Planning to go on a beach vacation this summer? Here are the best beach tips you should know for a perfect day at the sea.

After those long dull months, we can now finally embrace the good weather and show off our best summer bodies – oh, don’t worry, serve whichever body you have!

The sea, the ocean, the sun, the sand, the waves making the most soothing sound, and the cool breeze!

If you can hear (or feel) that, it means that the beach is calling and when that happens, you know it’s time to pack up your beach bag and hit the road.

But to have the perfect beach getaway, there are some beach tips you need to know before you go and that’s where this post comes in to show you exactly what you need to do to have the perfect beach day while still staying safe.

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Best beach tips you should know for a nice day at the beach

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1. Protect your body

With the heat that comes with chilling on the beach during summer, it’s important to protect your body.

It will be a shame to have sunburns or get issues with your skin because of enjoying the perfect weather.

So how exactly should you protect your skin while enjoying the beach?

Wear sun screen

When the sun burns, it burns for real and that’s why you should pack sunscreen before heading for the beach – well unless you don’t mind having sunburns at the end of the day – which is not pleasant.

I always feel bad when I see some friends of mine burnt like crazy with itchy skin at the end of the beach day.

So to avoid turning into red, carry this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer water-resistant sunscreen that has an SPF of 50.

It’s actually advisable (by dermatologists) to wear a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30+ for maximum protection.

Put on your sun glasses

Another form of protection that is quite important is to safeguard your eyes from the sun rays by wearing sunglasses.

To fully protect your eyes, opt for these polarized glasses that will completely block out the dangerous UV rays.

On top of protecting your eyes, sun glasses will make you look cool as you enjoy the beach.

Wear a beach hat

Unfortunately, not all of us are going to be able to carry a beach umbrella (which you should take btw if you can) but that won’t stop the sun from doing its magic.

Even though the point of going to the beach is to enjoy the sun, sometimes it can become unbearable and you need to take shelter.

A beach hat may not block out all the sun but it will prevent your head and neck from burning out.

It’s so painful to brush your hair with sunburns around your neck. So carry a beach hat like this one (this one for the guys) to protect yourself.

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Lib balm/Chapstick

What most people usually forget is to take care of their lips yet it’s important as the sun will, by all means, make them dry especially if you have dry skin.

So to keep them moisturized, carry lip balm with you to the beach.

This chapstick has an SPF of 15 making it a perfect option for the beach.

2. Protect your beach items

things to pack for the beach

On top of protecting your body and skin, you should also protect the beach items you went with.

This can be a little tricky especially if you’re going to the beach alone but the items below should help you with that.

Waterproof phone jacket

How painful would it be to accidentally drop your phone in water!

To protect your phone, make sure that you carry a waterproof phone jacket like this one.

With that, you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone in the water while taking those amazing beach photos.

Waterproof dry bag

Do you want to participate in all those cool water activities but don’t know where to keep your stuff since you can’t just leave them unattended to for security reasons?

A waterproof dry bag like this will help you with this. All you have to do is to all your beach items in it and go kayaking with it on your back with no worries about your stuff getting wet even if they fell in the water.

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3. Always stay hydrated

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! Summer and hot days can drain every little drop of water in our bodies and it’s paramount to stay hydrated as you chill on the beach.

The best way to make sure that you stay hydrated is to always carry water with you in a bottle.

I prefer this collapsible water bottle that I can always refill when it runs dry instead of continuously buying disposable plastic water bottles which are actually dangerous for the environment and the water bodies.

4. Arrive early at the beach

On all the occasions I’ve gone to the beach, I made sure to arrive early.

Arriving early will help you enjoy the serenity of the beach before the crowds appear and you’ll also get to choose the best spot especially on those really crowded beaches.

5. Carry an extra set of clothes

I personally hate walking around in soaked clothes after a swim and it’s honestly not the most comfortable thing to do.

It’s also not cool having a wet bikini under your clothes creating a wet patch on you. Carry an extra bikini for that.

And if for one reason or another your clothes get wet, you can into change into that extra set you carried.

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6. Leave no trace

After a long beautiful day at the beach, make sure that you leave no trash behind.

If you used some wipes or had a couple of drinks in disposal cans, dispose them off in the appropriate place to conserve the environment and to also be respectful of others.

Don’t be one of the people that are destroying our oceans, lakes, and seas by leaving trash at the beach as I can guarantee that they will be washed away by the water bodies.

This is actually a huge challenge in the world currently with the oceans having tons and tons of plastic waste and that damage is done by us – at least those who don’t pick up after themselves when they go to the beach.

8. Pack all the beach essentials

beach items

To have a perfect beach getaway, you’ll need to have all the beach essentials.

It would be a shame to reach there and realize that you have nothing to dry yourself with or that you left behind a crucial beach accessory.

So to make sure that you don’t leave anything behind, you can create your own beach packing list that you can follow as you pack.

However, before you go, below are some of the essential things to take to the beach.

  • Beach blanket: I like this one as it’s large and sand proof to keep you comfortable as you sunbathe and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea/ocean.
  • Microfiber travel towel: You’ll need to dry yourself after a dip in the ocean. I like this microfiber travel towel since it’s lightweight, very absorbent, and dries quickly.
  • Swimwear: What is a beach day without a body banging beachwear. I always love a 2 piece bikini like this one but this monokini is also great. Men will love these perfect pair of beach shorts.
  • Cooler: Cold drinks are the best thing you’ll ever have on a sunny hot day. To make that happen, take a small cooler like this one.
  • Beach chair: If you don’t fancy just laying on a beach mat, then carry yourself this beach chair for ultimate comfort on the beach.

These are just a few of the beach essentials you should take, but for a complete list, check out this comprehensive beach packing list.

9. Carry entertainment

The beach itself is a form of entertainment but after 3-4 hours of just laying in the sand and taking in the fresh breeze, you’re likely to start getting bored and you’ll need something else to entertain yourself with.

You could carry your own Bluetooth speakers to play some cool music (make sure that you load some on your phone before you go )or pack a good book to read as you chill on the beach.

And if you’re on a beach family getaway with kids, don’t forget to take beach toys for them.

10. Be mindful of the beach signs and what they mean

Most beaches have color flags that show the current situation of the ocean.

It’s important to know what each color means to make sure that you’re safe at all times especially if you have small kids.

Below are the colors you’re likely to find at the beach and what they represent

  • Green flag: Safe – swimmers can enjoy the ocean without any worries
  • Yellow flag: Medium Hazard – Moderate surf and/or currents are present. Non- pro swimmers are discouraged from swimming in the ocean
  • Red flag: High Hazard- Rough conditions like strong surf and/or currents are present: All swimmers are discouraged from stepping foot in the water.
  • Purple flag: Presence of Marine pests – you’re likely to encounter things like jellyfish, sea snakes and other marine pests making the water unsafe to swim in.
  • You can check out the meaning of other beach colored flags and signs from here as you plan for your beach day.

That’s it, beach lovers! Those were the best tips for a perfect beach getaway. I hope that they help you have an amazing time under the sun as you enjoy the cool breeze.

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