With winter here, it’s time to paint the sky white with snow powder by making countless runs on the smooth pistes while praising the snowy mountains for the opportunity to ski. But before you head up to the mountains to enjoy the slopes, a bit of preparation is required and knowing exactly what to pack for a ski trip will help you have an amazing trip. So here is the complete ski trip packing list that will help you pack everything you will need to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Unlike packing for winter, it is very crucial to pack all the ski trip essentials – it will be very unfortunate to reach the top of the mountain and realize that you forgot an important item behind. So use this ski holiday checklist to avoid the disappointments of not taking an extremely warm sweater you had just purchased.

Quick tip* Packing for a ski trip means that you’ll be packing a number of clothes to stay warm at all times. Nevertheless, try to be practical about it – you don’t need 3 ski jackets, 4 pairs of ski pants or even 5 pairs of jeans for the downtime. Put everything in perspective by determining which clothes will be worn when to make sure you don’t pack a lot of things you won’t even use. Find out more tips on how to pack light from here. 

Ski trip packing list

Ski packing list: Ski clothes to pack

Just like packing for winter, packing for a ski trip means packing a number of layers for warmth while in the minus degree temperatures. But also, bear in mind that you won’t be skiing all the time which means that you not only need to pack skiing clothes but also clothes to wear when you’re not skiing.

Skiing is all about layering, from the thermal base layer, the middle layer to the ski jacket as the final outer layer.

Thermal base layers – Long-sleeved woolen top

When choosing thermal base layers to take skiing, make sure that the tops you take are both warm and quick to dry. And since it will be the very first layer on your body, it should be able to absorb all or at least the greatest percentage of the sweat from the countless ski runs and woolen clothes are great for that.

This long-sleeved Merino woolen top for women or this one for the guys is a great choice for a base layer. But you can also buy this full set base layer for women which includes a top base layer and a bottom base layer – (here’s the men’s full set base layer). It will be ideal to pack 2 pairs to keep interchanging between different days while the other one dries up.

Fleece/ Warm sweaters

For more warmth, add a fleece to your skiing checklist. It should be warm enough but also small to fit under a ski jacket without making you uncomfortable. This Patagonia fleece for women or this for men is a perfect mid-layer for skiing. Other skiers find this Columbia fleece much better while skiing on the mountain.

I’d advise you to pack two fleece or one fleece and a warm sweater – one to wear as a mid-layer while skiing and the one during the downtime when you’re off the ski tracks.

Waterproof Ski jacket

A ski outfit is not complete without a ski jacket. Though any winter jacket can work well while skiing, buying a jacket that was specifically designed for skiing comes with a number of perks. For example, this Wantdo Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket has adjustable cuffs, stretchable glove with thumb hole to help seal in the warmth plus a detachable and adjustable storm hood to keep the wind out. And for the guys, you can buy yours from here.

 Just make sure you buy one which is big enough to accommodate all the other layers inside but still fit well.

Ski pants

Ski pants are a must-have when going for a ski holiday. They should be insulated, waterproof and windproof – you can either buy these normal ski pants for men / for women or the ski bibs. Ski bibs are another type of ski pants that are high waisted and they normally come with suspenders.

If you want something for a change, then I’d suggest opting for these ski bibs with suspenders for women or these for men – they’re not only just cool and stylish but also offer more warmth and comfort.

Ski socks

The best socks to pack for skiing are the woolen ones or the real ski socks. Woolen socks will keep you warm and dry and ski socks are tall enough to wear with ski boots.

Cotton socks are a no go when going to ski. Instead, buy these Merino wool socks or these ski socks for ultimate comfort and warmth.

Sports bras

Ladies, your stylish victoria secret’s bra is not gonna cut it for you on the piste. Your best bet is to take a sports bra – something you could easily wear when going for a work out as this will be another kind of physical activity that will need something meant for it.

This Nike sports bra and this Fittin Racerback sports bra are to die for and are perfect both in the gym and on the slopes of the mountains while skiing.

Neck Gaiters/ Neck warmers

Neck Gaiters are the perfect ski holiday essentials to keep your neck warm when it gets extremely cold. I’d recommend opting for this Neck Gaiters while skiing instead of a scarf since the scarf is long and can easily get in your way.

Needless to say, the gaiter is lightweight and small, so it shouldn’t take up much of the space in your bag.


In very bad weather conditions, a Balaclava will be a lifesaver in protecting your entire face from the extreme coldness and the intense wind.

Non-skiing clothes to pack

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll need to also pack clothes to wear while you’re off the slopes, or just chilling back in your hotel room or wandering about the nearby town.

  • Scarf: Add a big scarf to your ski essentials list
  • Leggings: a nice pair of woolen thick leggings to keep you warm.
  • Winter coat: a winter coat/Jacket if you don’t want to use your ski jacket anywhere else.
  • Fleece or warm sweater: You can either take a fleece or a warm sweater for extra layering
  • Jeans: Pack at least some 2 pairs of jeans.
  • Gloves: It’s not practical to use your bulky ski gloves even when not skiing. So take another pair of these touch screen warm gloves which you don’t have to worry about removing even when using your phone.
  • Swimwear: Since most hotels at ski resorts normally have heated pools and hot tubs, make sure you add a bathing suit to your ski trip packing list.
  • Pajamas: These pajamas will do really well in the coldest of temperatures.
  • Waterproof winter boots: When you go off the slopes, you’ll want to have winter boots that are easy to walk in on snow and are waterproof. These winter boots for women are perfect and for the guys, these ones will do just fine.
  •  Earmuffs: Keep your ears warm at all times by buying yourself earmuffs and look cute while wearing them.
  • Knitted cap/Hat: It will be absolutely unfortunate to forget taking a knitted cap while going to a ski resort.

