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  1. we go to egypt in 2 weeks .. but i now see we are 500 kilometers from the pyramids !! is a day trip doo-able with that distance or should we be thinking of booking an overnight stay in cairo?? any tips on that?

    1. Hey Donna,
      Thank you for your question and for reading!
      A day trip would be do-able but you will be extremely exhausted after the trip. Because I imagine you will drive for over 6 hours to the pyramids, spend around 2-3 hours at the pyramids and by the time you’re done with the tour, I am not sure you would want to make a return journey of close to 6 hours again! So, I would suggest you book an overnight stay in Cairo so that you enjoy the pyramids without any fatigue.
      I hope that helps and enjoy your trip to Egypt.

  2. Egypt is at the top of my bucket list! The only obstacle is that it’s halfway around the world from me and I’m not a good flyer hahaha. Thank you for sharing this, I always love seeing other people’s trips to Egypt, to tide me over until I get there myself!

    1. Oh Lily, i hope you overcome the flying issue soon and get to experience Egypt yourself. I really hope my post impacted on you(however tiny it might be) into ticking egypt off your bucket list.

  3. Loved your writing. Like the simplicity with which you have written and the format is clean. Hope to have your comments as well since I’m new in this space. Look forward to more

  4. I’ve ever been to Egypt and you couldn’t describe it any better. It is a great post. I just wish I had read it before my trip. Thank you for sharing those tips.

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