Want to surprise your female travel friends or relatives? This post will show you the most practical and unique travel gifts for her that she will actually love and use.

Let’s face it, finding gifts for women travelers is not the easiest thing to do especially if you’re not a traveler yourself or better yet a female.

But as a traveler and also a woman and having interacted with a number of female travelers, I have a good understanding of what we like and that’s why I am qualified to write this list of the best gifts for women travelers.

So whether you’re looking to buy a travel gift for your mum on mother’s day or any holiday season gift for your female loved ones, this post will show you all the best and unique travel gifts for her.

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Unique Travel Gifts for Her

travel gifts for her

1. Packing cubes

If there is one useful travel gift that will help her stay organized during her travels, it is the packing cubes. Packing cubes make packing easy when it comes to keeping specific travel items in a specific cube.

If she is a light packer, this set of 4 packing cubes will be better but if you want to gift her more, you can either choose from this 6 set piece or this 7 set piece packing cubes.

2. Travel experiences

Some of the good travel gifts for women come as products but the best ones come as experiences. Yes, you can gift your female friends a travel experience. But finding the exact experience someone might be interested in at that time can be challenging.

So to help you offer a gift experience is Tinggly. How it works is that you go to Tinggly.com, tell them your budget, then they will send an “experience voucher” to the person you want to gift and that person will be able to choose the exact travel experience they want to participate in.

In my opinion, this is the best travel gift for women especially if you don’t want to just buy anything they may not end up liking.

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3. Collapsible re-usable travel water bottle

A travel water bottle is one of the best travel gifts for her. And since it’s re-usable, it will save the environment from many disposable plastic water bottles.

Any travel bottle might work but I personally prefer a collapsible one like this as it saves spaces when it comes to packing.

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4. Travel wallet/Organizer

If you have female loved ones who are all about keeping their travel items organized, then this travel wallet will work well for them.

It not only keeps credit cards and money organized but it also keeps them safe since it’s so easy to lose them while traveling.

5. kindle E-reader

Traveling is so fun and much more but after a long day of sightseeing, all you want is to sit in a hammock if you have one or even in the corner of your hotel room and read a good book.

And since travelers are all about limiting the weight of the things they carry, buying a hard copy book might not be a great idea. So instead, buy her this kindle E-reader that will give her access to hundreds of books on the go.

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6. Travel journal

Writing down travel experiences is one of the things female travelers like to do. So to support their adventures and experiences, why not buy them this cute travel journal.

It is cute, comes in a variety of colors, sturdy and it’s one of the best gifts for women who travel – almost everyone will like it and actually use it.

7. Pair of leggings

If there is one piece of clothing that makes traveling more comfortable, it is a good pair of leggings.

And since traveling is all about being comfortable, relaxed while at the same time wearing clothes that can do any activity, then gifting her a good pair of leggings is a good idea.

But not just any legging! Choose a pair that is warm, soft and sturdy – this is my go to pair of leggings for traveling.

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8. Daypack

If you have backpacking loved ones, then a daypack is one of the best traveling gifts for women you can buy.

Honestly, I’d be over the moon happy if anyone gifted me a daypack and as a backpacker, I know every backpacking woman would be equally happy.

If you have a small budget, you can buy her this backpack but if your budget allows it, this is the best daypack for women on the market.

9. Travel neck pillow

As a traveler, I know the pain of not having a travel pillow whether it is during a flight or even at some hotel, and that’s why a travel neck pillow will be very appreciated by any traveler.

And the best part about this travel neck pillow is that it is lightweight and easy to pack which means that they can take it everywhere they travel to and be sure that they will think about you every time they use it. It also comes with a bonus sleeping mask and earplugs which she will appreciate so much.

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10. Toiletry travel bag/organizer

One of the pains of carrying toiletries is having them all over the place and trust me it’s not a good feeling and it’s for this same reason why most female travelers don’t travel with a number of toiletries.

So why not switch things up for her by gifting her this travel toiletry bag/ organizer.

11. Travel water filter

Honestly, you may not want to know the kind of water travelers have to drink especially if they go into the wild – be it camping or hiking.

