Dune du Pyla being 2,500 m long and approximately 500 m wide, you’ll be taking in all the views of the largest and highest sand dune in Europe plus the panoramic views of the sea.

Those 20 or so minutes of soaring in the air, will surely make you want to paraglide every chance you get.Related post: The most beautiful castles to visit in France

10. Sail through the Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

romantic places in Europe

There is nothing more romantic than sailing through the canals of Amsterdam with your loved one by your side. And at sunset, the cruise is even more magical.

Loved by both the tourists and the locals alike, the cruise offers spectacular views of the city with the refreshing breeze of the water soaring to create a lovely and exciting experience.

To make it even more romantic, book a candlelit dinner cruise to share a beautiful moment with your loved one!

No wonder Amsterdam is sometimes referred to as ” the Venice of the North.”

And if you want to cruise just you and your loved one as you spot out the beautiful places in Amsterdam, it’s possible to hire a private boat and sail your love away.

11. Go for a romantic dinner at Nautika Restaurant in Dubrovnik, Croatia

From all the adventures, extreme sports or just a romantic day at the spa, a romantic getaway should always end with a romantic candlelit dinner.

And why not have it from one of the most romantic restaurants in Croatia – the Nautika restaurant located in Croatia’s capital of Dubrovnik.

Nautika Restaurant is perfectly situated on the extreme edge of the sea at Pile alongside the western entrance to Dubrovnik’s Old City.

With beautiful terraces, scenic views of the Adriatic and the fortresses of Lovrijenac and Bokar, and soothing live piano music, dinner at this cozy restaurant is bound to bring out all the feels from your loved one.

So why not create more beautiful memories with your lover by embarking on a romantic gastronomic journey at Nautika restaurant to enjoy a variety of dishes from seafood, grills to vegetarian specialties.

12. Take a nightly walk hand in hand in Paris, France

eiffel tower at night

Is there anything that is not romantic in Paris? Certainly not!

I mean it’s probably why it’s referred to as the city of love because even something as small as walking while holding hands becomes so romantic as long as you do it from Paris.

And since a visit to Paris is not complete without visiting the Eiffel tower, experiencing this great European landmark at the time when it glitters (every hour at night) as you hold hands with your lover will be the most romantic thing you do in Paris.

After being mesmerized by the beautiful shimmering lights, you can decide to continue walking hand in hand on the beautiful bridges of Paris.

Whether you choose to walk on the Love lock bridge of Paris (The Pont des Arts- which is actually the most romantic bridge in Paris) and lock away your love or walk on the famous bridge of Alexander III bridge, a nightly walk in Paris will make you fall in love with your lover all over again.

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13. Take a horse carriage ride in Vienna, Austria

If you’ve been to Vienna before or even just read about it, you know that there is nothing fancier than seeing the beautiful city from a horse carriage ride.

This 19th-century form of transportation will make you feel like royalty as you get sedately moved around the city and sharing that moment with your lover will even be more magical.

Rub your lover’s hand as you admire the great architecture on your way through the old town or better yet lean towards each other to get the feels of riding in a horse carriage ride.

14. Enjoy Champagne and Chocolate on the London Eye in London, England

london eye

London may not be utterly referred to as a romantic city, but there is something about Champagne and Chocolate that screams romance.

Whether it is that sensual sparkle from the champagne or that heavenly taste from the chocolate, a combination of these two inspires romance in London – and feasting on them while taking in the city’s views from the London Eye is the perfect icing on the cake.

To make it the perfect romantic experience that your significant other will never forget, book a private “pod” on the London Eye so that you can be completely alone together but at the same time on top of the world.

It might be a bit of a stretch on the wallet but an experience that will stay with you forever.

However, you can still sip on Champagne and devour that chocolate on a lesser budget by opting for a not so private pod on the London Eye.

15. Get tipsy on a wine tasting tour in Valencia, Spain

wine tasting tour in Valencia

If you’re a couple that is always looking out for new types of wines to taste – then why not head south to Valencia in Spain and get tipsy from the gallons of wines you can land your hands on.

With over 275 wineries and more than 72,500 hectares of vineyards, there are plenty of wine tasting tours you can go on, not only to taste some of Spain’s famous wines but also to explore the vineyards that have made Valencia a wine haven.

To make your experience more romantic and memorable, go for a hot air balloon flight through the vineyards of Hoya de Cadenas as you toast to love with your significant other in the air.

I have to admit, there are a number of romantic things to do in Europe that it can be a challenge choosing which experience to go for.

But I hope that this list gave you incredible ideas to consider when planning your next romantic getaway.

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Want to go on a romantic getaway in Europe? Here are the most romantic things to do on the beautiful continent of Europe. | romantic things to do in Europe | romantic experiences in Europe | what to do in Europe as a couple | couple things to do in Europe | beautiful things to do in Europle for couples | #romanticthingstodoinEurope #romanceinEurope #couplethingsinEurope #theadventurousfeet

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