Packing list for skiing: Skiing equipment list

what to pack for skiing

Skiing equipment can really make your entire luggage heavy, so if you plan to ski just once in a while, it’s better to check with the resort and see which equipment you can rent and at what price. Otherwise, if you consider taking your own, these are the essential ski gear that you shouldn’t leave behind.


As I mentioned before, you’re better off renting some ski equipment at the ski resort – and skis are some of those equipment since they are not the easiest things to pack especially if you have to travel somewhere else after the ski holiday.

But if you want to have your own, there is a variety to choose from. From the downhill skis, cross-country skis, to pipe skills.

Ski poles

You can easily rent these aswell but if want to have your own, there is a variety to choose from, whether these or these ones. Don’t also forget to purchase a ski carrier strap to easily carry your ski and ski poles.

Ski boots

Though you can also rent the ski boots from a ski resort, the only challenge comes from the size as you can’t be sure whether the sizes available at the resort will be a perfect fit. Otherwise, you can buy yourself a pair of ski books from here for the men or here for women

Ski helmets

A ski helmet is an important ski essential not to leave behind when packing for a ski trip. You can still just rent it or buy your own to get the right design and fit. If you consider buying your own, this ski helmet is a great choice.

Ski goggles

Protect your eyes from the UV light while skiing at high altitudes, from the wind and also from the glare of the slow. It is important to check the UV protection and anti-fog coating capacities before you purchase your ski goggles.

You can get a variety of ski goggles from Amazon but these are the most recommended ones. So if you were wondering about what to take skiing, then these ski goggles are some of the essentials.

Protective ski gear

One of the skiing essentials for beginners is the protective gear. It is very likely that you’ll trip and fall if you’ re a beginner skier.

Though the fall itself might not be really dangerous, it’s better to take some protective ski gear to feel more confident on the slopes. You can pack protective gear such as a hip/butt pad, wrist guard, knee brace or a back brace.

Packing list for a ski trip: Ski accessories

ski trip packing list

A ski bag

The best way to travel with all your ski gear comfortably is by using a ski bag. Make sure that the ski bag you buy is of high quality and sizeable enough to fit in all your essential ski gear.

This Athletico Padded Two-piece ski bag is a great choice as it comes with a ski boots bag – perfect to suit every skier’s needs.


While a helmet will protect your head while skiing, but for extra warmth, add in a hat especially if you plan to ski off the slopes. Just make sure that the hat is windproof and it is small enough to be worn under a helmet.

You can choose from a couple of these ones according to your taste but this one would be perfect on the piste.

Ski gloves

A ski holiday packing list can never be complete without ski gloves. With the extremely cold temperatures, your hands will definitely get cold and the best way to keep them from freezing is by taking gloves.

It’s better if you take ones that are waterproof and windproof since it’s not ideal to ski with wet or damp hands beneath your thick gloves. So buy these Freetoo ski gloves for men or these ones for women which are also touch screen sensitive.

Hand and Toe warmers

If you easily get cold, then I’d suggest adding both hand and toe warmers to your ski trip checklist. They are great for generating heat for a given number of hours – even perfect if your hands and feet were freezing to the point that you couldn’t feel them anymore.

You can grab these one time use warmers or this reusable one.

What to bring skiing: Other essentials

ski essentials


The size of the backpack really depends on what you want but it should at least be lightweight, and sizeable enough to carry everything you’ll need on the slopes from toiletries, snacks to survival equipment.

Any type of daypack can do but this osprey daypack comes really highly recommended by most travelers. If it’s waterproof, even better but if it’s not, then you can just buy this waterproof backpack cover from Amazon.

First aid kit

When going for a ski trip, add a first aid kit to the things you need for skiing for issues that might arise like small cuts or blisters. This first aid kit will be enough as it has a number of various items yet its small enough not to take up a lot of space in your backpack.

Travel insurance

Before you head up in the mountains to ski, you need to buy travel insurance to guarantee the safety of your travel items and yourself. You can request a quote for general travel insurance from World Nomads or a specific adventure quote that covers skiing and other winter sports still from world Nomads.

Water bottle

Just like in any other physical sport, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Don’t assume that since it’s cold you won’t need to take water. Carry a collapsible water bottle to refill it with water every time you run out.

Thermal flask

You may want to take a coffee/ tea break while on the slope. And since literally everything is pricey on the mountain, you might want to consider carrying your own thermal flask with your hot beverages in it especially if you’re traveling on a budget.

Skiing packing list: Toiletries

  • SunscreenEven in the snow, you can get sunburns – so protect your face from the sun and wind by wearing sunscreen before you hit the slopes.
  • Travel tissue pack: It is inevitable for your nose not to run while at high altitudes. So throw a pack of travel tissues in your bag to prepare for that.
  • Lip balm: The only way to keep your lips hydrated while skiing is by using lip balm. Buy this 6-pack lip balm so that you have a variety of different flavors.
  • Tiger balm: This will be a perfect muscle pain reliever after your skiing adventure.
  • Deodrant: 
  • Moisturizer:
  • Lotion:

There you have it, skiers – I hope this Ski trip packing list gave you an overview of all the things you need for skiing.

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Heading up to the mountains for ski runs? Here is the ultimate ski trip packing list to guide with what to take. #ski packing list | ski trip essentials | what to pack for a ski trip | what to take on a ski holiday | packing list for a ski trip | things you need for skiing #skitripchecklist #skipackinglist #skiingclothesguide #theadventurousfeet
Heading up to the mountains for ski runs? Here is the ultimate ski trip packing list to guide with what to take. #ski packing list | ski trip essentials | what to pack for a ski trip | what to take on a ski holiday | packing list for a ski trip | things you need for skiing #skitripchecklist #skipackinglist #skiingclothesguide #theadventurousfeet




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