So if you want to gift something that will actually keep your loved ones safe, then a travel water filter like this one is a good idea.

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12. First aid kit

While still on the topic of safety, a first aid kit is one of the best gifts for a traveler woman. This one in particular has all the essentials for any first medical attention and since it is small in size, it can be traveled with anywhere with ease.

Whether it is a small open wound, a headache or literally anything minor that can happen while traveling, a first aid kit will come to their rescue.

13. Micro fiber travel towel

If you’re looking for ideas for travel gifts for women, then a microfiber towel is a good idea. It is soft, small, lightweight, dries first, and very absorbent which makes it the best towel to travel with.

However not all microfiber towels are made equal so choose one that meets all the qualities above. You can check out my favorite microfiber towel from here.

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14. Anti-theft money belt

There are always risks while traveling and that includes pickpocketing, especially in crowded places. So to make sure that her money and credit cards are protected well, gift her this anti-theft money belt.

It won’t only protect her items but it can also be stylish when worn with the right clothes. So don’t sit there wondering about travel gift ideas for her, buy this anti-theft money belt already.

15. Portable power bank

These days phones are literally part of us regardless of wherever we go. But with all the photos we take on the road, it’s expected for phone batteries to die.

So gifting her this Anker potable power bank will come in very handy as she will stay connected the entire time.

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16. Universal travel adapter

While still talking about gadgets, you should know that a universal travel adapter is one of the most useful travel gifts for her.

The advantage of the universal one compared to the country-specific ones is that different countries use different adapters so that will save her the trouble of buying a new adapter for each country she travels to. <<Check out the universal travel adapter I use>>

17. Travel neck pouch

A travel neck pouch is one of the travel gifts for women not to overlook. It is great at keeping travel essentials safe since you literally wear it around your neck minimizing any chances of being robbed regardless of where you travel to.

You can shop my favorite travel neck pouch from here.

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18. Electronic travel organizer

Sometimes it can be a pain to keep all the electronics and the cables organized while traveling. But with such an electronic travel organizer, you can be sure that she will keep her electronics organized.

This one has various compartments including one for the phone, power bank, various cables and memory cards to make sure that you never lose anything while traveling.

19. Memory cards and batteries

This might seem like a small travel gift for women but you’ll be surprised by how many travelers forget to pack them for a trip.

But with taking many photos, it’s so easy to run out of memory and batteries. So don’t be ashamed to gift these memory cards or these ones to your lady friends.

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20. Scratch off map

If you’re looking for ways to make your friends feel like they’re traveling even when at home, then buy them a world scratch map.

It is fun to work with and it will remind them of their travels even if they can’t travel at that time. You can opt to buy a world travel map like this one but if they have specific regions they prefer, then you check out this scratch-off map of the USA and its national parks.

21. Compression socks

Forget the Christmas socks, gift her these compression socks instead. They are perfect when flying as the time comes when you just want to wear socks especially if you’re on a long flight in economy.

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22. Headlamp

I never travel anywhere without a flashlight as you can never know when you’ll be caught up in the dark when you go hiking or when the electricity goes off especially when traveling in Africa.

So that’s why you should consider this headlamp as one of the gifts for the traveling woman.

23. Passport Holder

There is nothing more important than a passport when traveling – especially internationally. This means that you should protect it with your life. So on top of a travel neck pouch, a passport cover will keep it safe even from liquids.

You can check out my favorite passport holder from here.

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24. Travel scarf

Another piece of clothing that is so useful when traveling is a scarf. I believe every woman should have one. A travel scarf helps with coldness when it gets chilly, it can be used as a wrap for the head or the shoulders when you visit places of worship in some countries but it can also accentuate your dress code.

So if you plan to gift any piece of clothing, it should be this travel scarf.

25. Earphones

Last but not least, one of the other travel gift ideas for her are the earphones. They will help her disconnect from the world for while be it listening to music or a podcast.

You can buy the budget-friendly earphones but if you want her to be even more excited, then try these Bluetooth & wireless earphones.

There you have it, friends, those were some of the unique travel gifts for her that will make her happy and always remember you while on the road.

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